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chicken george is a fat loser crybaby [View All]
The veto comp was rigged for him to win. We all know that. For some reason, the producers want him to stay on. But either way, it doesnt matter
29 messages
08-20-06 02:34 PM
Chicken George and his "attire"
Waht is wrong with this man? I just do not understand why he dresses like that for the live shows? He is making a complete fool of hims
13 messages
08-19-06 11:46 PM
Marcellas a Model? WTF !
I know he has good skin but I never thought he would be tall enough to be a Model for the supposed designers he has walked for. I was shocked when I c
5 messages
08-19-06 09:44 PM
Does anyone else just not care?? [View All]
I'm sure I cannot be the only fan who really does not give a care who wins!?! I was riveted last year but these "all stars" really suck!
29 messages
08-19-06 12:59 PM
Pretty Women [View All]
There are various types of pretty girls in the world and the BB house is no exception. Danielle is a beautiful woman but she's also smart. She could
49 messages
08-19-06 12:43 PM
Marcellus, Another No Star Gone At Last
The only real issue with Marcellus' overdue eviction is what took so long? How can I guy who has made a living watching Big Brother a
Bob Tomato
8 messages
08-18-06 08:03 PM
Official RTVW B.B.A.Stards Episode #17 Summary: Everything Is Janelle's Fault: A Holy Land Adventure In Rough Paraphrase.
{So. Previously on [b]Big Brother[/b], Erika finally won an HoH competition, proving once and for all that the forces of goodness,
4 messages
08-17-06 07:52 PM
BB Fan's favorite
Does any one know if perhaps CBS will do for BB All Stars something similar to what it did for Survivor All Stars,that they had a viewer's poll to
Miami Joe
4 messages
08-17-06 11:09 AM
If Boogie and Erika are an item, why does he need the JACK SHACK?
They are sleeping in the same bed, they shower together and even will says they live together, he cant get his groove on with her instead of sitti
9 messages
08-17-06 10:35 AM
Official RTVW Summary: B.B.A.Stards, Episode 15
[center][h2]Oh, The Horror!!![/h2][/center] Previously on Big Brother All Stars… Oh who am I kidding? Who c
4 messages
08-16-06 12:13 PM
Can they vote to evict James' tweezers?
His eyebrows are WAAAYYY too plucked and well manicured.
2 messages
08-16-06 07:00 AM
Mike Boogie is a big ole tool
He was two grades ahead of me at in COncord NH and he was always showboating around. My JR high was not large and when you are in 7th grade you tend
8 messages
08-15-06 12:04 PM
Official RTVW BBAS Summary: Episode 11
Talk about slop. For our first course of filler, we will regurge the whole lame phan phonecalls phiasco, those wakeup calls that Marc
2 messages
08-14-06 09:38 PM
The Kiss
Erika: [i]I'm just a simple girl from a small town called...CHILL [/i]. Great line. And then they kissed! This was aft
3 messages
08-14-06 06:58 PM
Official Big Brother All-Stars Episode 16 Summary – “House Calls” with Gretchen and Bunky
G: Hi, I’m Gretchen Massey! B: And I’m Bunky! G: And this is House Calls, the Big Brother talk show. We ar
1 messages
08-14-06 06:04 PM
MarcellASS Aftermath at CBS?
MarcellASS' behavior has been so viperish and petty this season. Is this par for the course? I can't imagine ever wanting to see him
1 messages
08-14-06 05:51 PM
Have I missed something??
I noticed that Will and Boogie haven`t tried for HOH or veto all season. Had they at one time discussed not doing that?
maroonclowns mom
3 messages
08-14-06 05:42 PM
Danielle needs a reality check
I find it comically that a few episodes ago she belly-ached like a sore loser after the food competition when she complained that the HGs who were tal
15 messages
08-14-06 04:17 PM
Things you would pay to see on B.B.A.Stards (and how much).
A few of mine: The complete and utter destruction of the Target $8.99 Isolation Booths Of Doom: $25. ----by fire: +$3%
6 messages
08-13-06 09:21 AM
Official RTVW B.B.A.Stards Episode #14 Summary: The Legion Of Doom & The Automatic Gravedigging Machine.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-09-06 AT 08:08 PM (EST)[/font] *ring* *ring* *ring* *click* [i
8 messages
08-12-06 06:24 PM
Official RTVW Summary: Big Brother All-Stars Episode 13
Well i don't know what happened to Official RTVW Summary: Big Brother All-Stars Episode 11 on here but Thank God for RECAPS cause thats how Im goi
4 messages
08-12-06 06:12 PM
Kaysar Ridha, No Star. RIP
Last night, Kaysar cemented his well earned reputation as worst Big Brother house guest ever. The only one to ever be evicted three times. %
Bob Tomato
7 messages
08-12-06 04:33 PM
Live show elimination
Whatever happened to having the evictee's family and significant other present during the live show. Seems like Jules is so drained doing this lame
5 messages
08-12-06 03:34 PM
Julie Chen is an Idiot
Not only am I already sick-sick-sick of her miserable RoboVoice, can't she even PAY ATTENTION as host of her own show as to [b]who wins the co
14 messages
08-11-06 08:59 PM
I hope this hasn't been discussed before, (sorry if so) but Kaysar's expression of complete boredom made me wonder if he was someh
7 messages
08-11-06 12:32 PM
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