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Be The Survivor S37 - Sign Up Thresd - "David vs Goliath" (AKA: "Drop your Thing and grab your Sling!")
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Transgenders, Crossdressers, cis, LGBTQ, r-e-s-p-e-c-t, rsvp and those of you who haven't yet decide
0 messages
09-17-18 03:45 PM
A Tie? Really?? [View All]
Soon after Survivor jumped the shark with the atrocious idea of racial segragation in Cook Islands we started having even numbered juries. That led u
24 messages
06-12-18 07:23 PM
S36 Ghost Island Episode 13 Rankings [View All]
I don't know what hapenned to everyone around here. Are they all afraid of Ghosts? Well, we are one week away from closing this game of Surviv
25 messages
05-26-18 06:27 PM
“Be The Survivor” S35 Ep14: “It’s Fun & Games Time”
Tonight’s the night we break out the shipping crates and start to pack up our little circus. (We also start feeding the crew food that’s w
1 messages
05-24-18 02:51 PM
Be The Survivor" S36 Ep13: “Here I come to save the DAYYYYY…”
Our talented thread presenter EPMB (Evil Prick Mark Burnett), aka Rolly, has [i][sub][font color=teal](thump..Mfff…owe. Be q
4 messages
05-21-18 07:28 PM
"Be The Survivor" S36 Ep12: "Collision Insurance on Bumper Cars"
Family style. Family fun. The Gambino family. All I can tell you is that Donathan's family tree is a big, old Southern wreath. And the Survi
15 messages
05-16-18 07:40 PM
S36 Ghost Island Ep 12 Ranking [View All]
By far the worst episode of the season. OK, since I stated that, I'm laying even odds that Michel will respond by sying it was his BEST episode
27 messages
05-16-18 07:33 PM
Be The Survivor" S36 Ep11: "The Crimes they are a'changin' "
This week's crime is so dethpicable that even Thylvethter the cat couldn't dethcribe it. Two killings within one hour. The ghosts igno
16 messages
05-06-18 03:22 PM
S36 Ghost Island Ep 11 Ranking
The second TC must have given Michel a “chubby” with EVERY vote going against an original opposing tribe member. Actually, it resulted in giving
7 messages
05-06-18 02:57 PM
Ghost Island - Episode 10 Rankings:
I know this isn’t new but why don’t we ever see the school yard pick? Why doesn’t Jeff at least tell us who were captains? It would be use
13 messages
05-03-18 06:58 PM
"Be The Survivor" S36 Ep10: "Three Blind Crimes"
Once you go Naviti, you never retreat-ee. With Desiree at the bottom of the Naviti tribe, she offers her services to the Manolo faction. Hav
14 messages
05-02-18 07:27 PM
"Be The Survivor" S36 Ep09: "Sea Slug Sliders" [View All]
It's that time, folks. The Ponderosa chefs take the day off and rather than spend $14.99 on peanut butter sandwiches, we roll out the lo
30 messages
04-25-18 07:45 PM
S36 Ghost Island Ep 9 Ranking
Back to a two-challenge episode. Survivor—the way it oughta be. It’s too bad a select few find this season “boring;” it has held its own thu
13 messages
04-25-18 07:38 PM
"Be The Survivor" S36 Ep08: "Merger Beers Don't Keep You Sharp" [View All]
Reunited and it feels so good? Dom and Chris answer the same craigslist ad and find themselves cohabitating once again. Chris has the abs amul
26 messages
04-20-18 06:01 AM
S36 Ghost Island Ep 8 Ranking
It’s not often I enjoy an episode with only one challenge as much as I did last night. And other than the TC when Michael pulled the stops to loyall
9 messages
04-17-18 08:05 PM
The Logistics of Finding Idols
In a recent podcast on RHAP Joe Mena, a player who found a few Hidden Immunity idols said he'd watch the cameramen go off to follow Dr. Mike, th
10 messages
04-14-18 01:05 PM
S36 Ghost Island Ep 7 Ranking [View All]
“That is how you do it on Survivor!” Those well-spoken words by Executive Producer/Host Jeff Probst are fitting for the top rankers this week.
21 messages
04-11-18 07:07 PM
If Production doesn't Care anymore, why should we?
Production has constantly spoiled the events of this season in promos. It was rather innocuous when it was simply missing scenes that had to be shown
7 messages
04-11-18 06:39 PM
"Be The Survivor" S36 Ep07: "Gotta Take Some Barbs For The Complex Carbs" [View All]
The three tribes continue to shake up and make up as they get closer to a merge. Desiree has been wondering how Ma-low-low they can go,
23 messages
04-09-18 07:33 PM
“Be The Survivor” S35 Ep07: “Fake It Homie”
Drop your buffs! We’re randomly switching tribes... going from two to eight, then back down to three. Then we swap Production for Craft Se
14 messages
04-04-18 07:34 PM
S36 Ghost Island Ep 6 Ranking [View All]
I was SO hoping for a schoolyard pick comprising two 7-player tribes with the unchosen person getting whisked away to Ghost Island and joining the los
21 messages
04-04-18 07:29 PM
S36 Ghost Island Ep 5 Ranking
We have now witnessed the Malolo “best tribe ever” claim go from entertaining, to humorous, to ridiculous, and should now officially be conf
14 messages
03-27-18 10:19 PM
"Be The Survivor" S36 Ep05: "You're The Diamond In My Roughage"
Maybe not conflict free diamonds, but some with flaws and occlusions got their chance to shine. James was on the winning side of a challenge%2
6 messages
03-27-18 09:58 PM
"Be The Survivor" S36 Ep04: "Believe In Your Intestinal Tract" [View All]
Everybody's doing the Maolo and Naviti shuffle after last week's buff tussle. And the Maolo mumbo jumbo is definitely in full swing as they
27 messages
03-21-18 04:35 PM
S36 Ghost Island Ep 4 Ranking
Episode Four and still a few players I’m unable to provide much, if any, gameplay analysis. But I didn’t want to put off the list any longer.%
8 messages
03-20-18 07:46 PM
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