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BeTheA.S.S.#2: Little Green Men
This thread should be dedicated to the Hidden Immunity Idol, who apart from being Not-so-hidden and from this moment forward should only be handled
14 messages
04-27-10 08:45 PM
BeTheA.S.S.#2: Courtney's Love [View All]
There's probably millions of things to say about Courtney, I just can't think of any. What I do know is that she is really enjoying being w
22 messages
04-27-10 04:49 PM
What is it about Russell that draws people to him like a
buzzard on dead meat?? It certainly isn't his amazing personality. It couldn't be his charm, his good looks, his high standard
14 messages
04-21-10 11:44 AM
Official RTVW S20 Episode #8 Summary: "Trolls, Hoes and Zeroes"
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/4bc0ed832e4e3a37.jpg[/center] Welcome everyone to the
9 messages
04-16-10 10:02 PM
Official RTVW S20 Episode #7 Summary: Clash of the Titans
Previously on Survivor: We are reminded that the Heroes have made losing into an art form while watching Colby fantasize about reenac
7 messages
04-09-10 11:09 AM
BeTheA.S.S.#2: WTF!? [View All]
Hide your horse heads! The RawbFodder has been assinhandinated! Looks like we'll all be kissing the hobbit's [i]ring[/i] from now on
27 messages
04-07-10 09:40 PM
No! Not Rawb!
Why couldn't that have been a non-elimination leg? I hated B-Ro the first few go arounds, but he was really making the season for me.
6 messages
04-05-10 07:50 PM
Caption this. ds/User_files/4b8accc6b51ab235.jpg
14 messages
04-03-10 03:07 AM
"Official RTVW S20 Ep #6 SUM: Tyson TKO'd, but still "pretty awesome" /primetime/survivor/20/recaps/survivor20_2005_recap.jpg "These effin people have
8 messages
03-31-10 11:42 AM
BeTheA.S.S.#2: Bananaboozled! [View All]
Weeeeee....Now this is some fun! Candice and Rob, way to go you two! Looking good in those matching immunity necklaces. I know
32 messages
03-30-10 10:45 PM
S20: Heroes vs Villains: Summary Sign-up and Calendar [View All]
Calling all summary writers for another season of Survivor. Introducing:[center] [h2]Survivor 20: Heroes vs Villains[%2
31 messages
03-26-10 04:27 PM
Official RTVW Summary, Survivor 20, Episode 5
First of all, thanks to The Mighty Molaholic for doing the summary switch. Otherwise, last week would have been a very weird summary from someone
10 messages
03-23-10 10:57 AM
BeTheA.S.S.#2: The Chocolate Crash [View All]
Sorry to air this dirty laundry in front of everyone but I'm publicly exclaiming my bromance with Colby is officially over. Done. Finito Benito. Col
49 messages
03-17-10 11:37 PM
BeTheA.S.S.#2: Episode 4: The Dragoncrying Game [View All]
It pretty much starts and ends with Cooch. The antagonist who befriends the widowmaker and the robfaddah, relizing he's being hunted down by
53 messages
03-12-10 12:34 PM
Official RTVW S20 Episode #3 Summary: Mudslinging R Us--Now with Real Mud
Mudslinging R Us--Now with Real Mud [ s/DCForumID1/4026.shtml|Previously on survivor]%3
10 messages
03-09-10 11:10 AM
A.S.S. 2.4 summary - There’s No Crying in Survivor
[font color=green][Molemeister poster]http://community.realitytvworld.- om/boards/User_files/4b6e5c8a0e4c7243.gif >%
9 messages
03-09-10 11:04 AM
BeTheA.S.S.#2: Episode 3: Avian Flu Virus [View All]
I....I'm still a little shaken from having a wild bird thrown at me, flock you very much Coach, but the show goes on... Speaking of b
43 messages
03-04-10 11:56 PM
Official RTVW S20 Episode #2 Summary: Hoes vs. Vains
Well, here we are again. Once more we find ourselves in front of the TV, unable to avoid the suckitude. We know this show is the Lindsey Vonn of
16 messages
02-26-10 08:45 AM
Be the A.S.S. #2: Episode 2: Run! Don't walk from the B'Rob [View All]
Shaking and delusional one moment, shaking and delusional the next. For different reasons of course but Rob what a roller coaster you were these thr
57 messages
02-24-10 04:41 PM
Jerri And Coach [View All]
GROSS! F'n DISGUSTING!!! This is how horrible people are made! Two horrible people like each other, and have horrible childre
23 messages
02-20-10 12:27 PM
Be the A.S.S. #2: Episode 1: Getchur evil on! [View All]
Boy, where to start, where to start... A fine representation overall, I might say. Clearly not enough of those two hours was ded
59 messages
02-19-10 03:42 PM
Episode 1 Mini-sum
Here's a little sumthin-sumthin, better than nuttin. In case you missed it, this summary will take far less than the 2 hours to catch
3 messages
02-18-10 07:36 PM
Was there anything interesting on TV last night?
There was a really brief moment when I almost turned on the set, but it wasn't as if those shelves were going to dust themselves. For
7 messages
02-14-10 06:15 PM
Be The All Star Survivor #2: Heroes vs Villains [View All]
The theme is set, the cast has been revealed, it's time to don the costumes of our current slate of survivor re-re-players and bash this show to
175 messages
02-13-10 07:26 PM
Be The A.S.S. #2: Pre-Show Hype-Off! [View All]
Jiffy Pop: Wow! Great group showing up already! I certainly have my impressions to give...Nice to see you again, Colby? *wink* ... and I
85 messages
02-12-10 05:01 PM
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