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If McCrae tried to break up with Amanda...
Predict the carnage. 'Carnage' is not mandatory, but has to be considered highly probable.
2 messages
08-23-13 11:18 AM
Trope Of The Day: Special bonus hamster edition.
Dear GinaMarie, When even Aryan thinks you've gone too far, there's a pretty good chance you've gone too far. http:%
3 messages
08-23-13 11:11 AM
Stupid Twist #3: Hamster Rehash
Chenbot introduced the next twist... which will have us witnessing a competition between the 3 most recent evictees and the one who is let loose on Th
9 messages
08-21-13 07:04 PM
Stupid Twist Reset: aftermath.
Judd's hamster tombstone should read 'Killed By Rats'. Here's Judd's game death in the short form. America is made into the MVP.
6 messages
08-12-13 08:08 AM
Worst-Cast Scenarios: Final Twos.
Let's look into the future and consider some of the more nightmarish possibilities available in the current hamster pool. (I'm not
7 messages
08-10-13 01:45 PM
Stupid Twist #2: Welcome to Big Brother #1. [View All]
Well, let's see. Given the potential nature of the majority of remaining viewers after Aryan Nation chased off those who don't like to spend th
61 messages
08-05-13 07:48 AM
I #blameCandice for this thread. (Actually I'm casually nodding towards Estee, but...) It seems that right now twitter is having all th
3 messages
07-30-13 09:09 AM
You're a Mean One, Aaryn!
Yep, it's the return of a parody on "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!" Lat time, the one being blasted by my parody was Natalie. [i%
Belle Book
19 messages
07-26-13 07:01 PM
The MVP: our first stupid twist of the new season.
Let's break down the fail. 1. How, exactly, does this discourage floating? The first big lie here is that America would vote for
12 messages
07-18-13 07:12 AM
Cockroach vs. hamsters: the Big Brother Blogs.
Before your very eyes, John Cochran will attempt to spend an entire season covering the cage for [b]Entertainment Weekly[/b] without losin
6 messages
07-17-13 08:45 AM
A few questions to think about. 1. At what point will we see the hamsters pulled out of the post-eviction media rotation? Remember, C
4 messages
07-12-13 12:37 PM
I like to touch my Pecs!
Wanna touch my pecs? (Spoiler alert; Ringer, lousy improv. actor).
11 messages
07-11-13 09:08 AM
Gina Marie=Cheri Oteri SNL Character?
She's got the look and the accent and the loud voice, but I can't remember which character it was. http://community.reali
2 messages
07-01-13 04:01 PM
Epic Fail: Canadian Edition 6c Remember: when the rats write this into the script for September, you saw nothi
1 messages
05-06-13 12:49 PM
Is anyone shocked at the outcome? I'm not. The minute Danielle let Dan talk her into using the veto on him during the F4, the outcome was decide
12 messages
09-24-12 09:05 AM
A puppet controlled by the Puppet Master, She should not win a thing, She is only there because of Dan, She is a horrible player, And I hope w
20 messages
09-22-12 11:56 AM
4 messages
09-09-12 01:23 PM
Best guesses: 1. Frank was feeling vindictive enough to steal the cage mascot on his way out. 2. If it was the last thing he
1 messages
09-07-12 08:58 PM
Psychoanalyze Ian
My theories: 1. He's playing the crazy Hamster in order to make sure he isn't a target. 2. He's socially awkward and doe
12 messages
09-06-12 04:35 PM
Brittney the Fool !
I love her rants ! No wonder she will never win , she is incapable of seeing the big picture , I think Dan and Frank will coast to the end :%2
0 messages
08-29-12 00:53 AM
My name is Ian , I'm an excellent driver ...
0 messages
08-29-12 00:50 AM
Anyone else think of the Gibbs. Ah ah ah ah staying alive
2 messages
08-28-12 10:23 AM
That was so unfair to allow the oldies to compete. They have had their chance and the newbies have worked hard to get theirs. I hate the way Fra
1 messages
08-26-12 09:54 PM
Malin's 'gracious loser' exit.
Don't you believe it. For the record: on the feeds, once it was clear he was going, he spent pretty much the entire week bashing e
10 messages
08-26-12 09:53 PM
Bull@#$%. [View All]
...yeah, that pretty much sums it up. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif %
30 messages
08-20-12 10:54 PM
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