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Who do I hate more [View All]
Jen or Amber We have the narcississtic (sp) girl who probably stood in front of that damn picture until she caught sight of herself in
21 messages
07-26-07 09:43 PM
Not Impressed [View All]
I am NOT impressed by Big Brother's inability to yet produce a show that is fair to ALL participants. I would say that Chicken George in the All Sta
27 messages
07-26-07 09:17 PM
Big Brother 8 Episode 8 Official Summary – The Simpsons
If the hamsters in the Big Brother house were characters from The Simpsons, who would they be and why? Well, Joe would be Maude Fland
3 messages
07-26-07 07:40 PM
Whats With All The Smoking? CBS loves Big Tobacco!
Is it just me or does BB have a contract with Big Tobacco? Time after time we are subjected to extended camera shots of house guests taking drags on
16 messages
07-24-07 07:17 PM
OK so I haven't said much of anything yet
In fact I haven't said anything at all this season. But I need to get some stuff out there... First of all, is anyone else bothered by
Das Mole
0 messages
07-24-07 11:13 AM
Kail wails. [View All]
Call it intuition, but I think we're going to need a hypocrisy-tracking, double-standards-evaluating, outright-loathing thread for this one.
22 messages
07-24-07 09:55 AM
Is it just me?
I just realized I have had Zach and Mike backwards in my head. I was watching the live feed yesterday and someone kept saying "tell Mike this and t
7 messages
07-23-07 10:22 AM
BB8 - Episode 5 (7/15/2007)
Ladies and Jentlemen, welcome to the jengle, where intellijence is a rare, fragile commodity, but delusion is cheaper than salt. Be
15 messages
07-19-07 09:34 AM
Big Brother 8, Episode 4 Summary: We’ve only just begun? Oh brother!
[h2]Big Brother 8, Episode 4 Summary: [font color=blue]We’ve only just begun? Oh brother! [/font][/h2] Pr
5 messages
07-18-07 09:30 PM
BB8 Episode # 3 Summary for July 10
well i will apologize now if i say the incorrect name as im still trying to get used to all the hamstards names. As always the show opens with a borin
5 messages
07-18-07 09:19 PM
BB 8 - Premier Episode - Official RTVW Summary: 'But First...'
But first… you, dear reality TV viewer, should know that this is the very first episode of Big Brother that I have ever watched. For the past tw
13 messages
07-18-07 09:15 PM
Triple Play Tonight!
Buck, Doe, and Fawn! Call if forest veal. The Lot. I like this even though the production team sucks. Big Bro
0 messages
07-17-07 02:28 PM
She's Jentastic! The the Jenth Degree!
Ok, everyone. Raise your hand if you found the entire line of Jen-centric shirts utterly hilarious! I couldn't remember all of the shirts
16 messages
07-17-07 11:13 AM
Official Jessica Hate Thread [View All]
Her condescending attitude is coming too early in the game. Holding on to a grade school grudge is pathetic. Her high-pitched voice induces vomiting.
22 messages
07-16-07 04:05 PM
Separated at Birth [View All]
Dustin: ds/User_files/468db2e86397bedb.jpg and Varner: http%
21 messages
07-16-07 03:43 PM
Jen, it's just a photograph [View All]
I couldn't believe just how Jen behaved when she saw her photograph, frankly I have seen you on television, and that photo actually makes you lo
22 messages
07-16-07 03:05 PM
Be The Hamster: player signups and sigpic designs.
It's simple, really. You assume the part of a contestant. You speak as that contestant for the rest of the season. After your player is voted o
8 messages
07-16-07 10:13 AM
Get over yourself
What an immature person !!..Jen needs a reality check and to grow up. She is the most self centered person to be just 23 years old. Honey, the w
1 messages
07-16-07 09:45 AM
The pointlessness of BB twists.
One pair of rivals/enemies/unfinished business/migawd does the Chenbot have to read off the whole thing every single time already broken up. On
1 messages
07-16-07 07:57 AM
Jessica "squeeker"
Please don't make us listen to Jessica (Big Brother) all summer ! This girl needs a serious reality check and a voice implant. Talk about
1 messages
07-13-07 10:06 AM
If they were on other reality shows...
Starting with the most visible target, our new Jen-HoH. American Inventor: 'I spent four years and eighty thousand dollars working o
2 messages
07-13-07 07:50 AM
Eric's pouring out of his heart
Can anybody tell me what the heck his story was all about? I was ticked that the editing cut up the story - but I have a feeling it was completely
3 messages
07-12-07 05:27 PM
Big brother
Somebody please get Jessica out !! If I have to listen to her voice much longer I will scream. She sounds like a munchkin and it's like nails
1 messages
07-12-07 04:05 PM
Jen get a grip !!...You are obsessing much too early on this guy. Can you say "stalker"?
0 messages
07-12-07 03:47 PM
Keith Richard's SON!!! eithsmile.jpg And because of the Word filter..... [link:http://wwwim
0 messages
07-12-07 02:53 PM
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