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The Pathetic Zach
Zach is just as delusional as Amber in his own way. Since the first couple of weeks, he's made coments in the diary room about being th
0 messages
08-23-07 09:26 PM
FCC to complainers: we personally think BB is fixed, but we just don't care.
Quoting the text of a letter received (by someone other than me, thank you much) in response to a complaint about the show being rigged.
13 messages
08-23-07 07:47 PM
Amber the "recovered" drug addict
Regarding Amber's "bargaining" with Danielle - was I the only one thinking Amber was five minutes away from literally prostituting herself to ge
12 messages
08-23-07 06:35 PM
Big Brother 8: Official RTVW Summary. Week #6. America Has Spoken
[b]Previously on BB8[/b] By a slim margin of 4-3 Kail is evicted from the BB House over Eric. Hey, isn't this the same Kail
7 messages
08-22-07 12:37 PM
Americas Player
Big Brother, you need to get rid of this new thing where people can influence the game. Nick was voted out because of it. I think the show should go
5 messages
08-21-07 03:50 PM
Amber & Jameka Hypo-Christians
Ok first things first....I am not an atheist, I believe in God, but.........Jameka and Amber are total Hypo-christians! I just watched some fee
18 messages
08-20-07 10:18 AM
Evel D!ck Sucks! [View All]
Since no one else has taken on the challenge . . . D[]icky-boy is a certified headcase. The guy has no social filter. You know, the
52 messages
08-19-07 07:28 PM
Apparently the house thinks Amber should now be...
not only America's Next Top Model, but also an inspirational speaker. What fantasy world is Amber living in? She's a hot mess. She bawls all t
0 messages
08-19-07 05:55 PM
America, YOU SUCK!!!!
FTF? Is America really so sadistic as to want that hemmeroid ED to stay in the house? I can't stand the sight of him. He is not cool, he is no
15 messages
08-18-07 08:57 PM
(24 hours later) 'NOOOOOOO!'
Jury formation -- and the sending of evicted hamsters to the Sequester house -- starts this week. For purposes of raw comedy and lotsa torture, whi
16 messages
08-17-07 10:00 PM
Did anyone notice
Last night when they were trying to figure out the HOH, why in the heck did they have Dustin on there giving his opinion about what was going on. H
4 messages
08-17-07 08:14 AM
Amber as America's Next Top Model.
Swear to gawd this chick (Amber) actually said on Showtime that she should have been on ANTM. She said she had the face and hair to be a model. %0
3 messages
08-16-07 07:49 PM
Dustin's "girlfriend"
I almost hate to ask, but......who was Dustin referring to when he said he would go on the cruise with his girlfriend? Is he referring to a woman
3 messages
08-16-07 08:29 AM
Big Brother 8: Official RTVW Summary. Week #5: "Are we Aligned?"
[b] Sunday was a Banner Day[/b] Sunday’s episode started with some unfinished business from last Thursday. The Hamsters had bee
2 messages
08-15-07 07:27 PM
Does anyone else think Eric is a loser? He is so ugly and short and he looks ridiculous with his nipples pierced. Only hot guys with good bodies s
5 messages
08-15-07 03:42 PM
Big Brother 8: Official RTVW Summary. Epi #13: Time for Tea
Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. We are in the 4th week and the Hamsters are really going after each other. Why so much animosity
11 messages
08-14-07 07:10 PM
An open letter to Jameka and Amber [View All]
Dear Sinners, Your "faith" is no more than a feeble and sad attempt by you to use God as an enabling device for you to behave any way
25 messages
08-14-07 07:03 PM
Did anyone notice how tall Nick was when he shook Julies hand???
during the episode someone said he was 6'5" but when he walked out and shook julies hand he wasnt much taller than her-- how tall is she 5'2"
2 messages
08-14-07 12:58 PM
Amber and Jameka
Big Brother must have been desperate for contestants this year. All they could find was hypocrites and cry babies. Amber is so ugly and whe
2 messages
08-14-07 07:30 AM
Two questions about the summary of Kail's eviction.
The first question I have is just a factual clarification. I could swear that Jen and Kail were the players who gave up ability to play for HoH, an
9 messages
08-13-07 00:22 AM
Let's expose America's player
As America's player, i don't like the way Eric lies and cheats just to save his own #####. Since he has to do as directed, we shoul
8 messages
08-12-07 12:11 PM
Evil D!ick's loser friends
Is it just me, or are D!ck's LA crowd a bunch of losers. GnR guitar player? What is he number 20 in a list of replacments and the nut job from
2 messages
08-11-07 01:42 PM
Amber should be sterilized.
After giving birth any woman who equates her love for her dog with her love for her child should be legal declared unfit. I hope her poor daughter did
51 messages
08-11-07 11:01 AM
Suggestions for Houseguests
I am so sick of the serious attitude of the hamsters, season after season – people crying constantly or whining that they hate everybody or the fa
0 messages
08-10-07 09:18 AM
America voted to out Jen. WHY???????????
BORING!!!! I want to see Eric campaign to out D!ck, or Amber or Daniele, or ANYONE ELSE other than Jen because THAT would make for GOOD
7 messages
08-09-07 03:43 PM
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