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Interview question suggestions for 'Coach' Ben Wade.
Because as long as we-as-a-site are stuck with having to speak with him, we might as well ask him what we [i]really[/i] want to know.%0
14 messages
05-15-09 10:50 AM
Coach the Motivational Conductor
Dragon slayer, wizard, warrior. How best to immortalize Coach? Go ahead, [ hp|give
0 messages
05-15-09 10:20 AM
Worse show hosts than Coach
Coach has expressed interest in going to Hollywood and having his own show. Now, I'm no Norman Lear, but this doesn't sound like the greatest
7 messages
05-15-09 08:45 AM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 11
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="7"]http://commu-
16 messages
05-14-09 12:42 PM
Go ahead and bash Debbie... [View All]
...she won't remember what she did to deserve it anyway. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f939
23 messages
05-12-09 06:54 PM
Official Survivor Summary Episode 7 : ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
[b]Official Survivor Summary Episode 7 : ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Alternate Title: I E-hat Estee[/b] Previously
9 messages
05-07-09 08:24 AM
Why the hate for Sierra
I don't get to watch every week, but I obviously have missed enough to not understand.. why the hate for Sierra?
18 messages
05-06-09 10:10 PM
"Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 8: My Delusion is bigger than yours"
Guys, I am sorry this is so late. This week was a lot busier than I expected it to be. Previously on Survivor: Scary weather montage%2
7 messages
05-06-09 10:22 AM
Coach vs Johnny Fairplay
To all of us Coach is such a humongous, obvious, unignorable douchebag; but his teammates seem to be oblivious or are choosing to ignore that fa
6 messages
05-04-09 08:34 PM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 10
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="5"]http://commu-
4 messages
05-01-09 04:09 PM
Please help Coach with his stories
This is a supplemental thread to go with the "What a life he leads" one by Estee. I mean, the poor guy... Coach has so many incredible stories
19 messages
05-01-09 03:39 PM
Strategy or Stupid?
Was it good strategy to vote off Sierra or was it just stupid? I was thinking that getting the Coach alliance taken care of would be higher priority
1 messages
05-01-09 01:50 PM
It's Talk Like Tyson Week. [View All]
To honor his abrupt-but-thoroughly-deserved departure, let us speak of him in the same way he spoke of everyone else. Say, you know the
21 messages
04-26-09 10:48 PM
Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 8: Let's Try again, I'm not deluded this time
Last time on Survivor: brak, brak, merge. JT is the target, but Coach Delusional saved him. CD wanted to cut off the head of a turtle or a s
4 messages
04-26-09 08:27 AM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 9
[marquee behavior="alternate" scrollamount="7"][font size="7"]BWAAA-HAHAHAHAHAAAA!- ![/font][/marquee]%0
15 messages
04-25-09 01:30 PM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 10
I will post this as Dabo seems to have a loose connection. ;-) [font size=-2][font color=red]The Gufu Award was established
5 messages
04-25-09 00:11 AM
Recipe request [View All]
I could really use some helpful hints on cooking a blindsided chicken. If it's any help, the thing's been stewing in its own juices f
30 messages
04-24-09 06:24 PM
The return of Rocky's Survivor Dictionary.
pace: (noun). 1. A step made in walking; a stride. 2. A unit of length equal to 30 inches (0.76 meter). 3. The distance sp
17 messages
04-24-09 08:31 AM
'New' Movie needs a tagline
Seems Tyson and Coach will be stars in the currently-in-development remake of DRS. .jpg%
6 messages
04-22-09 12:48 PM
Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love
The creative process for this season started when Burnett had a talk with Probst: “The Economy is Bad” said Burnett. “How bad is it%
9 messages
04-21-09 02:50 PM
Be the Survivor Episode: Merged and Beyond
Hello my news starved fans, your roving Sock Puppet once again back from the Isle of Lies to bring you the BTS Network Battle of the All Star Wannab
2 messages
04-18-09 11:04 AM
The cross-tribe no-brain alliance.
I'd appreciate it if someone could explain to me what, if anything, was the bloody point.
8 messages
04-18-09 09:14 AM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 8
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="3"]http://commu-
6 messages
04-17-09 09:17 AM
Survivor Tocintins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 5: A Day in Survivorland with the Red Rover Alliance
Kircon sits down on the couch after a long day of life to watch her favorite reality show Survivor. I want to escape into the Survivor game. I want to
6 messages
04-14-09 08:45 PM
Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 4: The Strongest Man Alive Loses to Two Middle-Aged Women
Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary – Episode 4: The Strongest Man Alive Loses to Two Middle-Aged Women PREVIOUSLY ON SURVIVOR
10 messages
04-14-09 08:44 PM
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