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Could it be possible...
...that the two dumbest moves in Big Brother history were pulled off in the exact same week? Let's take a look at the possibilities her
Colonel Zoidberg
12 messages
02-21-08 02:39 AM
Bash every Big Brother contestant in boot order.
It's only been a week and we're already starting to wonder if this is The Worst Cast Ever -- which means we should probably take a good, long,
6 messages
02-20-08 00:30 AM
BB9 - Episode 2 Summary
[b]BIG BROTHER 9: ‘TIL DEATH DO YOU PART a/k/a please let me die now[/b] Previously
5 messages
02-19-08 11:56 PM
BB9 - Episode 1 summary
[b]BIG BROTHER 9: ‘TIL DEATH DO YOU PART a/k/a we are [i]so[/i] getting to see sex on camera this season[/b] %
9 messages
02-19-08 11:55 PM
Want a little clear Jendow into the cage?
This probably isn't the place to get it: y=17201&photo=899224#photos She%2
2 messages
02-19-08 01:56 PM
[font color=navy blue] I watched one episode of BB last night and I'm done. I felt as if I needed a shower and a major dose of maturity w
10 messages
02-19-08 08:43 AM
They're All Idiots
These people are ALL egotistical, attention driven, psychotic fools. Things get so personal and every single person is so annoying and fake it's
0 messages
02-18-08 10:40 PM
Sunday's episode: Feb 17
This was the stupidist episode I have ever seen. These contestants are total idiots compared to previous airings. The HOH competition was sexist, in
0 messages
02-18-08 05:32 PM
Howie of Season 6 and Blind Date
For all those non-night owls you missed something really funny last night. Blind Date is run at 3:30 am in the Boston area and Howie of season 6 was
2 messages
02-16-08 04:39 PM
Parker loathing thread.
He's a paparazzi. I don't need any other reason. ds/User_files/46b38fea6
10 messages
02-15-08 11:27 PM
Alison Update
Guess she has no other show business / reality leads l http:%2
1 messages
02-15-08 05:41 PM
Matt is obnoxious!
I just had to get this off my chest. Just from the first episode alone, this guy came across as such a douche bag! The way he talks about himself
6 messages
02-13-08 11:47 AM
Who needs spoilers?
Last night. The first [s]HoH[/s] Power Couple competition. Commercial break in the middle. Spot for [b]
2 messages
02-13-08 11:29 AM
What, exactly, is a 'bikini barista'?
'Hi, I'd like a red string top with matching thong, circle gather at the back, light touch of sparkles along the front patches -- and a seri
5 messages
02-13-08 09:28 AM
A NEW LOW for Television
So much for family friendly television. With #####'s finger waving and his BIG mouth blurting out explecatives, that could be easily tr
8 messages
01-22-08 10:57 AM
Mike "Boogie" arrested
From The Smoking Gun, I found this title, "Boogie Gets Bagged". So I had to check it out. And then bring it here 'cuz I know everyone woul
Rebel Crown
3 messages
11-03-07 11:20 AM
i guess i am the only one
i keep checking back to see if there is any updates on the donato's or if they spent all their $$, if they are still speaking? is this
3 messages
10-14-07 03:38 AM
Amber's HIDEOUS dress
What the h### was Waaamber wearing last night! She looked like a drugged-out Raggedy Ann doll. Did she leave her trailer to walk to the sale a
7 messages
09-27-07 04:57 PM
Worst Finale Ever? [View All]
I thought Maggie/Evilette was bad....then along came Boogie/Erica. Now we may end up looking at ED/Dani? It is a tough vote but I would give
34 messages
09-19-07 07:08 PM
abstain from voting tuesday night
As far as I am concerned all but America's Player should vote on Tuesday night. If I was on the jury I would ask if I could abstain from voting for
4 messages
09-19-07 05:56 PM
Evel - definitely a bad sportsmanship
OK, we all know he has some of the most bizarre gamesmanship in the history of Big Brother, and I would go so far as to say that he's inventing
Colonel Zoidberg
18 messages
09-18-07 09:46 AM
Daniele What a hypocrite [View All]
I can't believe that they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...her impassioned speech last night left me COLD....what a nasty
29 messages
09-12-07 02:05 PM
zach reminds me of
tonight we had some old movie from the 70's on ....and the guy that played mcmillan and wife's sidekick sgt enright (john schuck) was in the m
1 messages
09-12-07 09:52 AM
So who needs the Chenbot to ruin a competition?
You can always count on the challenge design staff to do it for her! Remember the double-eviction veto, when Jameka claimed that she'd only bee
4 messages
09-11-07 01:14 PM
Perhaps They Should Just Hand ED and Danielle the Final 2 Spot Now.
Without giving ED too much credit (he still seems like a Lex Wannabee to mee), I feel like I did during Allstars, when Will and Mike were so o
7 messages
09-10-07 05:53 PM
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