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Celebrity BB II - Week 2 List
[b]1- Natalie Eva Marie:[/b] Along with Lolo, she has shown tremendous receptivity, everyone wanting to work with the pair, no one d
4 messages
02-20-19 04:39 PM
Celebrity BB II - Week 1 List
I don't think this will be a regular post because I feel very little interest in this season despite all the texts that scroll on our screen during
1 messages
02-01-19 11:35 AM
BB20 Pre-Finale List
With NFL in full swing and NHL preseason kicking off, my participation this past week was minimal. Consequently, I “missed out” responding to
11 messages
09-28-18 02:35 PM
Week #12 List
Nicole and Victor are engaged to be wed. How many voyeur sessions did Nicole & Victor have with each other under the covers while in the BB House?
7 messages
09-18-18 02:08 PM
Week 11 List:
Maybe it was a good thing that Aruba couldn't watch the episode live because a few of his misconceptions were clearly exposed: 1- He th
11 messages
09-13-18 12:45 PM
Week #10 List
Top notch Veto Competition...Satisfying Battleback result...Ho-leigh not able to lead the Big Dummy on anymore in the House. “Boring week?” NOT%
16 messages
09-06-18 11:45 AM
Week #9 List [View All]
I’ll be at the Jets-Giants preseason game tonight, so I’m getting this posted now. 1) [b]TYLER[/b] – I am seriously con
25 messages
08-30-18 06:21 PM
Week #8 List
Yes, I know this is a quick turnaround. With my mom’s and bro-in-law’s B-Days this weekend, not sure how much time I will have to prepare crow
20 messages
08-23-18 10:42 PM
Week 7 List
Hey Michel, if you haven’t watched the utube clip on “wire hangers,” please Bayleigh’s honor. 1) [b]ANGELA[/b
12 messages
08-16-18 11:54 PM
Week 6 List [View All]
I'll go first because I have to crown a new Queen! [b]1- Angela:[/b] Wow! That interview she recorded for Rachel's exi
33 messages
08-09-18 07:25 PM
Week #5 List
Now [b][u]THAT’S[/u][/b] how you hold those type of girls accountable for their actions. What would be great is if it’s follow
9 messages
08-01-18 10:29 PM
Week #4 List [View All]
If it doesn’t matter to you, it doesn’t matter to me who starts the list. So, with last night’s eviction and the assessments still fresh in
22 messages
07-29-18 01:12 PM
Luck? Really?
Yesterday's veto episode would have been meaningless if Faysal hadn't won the competition. Odds weren't good, only 3 out of 10 for him just to
6 messages
07-29-18 01:06 PM
Week 3 List [View All]
I'll start with a rant or two(this is good place for it, isn't it?). Of course I almost always start with a rant but this is simply ridic
32 messages
07-20-18 05:50 PM
crickets... [View All]
23 messages
07-08-18 05:09 PM
People who know me won't be surprised to read that I think the latest BB twist is lame...but exactly how lame is it? The lamest twists I've wit
16 messages
02-28-18 11:57 PM
BB20 2nd Cycle List
What a dud of an episode... There was a strong momentum for a game shake-up but then it all came to waste. It certainly makes me wonder if this had a
9 messages
02-19-18 08:14 PM
BB20 Week 1 List
I'm sorry Aruba if you were going to start a list for this season but I don't think this is your cup of tea. I'm not sure my interest will keep
11 messages
02-13-18 10:05 PM
This is an empty room apparently, nonetheless, it's a good place to vent. I am disappointed they brought back a player from a previou
2 messages
09-27-17 11:49 AM
BB18 FINAL LIST [View All]
I can’t remember the last time a winner was so up in the air at F3 regardless of who the finalists may be. Will Paul be rewarded for playing the mos
39 messages
09-22-16 02:33 PM
Week #11 List [View All]
To elaborate on Kingfish’s comment last week, kudos to production for yet another well-designed competition (POV.) What would have been really
42 messages
09-14-16 07:30 PM
Week #10 List [View All]
Time to [u][b]RING[/b][/u] in List #10 as we conclude another week with a new theme: [u]GOING FOR THE BRASS [
21 messages
09-08-16 01:39 PM
Week 9 List [View All]
THANK YOU PAUL!!! Wednesday’s episode was the epitome of what the Anti-Darwin Syndrome is all about. Paul stated so appropriately tell him he
36 messages
09-01-16 08:10 PM
Week #8 List [View All]
I ended up only missing the first 15-20 minutes last night. Don’t think what I missed would have changed my assessments. As much as I embraced Miche
29 messages
08-23-16 10:41 PM
Return of the Zingbot
In anticipation of Zingbot with his lame zings, it’s that time of the season when I offer some better ones of my own (I think.) Well here goes
10 messages
08-22-16 11:14 AM
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