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I'm effin pished off
Yoush guys are **** **** up! How dare yoush stell Lycra thats Jeshie's evicshun washh my fault! **** **** you,
3 messages
08-14-08 08:13 AM
We call it 'The Amber Memorial Challenge'.
Waaaaah! Does anyone else think BB's scraping the absolute bottom of the challenge idea barrel? It's gotten to the point where the
2 messages
08-13-08 05:38 PM
I'd like to apologise for...
...being honest! ....for stating the obvious. ....for extending the already embarrassing 10 second man hug to 17 seconds.%0
2 messages
08-06-08 10:36 AM
And never is heard a dissenting word.
Can anyone remember ever having so many contestants who whine endlessly about a particular person having been voted out, oh that poor soul, how co
5 messages
08-02-08 04:16 AM
the whole house
Memphis is a jerk for going after Jerry, like i said before. Jesse is in love with himself. Like he has no personality. It's rediculous
cloudy sky77
2 messages
08-01-08 11:30 PM
While watching planted people, I was wondering if producers "chose" the one they wanted to win.
I read on this board what really goes on in the diary room. Houseguests don't talk to a psychologist: they talk to a producer who pressures them t
6 messages
07-30-08 12:08 PM
53 Minutes
I really love BB. And am upset that every time the show wraps up there is at least a FULL 7 minutes left on the hour that could have been filled. No
7 messages
07-30-08 11:27 AM
I saw houseguests walking in one direction during the earthquake, on Fox TV.
On the evening news, they showed clips from several TV shows that had been filming during the earthquake. One of the shows was Big Brothe
1 messages
07-30-08 02:00 AM
Your misery reminds him of his abs.
To honor Jessie's farewell speech to Steven, comment on something about the show -- while making it all about your body. http://c
3 messages
07-26-08 05:14 PM
The only question which matters.
Do you hate them all yet? ds/User_files/486865c232d93e0f.jpg
14 messages
07-24-08 08:20 AM
Too Bad ChenBot!
. . . . . Gee, for some odd reason the Emmys didn't even [i]nominate[/i] you for "Best Reality TV Host". %3
9 messages
07-22-08 10:26 AM
Did anyone else catch this?
When they were doing the introductions and bragging how well they were going to do. Steven ( the gay rodeo champion) said he was "Going To
2 messages
07-14-08 11:59 AM
Congratulations, Joshuah. [View All]
We knew they'd cast for shallow this season. We also knew they'd cast for egotistical, stupid, total lack of empathy, manipulative, unbal
43 messages
05-08-08 03:15 PM
Choices, choices.
Incoherent lunatic -- or incoherent lunatic? And just to round out the set, the people who would be voting were -- incoherent lunatics! Well%2
6 messages
04-28-08 12:51 PM
Shut up, Sharon.
Her screaming every two seconds last night forced me to mute the TV. Win a competition? "Woooooooooo!" Smash Ryan over the hea
2 messages
04-23-08 01:06 AM
Fact Or Fiction?
The question about one last pre-existing relationship in the cage, to which the answer was 'Yes: the guinea pigs' was the stupidest thing any
7 messages
04-21-08 12:16 PM
Sheila said she deserves money because she's a single mother. [View All]
Sheila chose to have a child. So if she wants more money for her son, she should get a second job. Anyone who breeds, then expects to b
21 messages
04-08-08 06:41 PM
People less intelligent than Natalie.
Normally I'd reference the original 'things that weigh less than Janu' thread and watch as y'all reach below the unreachable yet again -- but
11 messages
04-07-08 12:31 PM
April 1 episode summary
The show started out with Sheila saying encouraging things to Matt. Then when Matt woke up from a nap, he overheard Sheila saying a lot of negative
0 messages
04-02-08 01:20 AM
I've stomached a lot of crap through this season. Natalie stalking Matt. Allison and Sheila's fake relationship. Joshuah's numerous offensive co
Colonel Zoidberg
6 messages
04-01-08 09:57 PM
Nat: potential stalker. is there a psychological screening?
Is there a psychological screening for houseguests? If there is, is it very thorough? I wonder if someone with obsessive tendencies, or a pote
10 messages
03-28-08 01:09 PM
TV's Trashiest Cast Ever?!
This weeks Entertainment Weekly magazine has a write up on the BB9 cast...saying "the current housemates of season 9 make a strip club look like a d
mia rules18
5 messages
03-27-08 03:23 PM
The appeal? of Matt.
Women want him. Why? It's not just Natalie and her historically-low self-esteem any more. Guess what? Matt actually has
7 messages
03-27-08 00:39 AM
Natalie's delusions of stupidity
'There are 27 letters in the alphabet' 'Matty know he loves me' 'I'm a great speller' 'C-E-R-E-L'%0
8 messages
03-25-08 02:15 PM
Choose your own nausea.
Ivette: 'Cappy -- oh, Cappy...' Natalie: 'Matty -- oh, Matty...'
3 messages
03-21-08 01:58 PM
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