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"VIP" cocktail waitress...that's hysterical..
"VIP" my arse. Sweetie you serve a bunch of drunks just the same as any other waitress. You might as well work at IHOP. And did you se
84 messages
07-25-06 06:58 PM
Boogie Is Disgusting
I was watching a clip of Boogie's ranting on TVClubHouse. His behavior was completely disgusting and his Janelle bashing was childish. Funny how C
2 messages
07-25-06 05:02 PM
Mike boogys attempt to "show" kayser up.
Mike boogy: ďI donít understand why america is so in love with kayser whatís the big deal about kayser why does everybody love kayser%8
14 messages
07-25-06 12:55 PM
Jase: Sniffin' that laffy taffy
This according to George, who obviously doesn't listen to much offensive novelty rap. Definetly the Unintentionally sexually suggestive comment of
Canada Girl
6 messages
07-25-06 09:26 AM
Kaysar's sister's comment... showing America what a REAL Arab man is like...
I think he already showed us on his season when he stood over...let's see, which WOMAN was if he was going to beat the crap out of her. O
131 messages
07-24-06 03:08 PM
Poor George
[font color="maroon"]I'm really starting to dislike this buncha self-important snobs. Yeah, George is kinda goofy, but they're trea
12 messages
07-24-06 02:40 PM
Nakomis on House calls
Did anyone see Nakomis on house calls? She went on and on about how different she was because of her red hair,her tattoos and what a great player
5 messages
07-24-06 08:39 AM
The Mean Girls are back in the BB House! [View All]
Is it me or did Maghole and Yellvette seem to have morphed into Alison and Diane? The Janey bashing has started already courtesy of these two bitter
24 messages
07-20-06 07:02 PM
Poor Diane cry baby, I have nothing boooo hooo
You know what, She had nothing when she came to the show and now she is booo hooo ing that "OOOOO everyone else has a job or alife and then ther
15 messages
07-20-06 06:12 PM
This Season Is Boring!!!
I loved BB6 but this season so far is nothing but boring to me. There is not that much action in the house as the live feeds are not as busy this yea
1 messages
07-20-06 04:11 PM
Be The B.B.A.Stard: Week 2 [View All]
C'mon. C'mon out little ones. It's okay. C'mon out. The house came down on the Wicked Whore of the West. And she is dead. Dead, I tell
50 messages
07-20-06 01:34 PM
Oh so pretty....pretty vacant.
Kayser is lovely to look at, but he makes really stoopid strategic decisions. His current nominations are insane. Sure, it's fun to watch Will
11 messages
07-19-06 08:00 PM
BB7 - Muppet AllStars The Movie
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-18-06 AT 00:49 AM (EST)[/font] Casting is complete for the BB7 Muppet Allstars. This reality
8 messages
07-18-06 05:17 PM
Chicken George
Why is this guy an All-Star? I didn't see his season. He is the most irritating, unfunny and headache-inducing character I've seen y
8 messages
07-18-06 05:53 AM
Inevitable HoH competition conspiracy theories thread.
Insane rantings about how and why the BB crew rigged last night's contest (which Nakomis clearly won until CBS threw it to Kaysar) go [i]her
8 messages
07-17-06 03:45 PM
B.B Jayne& Sarah Kennedy
As i said before jayne is a plant bb is punishing all other house mates for her deliberate mistakes any other housemate would have been evicted by now
1 messages
07-17-06 09:59 AM
jayne and nikki
l think jayne should be the only one punished for rule breaking she say's on her profile she dose not like liars or gossip mongers yet she has done
6 messages
07-17-06 09:50 AM
Poor Kaysar is not gonna get any!
Ah Will, you TOTALLY messed up Kaysar's chance of getting some action in BB house, especially with Erika. Tricking him into declaring that he c
0 messages
07-17-06 02:42 AM
BB 7 as Sesame Street Characters
Since we have established that Allislut (renamed by my DH since she didn't earn any money for her.....tricks)looks like Pearl, lets see what o
7 messages
07-16-06 09:25 AM
Time Is Not Kind [View All]
Chicken George? Put down the Miss Clairol. It doesn't make you any less freakish to me. Mike Boogie? Put down the mohitos. And th
34 messages
07-14-06 09:44 AM
Be the BBstard?
Jase here, I want some info on how this whole thing works, 'cause I got stuff to say. Good stuff, stuff about my hair. So when does
Canada Girl
2 messages
07-13-06 09:43 PM
Be The B.B.A.Stard: Week 1 [View All]
Welcome back househamsters! Might I say that my husband and I have a galaxy of tricks, twists and gaping blackholes for you to enjoy. Ye
61 messages
07-13-06 06:36 PM
Official RTVW Summary: B.B.A.S. Episode 2
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-13-06 AT 09:29 AM (EST)[/font] [center][h2]Welcome To My Nightmare[/h2][/cen
4 messages
07-13-06 05:46 PM
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