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S24 One World Ep 1 Love/Loath List [View All]
I'm Back...but won't say "better than ever"...I'm the same old me. Hope we have decent participation. 1) [b]SABRINA[/b
40 messages
05-26-12 03:26 PM
S24: One World - Official RTVW Finale Summary: Pathway to Glory
[ Y|Pathway to Glory] What did you guys think about the One World concept? After 21
5 messages
05-24-12 04:27 PM
"“Be The Survivor”: S234 Ep14: “Chick Shtick”"
Women. Bad food. Horrible conditions. Screaming and backbiting. And that's the Olive Garden's Mother's Day Brunch. Kim, Alic
2 messages
05-22-12 12:59 PM
S24: One World -- Official RTVW Episode Summary - Episode 13 "It's Human Nature ... To Tattle and To Cross-Dress"
[b][center][font size="4"]** OFFICIAL RTVW EPISODE SUMMARY ** Survivor: One World, Episode 13 "It’s
5 messages
05-17-12 08:20 PM
If Colton's going to be forced on us again --
-- let's make sure he fits right into his tribe. Give me seven to nine all-time uberbitches, bigots, bullheads, and strategic morons to fill
10 messages
05-16-12 02:56 AM
S24 Gufu Award Thread [View All]
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="7"]http://commu-
164 messages
05-14-12 09:01 PM
“Be The Survivor”: S234 Ep13: “Queen Of The Social Game”
The remaining contestants are dizzy and that’s not just the Reward Challenge talking. Basically they’re all scrambling like Egg Beaters™.%
6 messages
05-13-12 11:52 AM
S24 One World – Episode 12 Summary – This Fun and Exciting!
Previously on Survivor: Troyzan pouted and then is routed. Tonight’s episode explores the burning question of who’s in charge. Which
8 messages
05-11-12 04:15 PM
“Be The Survivor”: S24 Ep12: “'Loved Ones' Means Never Having To Say You’re Related”
It’s Loved Ones Day around the Survivor campfire, so the Estrogen Tribe (plus Tarzan) plot and scheme (except Tarzan), and battle
14 messages
05-08-12 07:56 AM
S24 Ep. 11 Summary: New Math 1>4; 4>5...Class is in Session
[u]PREVIOUSLY ON SURVIVOR[/u] We watch the men, one by one, join the Jury. In Ep. 10 the castaways play a game within the gam
10 messages
05-02-12 06:54 PM
“Be The Survivor”: S24 Ep11: “Oil and Vinegar”
A Survivor Slip and Slide and Troyzan wants to toss Kat’s salad. Kim is working Troyzan like she’s a Scientologist going door to
6 messages
05-02-12 11:14 AM
S24 Ep 10 SumSum: The Wrath of 'Zhan
Alright, at the quick step now because time is money and money is time, and if I were you and you were me, then we'd all care equally ab
9 messages
04-28-12 01:22 PM
"Be The Survivor": S24 the real Ep10: "Hey Guys, There's Bacon in this BLT"
Troyzan pulls a Captain Queeg, but isn't allowed to eat the strawberries. Kat buys a sandwich and the Pink Line holds. Voting is split betwe
13 messages
04-22-12 01:41 PM
S24 Ep 9 Summary: The Tribal Council Where Jay Got Hornswaggled
Thanks for coming back to the wonderful world of Summaryland. I am glad you are spending some time with us. Each week one of our members volunteers th
5 messages
04-21-12 05:39 PM
“Be The Survivor”: S24 Ep10: “Big Girl Panties Cover Alliance Cracks”
The Battle of the Sexes continues to rage on. Tarzan and Troyzan have a strategy discussion that requires open-toed shoes so that they can do so
0 messages
04-18-12 09:16 PM
"Be The Survivor": S24 Ep09: "The Men Are Revolting"
Troyzan. Tarzan. Guitarzan. Yes they are. The Men figure out something may be afoot and try to stop the bleeding. They enlist Kat... yes, Kat
11 messages
04-18-12 05:00 PM
S24 One World Official Summary Writers Needed [View All]
Calling all summary writers for another season of Survivor. [center][b]Survivor 24: One World[/b] Anyone can wr
27 messages
04-11-12 07:38 PM
S24 One World Ep 8 Summary: Mirror Mirror, Who's In Charge
Welcome to the wonderful world of Summaryland. I am glad you are spending some time with us. Each week one of our members volunteers their time to pre
5 messages
04-09-12 10:26 AM
S24 One World – Episode 7 Summary – This is not poop
Previously on Survivor: A long-suffering audience is treated to the sight of Colon being stroked and petted by Malicia while they both behave l
5 messages
04-08-12 09:46 AM
s24 ep 6 - One World. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!
(Which, you have to admit is a much better title than “Thanks for the Souvenir) Check out Rolldice's BTS here. Where to begin
7 messages
04-08-12 09:37 AM
“Be The Survivor”: S24 Ep08: “The Revolution Will Be Televised and Sponsored By The UnCola”
The Women plan to take over the game of Survivor. Revolutionary, except that it happens around this time every season. Chelsea “
11 messages
04-07-12 08:16 AM
Please help
I do not know English very well, sorry for the mistakes. Good day to you! This letter comes to my girlfriend, which currently require
13 messages
04-06-12 12:59 PM
“Be The Survivor”: S24 Ep 07: “We Wish You a Tiki Año” [View All]
With the departure of the Wicked Witch of the West Shore Golf and Tennis Club, the tribes have been shuffled more than Tarzan’s name cards for his
24 messages
04-03-12 02:02 PM
Colton "I'm a Republican I do not believe in handouts" [View All]
Maybe he should give the Idol back so the girls can give it so someone who believes in hand outs. He refuses to do work around camp and admits in the
35 messages
04-03-12 08:44 AM
“Be The Survivor”: 24 Ep 06: “Coltonectomy: Merge and Purge” [View All]
Just my luck, we have a super villain KKKolton (© PepeLePew) angling to be the most disliked Survivor ever… at least in the Southern H
21 messages
03-27-12 01:39 PM
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