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Have you ever watched a late 80s-early 90s movie with a comic relief sidekick? The kind explicitly designed to be kicked to the side around two-thi
3 messages
07-11-11 12:20 PM
The contract.
'We, the producers, may do anything we like to you, at any time, for any reason or none, for the rest of your current incarnation. You,
1 messages
07-07-11 10:53 PM
BB hires WWE scriptwriter. update-on-former-wwe-writers-new-job-more-131359 *facepalm* http:/%2
7 messages
06-19-11 02:35 PM
Asked to audition
When asked by a BB producer to audition I told them I was not prepared to bring myself down to loser level. Her reply was which loser where you talkin
7 messages
06-08-11 08:16 PM
Rachel's Amazing Social Skillz!
She can read people like a book. A closed book. One of those old-fashioned diaries with a little lock on the cover. And a key.
16 messages
05-22-11 04:36 PM
They've announced the premiere date: remiere-thirteenth-season-of-big-brother-on-july
2 messages
05-10-11 07:21 PM
So much for the 'merciful deity' concept.
This megacrap has been renewed for another summer -- which means it's time to start speculating on how next season's cast will be worse. %
5 messages
01-26-11 11:07 AM
Somehow, we knew this was gonna happen....
BB9 winner Adumb has been arrested, for drug dealing. He attempted to sell 2000 oxycodone pills to an undercover DEA agent/turned drug dealer....
18 messages
01-24-11 08:02 PM
Worst BB season
Live feeds really exposed this self-absorbed gang. Doesn't anybody in the USA eat with their damn mouths closed anymore? Britney pick, pick pick
11 messages
10-04-10 12:49 PM
How does one say "tool" in Italian?
The sooner "Meow-Meow" leaves, the better. ds/User_files/48adc0365f537cba.jpg[f
14 messages
09-13-10 09:33 PM
Caption this. er.jpg
12 messages
09-13-10 11:03 AM
Brendon, Meet Kasey
Kasey wanted to be a knight and guard and protect hearts, too. He wound up getting a tattoo that made him look like even more of a wuss. Start warmi
2 messages
08-12-10 09:52 AM
Rachael and her MAN! [View All]
Twice now we've seen Rachael leave outgoing messages for booted houseguest saying the reason they had to go was because they were trying to come bet
23 messages
08-06-10 10:50 AM
I am the Chenbot
Apparently Julie likes the name. I can't get the actual link to work. Go here:
4 messages
08-06-10 00:29 AM
What Happened to the Cootercardİ?
Nothing is the same as it was, isn't it? ds/User_files/4c369b31302a6c17.jpg [fo
7 messages
08-04-10 04:19 PM
Kristen's amazing psycho skillz! (1)
(1) ref. Estee OMG OMG You lie!!! *pout* *pout* *pout* Oohh, I'm not going anywhere *bug
6 messages
08-03-10 08:01 PM
Shut up, Britney. [View All]
Because: 1. She should. 2. If she wants to have any kind of life outside the cage, she'd [i]better[/i]. %
24 messages
08-02-10 03:20 PM
Weekend At Kathy's (or: 101 uses for a might-as-well-be-a corpse).
Everyone in the hamster cage seems to think Kathy's effectively-dead body has no purpose in challenges. Can you repurpose her into a vital tool for
5 messages
08-02-10 01:04 PM
Andrew, Ambassador At Large.
Next week, Andrew travels to the Gulf Coast to teach the residents how oil leaks are good for the local economy because they can just scoop clods of
3 messages
07-31-10 02:35 AM
Official catalog of Matt's facial expressions.
1. Smirk. 2. Arrogant smirk. 3. Self-satisfied smirk. 4. Smug smirk. 5. Disdainful smirk.
9 messages
07-30-10 02:38 PM
You, need more people of color more black,Asian,Hispanic,Latino and Chinese. I am sure they would love to play for a 1/2 million dollars
0 messages
07-23-10 05:20 PM
So tell me can u really say what want here, I was on jokers and because I repeated things and said what I thought when my posts were deleted I was b
7 messages
07-23-10 00:28 AM
Can someone please tell me hoe the lazy skank got on the show?She does nothing but lay around and if those roots keep going she is really going to l
1 messages
07-20-10 07:18 AM
Notice for all current and future hamster alliances.
You can try to assemble the ideal combination of speed, strength, and endurance as much as you like -- but sooner or later, it always comes down
4 messages
07-19-10 06:58 PM
The one-week twist.
Once upon a time, there was a Stupid Show which wanted people to watch it. Very badly. And it desired to reach its goal with as little effort as p
4 messages
07-16-10 02:05 PM
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