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Janelle/Erika Phone Skil.....................
Ring Ring Ring........ Erika..."Boogy doesn't look too good. His face is swollen and his eyes are red....I think he may have been cryi
3 messages
09-06-06 12:28 PM
The Three Things I Hate most about Boogie [View All]
I just think he earned this thread. I could make it more than three but I want it to be easy and others to play too......... So.
53 messages
09-06-06 11:51 AM
I can't beleive the Ninja warrior was defeated
Tonights show was so crazy like i didn't even understand what happened watever
2 messages
09-06-06 08:46 AM
I am a loud, obnoxious, boorish idiot.
And I no longer like myself. ds/User_files/449c810c4630dc74.gif
2 messages
09-06-06 08:35 AM
The premise of the show is great..........but WHY do they get these total jerks to play?? Come on ,if I knew anyone like Howie, I'd bash his
1 messages
09-06-06 01:28 AM
Rating BB7 players' behavior
So who do you feel the worst about their behavior /performance on BB7? Let’s face it – no one was stellar. Here are my thoughts %2
3 messages
09-05-06 11:26 AM
chilltowns behavior [View All]
they are fun but not anymore, every week they pick a person and say how great they are and a threat to everyone when they really aren't and they g
45 messages
09-04-06 06:34 AM
I've had all I can take....
I'm sorry, I'm new here, but I just had to let it out. This is the most ridiculous BB ever. I believe the show has been manipulate
1 messages
09-03-06 09:15 PM
Official RTVW Summary: BBAS-tards, Episode 24
[center][h2]Fast Ado About Nothing![/h2][/center] If you didn’t watch last time, or read [link:community.real
3 messages
09-03-06 07:47 PM
Just an idea, but what if after the winner is chosen he/she has to spend one week in the sequester house with the jury and during that week they a
6 messages
09-03-06 02:01 PM
janelle tonight
was that a hicky on janelle's neck ???????? looks like one to me anyone elses thoughts
18 messages
09-03-06 11:51 AM
Things More Capable Of Independent Thought Than Janelle [View All]
In the tradition of 'Things That Weigh Less Than Janu', let's try to reach below the unreachable one more time... Starting off with
24 messages
09-02-06 11:41 PM
Is Will That Great? [View All]
After watching this season, I am wondering, is Will really the greatest BB player ever? Or are the other houseguests just really stupid this sea
44 messages
09-02-06 01:03 PM
Bashing Questions [View All]
Let's have have fun! Here is how it works. I post some questions, you reply to this post, copy and paste the questions into your reply an
29 messages
09-02-06 11:42 AM
All Star Idiots
I am really disappointed at this season. I've been a big fan of the show, and this "All Star" season has been one big joke from the beginning.
3 messages
09-02-06 08:59 AM
Rapid Fire? How the heck was that rapid fire?
I was all set for some fastpaced gameplay last night. No time for discussions, no time for deals... WTF? I was so disgusted with BB pr
16 messages
09-01-06 02:26 PM
whatta bunch of morons!!!
Let me tell you all just how much i cant stand either of those arrogant cocky fools from "CHILL TOWN". But I really hope one of them wins--I can%
1 messages
09-01-06 10:17 AM
Drunken Danielle [View All]
First time poster, so please excuse if I'm doing it wrong. Does it strike anybody else that Danielle is a full-blown alcoholic? All she seems
21 messages
08-31-06 03:47 PM
Official RTVW B.B.A.Stards Episode #23 Summary: A Loaf Of Bread, A Jug Of Wine, And Neil Patrick Harris.
*ring* *ring* *ring* *click* [i]Hello. You have reached Editing Hell. I have absolutely no patience for anything even
3 messages
08-31-06 03:30 PM
Survivor All Star Flashbacks
Or, Separated at Birth: Reality Television All Star Edition Didn't we see exactly the same thing happen in the Survivor All Star sea
5 messages
08-31-06 03:22 PM
Sign here if posters here make you hate Janelle [View All]
During BB6 I was a huge Janelle fan. Going into BB7 I was a huge Janelle fan. But after listening to the Legion of Janelle (cite: Aya
shakes the clown
78 messages
08-30-06 11:38 PM
Remaining Big Brother 7: All-Stars episode summaries schedule
This is it folks, with only three weeks left, time is running out for interested Big Brother summary writers! Below is the current Big Brother
15 messages
08-30-06 05:41 PM
Official RTVW Summary: BBAS-tards, Episode 21
[center][h2]BUTT FIRST!!![/h2][/center] We’ll get on with this episode in a moment… [b]BUTT FIRST!!%2
4 messages
08-30-06 02:17 AM
The Dolly Wars [View All]
James: I am harmed. It's a little harm, but you know? It's a harm. This b!tch took the doll out of my hand. Janie: We fou
45 messages
08-29-06 10:47 PM
Marcellus...what a jerk!! [View All]
Marjealous is the most annoying pill I've ever seen..He is in that beautiful house on the beach with food and booze (I would imagine,BB likes to
32 messages
08-29-06 09:53 PM
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