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1. With the inclusion of so many law enforcement officers and firefighters in BB and Survivor, and the recent success of policemen in both, we sho
1 messages
09-25-14 01:43 PM
Final Love/Loathe List - BB16
This will be my last list of the season...not that it matters a whole lot considering how lame the Bashers forum has become. 1) [b]DE
3 messages
09-09-14 08:58 AM
Ariana Grande
Just because this girl has been mentioned so often this season but I had never heard of her, I recorded a show called "Sam and Kat" in which Ari
1 messages
08-18-14 04:17 PM
I fear that Zack was not accurately screened by the production staff. He is wily but unstable, aggressively outgoing but sensitive, kin
4 messages
08-18-14 04:10 PM
Love/Loathe List #3
It's been a banner year for the "Men in Blue" on Reality TV. First Tony owned that last Survivor season culminating in the Jury getting it right
0 messages
08-16-14 07:24 AM
Love/Loathe List
After three weeks I thought I'd post one of these. Not sure I'll keep it up weekly. We'll see how the season goes. 1) [b]DONNIE
15 messages
08-14-14 08:48 PM
I, for one, am glad I don't have to listen to Jocasta anymore.
The penalty for that is that I have to listen to Zack, but by the time the vote was to be taken, I was thoroughly sick of seeing the oblivious ins
4 messages
08-11-14 10:32 AM
Show of hands,
Who thinks Amber will need a Protective Order against Caleb after this season ends? Me? Si. He's not only self-deluded%2
20 messages
08-03-14 02:17 PM
How to say Absolutely Nothing the CBS Way.
If there's anyone here who somehow didn't hate Alison Grodner before reading this interview? Prepare to have your mind changed. http
5 messages
07-28-14 01:31 AM
Julie Chen, the host from the no-talent agency
OK, Julie, stand on the center runway, thatís it, one foot in front of the other now smile. Oops, not to wide, remember, that epoxy ma
1 messages
07-25-14 09:58 PM
Things Jocasta sounds like when she cries.
I'll start the bidding with 'a claustrophobic, airsick walrus on Vicodin.' ds/U
4 messages
07-23-14 09:57 AM
Sorry Devin,
but making spilling the beans to hamsters outside of your alliance without consulting them [i]has[/i] been done before. It doesn%
7 messages
07-18-14 02:19 PM
Officially opening up the Big Brother Bashing season for 2014. [View All]
Bash away, Bash away, Bash away all.
23 messages
07-18-14 09:18 AM
Victoria & The Crow
Warning: this clip comes from the uncensored feeds, and so there is non-PG13 language ahead. Approach at your own risk. Also, there
3 messages
07-17-14 11:58 AM
The Chenbot as you've never seen her.
A remarkable change. rgery-sure-did-help-her-career-1300046207/1300981763 http
7 messages
09-20-13 11:23 AM
Typical Aryan.
I was going to suggest that we say our goodbyes by talking about her in the same racist false stereotypes she loved to use for everyone else.
12 messages
09-20-13 11:19 AM
Dissect Andy's game.
What did he do right? What did he do wrong? For 95% of his time in the house, what did he do? http://
8 messages
09-20-13 06:29 AM
The Amanda Show
Oh, look: the star lost it! Again! Maybe it's the name... Well, the good news is that we're going to be dealing
3 messages
09-07-13 11:35 AM
Wil from BB14, parodies BB15
Wil Heuser, BB14 has "Big Brother 15: The Saga", he plays everyone, including Chenbot. Little skits and they have their moments. He does a
0 messages
09-03-13 04:18 PM
Who else hates Amanda..? [View All]
Her gameplay isnt even that good shes being carried... shes won nothing, she's just a scheming ##### who needs to get out.
21 messages
08-27-13 12:18 PM
What's your point?
Locally, CBS is in a slap fight with Time-Warner Cable, which has been threatening to drop the network. Part of the battle tactic has been multip
13 messages
08-23-13 04:26 PM
Nominate something like GinaMarie!
Insanity optional. ...actually, insanity mandatory. [i]Vocabulary[/i] optional. http://community.realitytvwor
8 messages
08-23-13 11:23 AM
If McCrae tried to break up with Amanda...
Predict the carnage. 'Carnage' is not mandatory, but has to be considered highly probable.
2 messages
08-23-13 11:18 AM
Trope Of The Day: Special bonus hamster edition.
Dear GinaMarie, When even Aryan thinks you've gone too far, there's a pretty good chance you've gone too far. http:%
3 messages
08-23-13 11:11 AM
Stupid Twist #3: Hamster Rehash
Chenbot introduced the next twist... which will have us witnessing a competition between the 3 most recent evictees and the one who is let loose on Th
9 messages
08-21-13 07:04 PM
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