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Big Brother 7 – Episode 27 – Official Summary – And Then There Were Two
Previously on Big Brother, Dr. Will and his Chill Town lies caught up with him and he was evicted by Jedi Janey. Erika won the first round in the H
2 messages
09-13-06 00:19 AM
"America's Vote" [View All]
I put this in bashers for this reason only(mini tirade) I voted for Jani for this silly America's vote..She deserves something! Yes she lost h
29 messages
09-12-06 05:40 PM
Will vs. boogie
Booger is always ranting about how he's had to live in Will's shadow for the past 5 years because of Will and that Will owed him this opportunity.
10 messages
09-12-06 05:25 PM
Open question for Janelle 'she's fat' bashers. [View All]
In your opinion, given Janelle's height and frame, what is her ideal body weight -- and what do you believe she currently weighs? I
41 messages
09-11-06 02:40 PM
I've been wondering where this nickname came from and what it means??? Is it a reference to some pop-culture thing that I missed during one o
7 messages
09-11-06 02:39 PM
Official RTVW Summary: BBA Episode #26 Summary
Pretty decent episode for me to do my inaugural commentary on. Here goes... Previously on BB "all-stars"...Back to Episode #24 when
8 messages
09-10-06 06:09 AM
Getting Ready..
For the Chenbot to close the Evil Box. Don't fret, Boxie! You didn't fail to disappoint (and give me stomach cramps). Then again, I c
0 messages
09-10-06 00:21 AM
How binding are verbal agreements made on national TV?
I have perked up slightly from my deep depression over the final 2 to contemplate this for a minute: Boogie and Will agreed to split the pot - if Bo
6 messages
09-09-06 08:11 PM
Mike or Erika? Choose a loser.
If you were on the jury, why wouldn't Mike or Erika get your vote? (Feel free to impersonate any of the jury members.) http:/
15 messages
09-09-06 06:22 PM
Just once I would like ChenBot to get the rules straight. [View All]
Season after season ChenBot seems to screw up her explanation of the rules during critical competitions. Boogie asked if they needed to keep both hand
24 messages
09-09-06 03:20 PM
Is it true? [View All]
Does Janelle really have hairy feet? [font size=1]Zombiebaby, can you confirm this?
33 messages
09-08-06 05:29 PM
Big Brother
As of today I will no longer watch bb. Let me tell you why. What ever happened to letting the people choose who stays & who goes. Only Eddie fr
11 messages
09-08-06 00:50 AM
BeThe...BBastard: From now til the end...
Not exactly sure why the selected cast members are no where to be found. Could it be that Ivette should have been included? Cowboy too? Hey%2
16 messages
09-07-06 09:01 PM
Mike Boogie is no Richard Hatch
What a moron Boogie is, comparing himself with the grand puppet master Richard. The only reason Richard dropped out at F3 on S1 was because he face
9 messages
09-07-06 10:53 AM
You know, Howie used to make me giggle. When did he become such a boorish boob? He almost, and I said almost makes Bogger look human. He real
20 messages
09-07-06 10:43 AM
Poor Volcano!
Why does a "gently used volcano" remind me of a propeller on the Titanic? I guess using the Chenbot as a sacrifice for your unseen molten core
6 messages
09-07-06 09:53 AM
Did Will pull a "Marcellas" by not winning the veto?
Ok, I know I'll probably get clobbered by the Clown, but it's all good. Bring it on! :) In the diary room, Will stated tha
7 messages
09-06-06 11:38 PM
"I didn't take my hand off" [View All]
Now who's the big whining crybaby? "WAAH! Unfair! Mean old Julie told me I took my hand off when I dint. I swear I dint. Mean old
26 messages
09-06-06 10:34 PM
And you thought Janelle was an idiot
After watching last night's show I found myself shocked and amazed at just how dumb one contestant can be. I thought Janelle putting up chicken geor
14 messages
09-06-06 04:33 PM
Janelle/Erika Phone Skil.....................
Ring Ring Ring........ Erika..."Boogy doesn't look too good. His face is swollen and his eyes are red....I think he may have been cryi
3 messages
09-06-06 12:28 PM
The Three Things I Hate most about Boogie [View All]
I just think he earned this thread. I could make it more than three but I want it to be easy and others to play too......... So.
53 messages
09-06-06 11:51 AM
I can't beleive the Ninja warrior was defeated
Tonights show was so crazy like i didn't even understand what happened watever
2 messages
09-06-06 08:46 AM
I am a loud, obnoxious, boorish idiot.
And I no longer like myself. ds/User_files/449c810c4630dc74.gif
2 messages
09-06-06 08:35 AM
The premise of the show is great..........but WHY do they get these total jerks to play?? Come on ,if I knew anyone like Howie, I'd bash his
1 messages
09-06-06 01:28 AM
Rating BB7 players' behavior
So who do you feel the worst about their behavior /performance on BB7? Let’s face it – no one was stellar. Here are my thoughts %2
3 messages
09-05-06 11:26 AM
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