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Let's expose America's player
As America's player, i don't like the way Eric lies and cheats just to save his own #####. Since he has to do as directed, we shoul
8 messages
08-12-07 12:11 PM
Evil D!ick's loser friends
Is it just me, or are D!ck's LA crowd a bunch of losers. GnR guitar player? What is he number 20 in a list of replacments and the nut job from
2 messages
08-11-07 01:42 PM
Amber should be sterilized.
After giving birth any woman who equates her love for her dog with her love for her child should be legal declared unfit. I hope her poor daughter did
51 messages
08-11-07 11:01 AM
Suggestions for Houseguests
I am so sick of the serious attitude of the hamsters, season after season people crying constantly or whining that they hate everybody or the fa
0 messages
08-10-07 09:18 AM
America voted to out Jen. WHY???????????
BORING!!!! I want to see Eric campaign to out D!ck, or Amber or Daniele, or ANYONE ELSE other than Jen because THAT would make for GOOD
7 messages
08-09-07 03:43 PM
little #####
you are your name.
0 messages
08-09-07 02:28 AM
BB vs Banner plane pilot.
[i]awyers for Endemol USA Inc. sent a cease and desist letter to Jerry Hider of Blue Yonder Air, to stop him from flying his plane over the "B
11 messages
08-07-07 07:00 PM
I'm rooting for Jen
At first she seemed very shallow and insincere. Now she still seems very shallow and insincere. However, what I really do like about Jen is her amaz
1 messages
08-06-07 01:51 PM
If LNC is to the Friendship...
We need an analogy thread. Given the comparisons some have been making, they just seem to be the Nerd Herd v2.0. Lets start with the obvious. %
3 messages
08-05-07 08:27 AM
In Big Brother History....not again.
"The Big Brother 8 commercial promoting tonight's telecast at 8 PM ET promises the biggest fireworks in Big Brother history." I see C
3 messages
08-04-07 10:20 AM
jen IS jentastic!!!!! -- she is funny
what would this season be without her brash style -- sure who wants to live with her but its great TV
8 messages
08-04-07 03:56 AM
Jen Is Unitarded.
It had to be said. ds/User_files/467c1b9128af775e.gif
9 messages
08-03-07 01:07 PM
"I never lie". Amber is such a c**t.
The ##### has the nerve to say "I never lie", and then gets busted lying to Nick. Even BB showed her busted ##### in a black
1 messages
08-02-07 08:33 PM
how many days was he on the team? he is a little young to be an ex-pro ball palyer isnt he?? its never discussed on the show-did he tell his hou
4 messages
08-02-07 07:19 PM
I am sick and tired of Jameka and Amber are hypocrites
How dare Jameka and Amber sit around reading the Bible and then sitting around gossiping about everyone. What types of Christians are those? They ar
2 messages
08-02-07 10:10 AM
Wow, ##### is a hypocrite too...
I love how ##### lectures the house on how children shouldn't be raised by nannies, that the best people to raise them are the parents%2
2 messages
08-02-07 10:06 AM
BB8 episode 12 summary
well hello all i forgot to take notes so im doing my best to recall all the events in tonights show, as always we open with a recap of having to wat
6 messages
08-02-07 03:48 AM
Hamster Love/Hate List
I think there was a similar post a couple of weeks ago when the show first aired. But, a lot of things have happened since then to sway our likes/
1 messages
08-01-07 07:29 PM
Jameka: Cram it already!
OK, Jameka, we get it. We effing get it. You're black, and everyone else is white. Just like we get that Kail owns an entire town, that Dani
Colonel Zoidberg
12 messages
08-01-07 06:11 PM
How do you feel about the HG now?
Jen - I like her more now, rather than before. I find my self cheering for her and Kail to stay and go against the Di*k and Daniel show. %
1 messages
08-01-07 05:06 PM
Anyone catch Amber complaining about Jen CRYING????
uh hello???? amber you cry about everything and then you complain about Jen fake crying
3 messages
08-01-07 05:04 PM
Dustin was a WIMP with his nominations !!
he picks Kail & Jen - why not get out real threats liek Nick or Evil?? because he doesnt want to get yelled at all week- what a Wimp
1 messages
07-31-07 04:37 PM
Catch Phrase
Who else agrees the choices for a catch phrase Eric is supposed to start are less than ideal?To begin with,the boo phrase makes no sense."Sweet
4 messages
07-30-07 08:02 PM
Eric's been Busted!
Busted tees, that is. Anyone remember the green tee with the dinosaur on in and the words "Never Forget"? I saw it in an internet ad yesterd
8 messages
07-30-07 07:51 AM
What's with all the crying???
Can we go one episode without all the waaaa waaaa waaaaaaaaing??? OMG!!! Amber cries the most, wat up with that??
3 messages
07-30-07 00:51 AM
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