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Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 4: The Strongest Man Alive Loses to Two Middle-Aged Women
Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary – Episode 4: The Strongest Man Alive Loses to Two Middle-Aged Women PREVIOUSLY ON SURVIVOR
10 messages
04-14-09 08:44 PM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 7
Merge week, merge week, mergemergemergemerge merge week! Was that anticlimactic or what? [marquee behavior="scroll
4 messages
04-14-09 10:51 AM
Hawkeye 10 5
An unrememberable episode only rates 5. 1. Besides "feast" what other "f" words would thrill Taj to no end? [font color=
2 messages
04-10-09 04:09 PM
Benji & Tyson are now guaranteed (at least) the jury
Instead of confronting the nightmare that would be their mutual F2 because it's really too early to end the world, let's consider what kind of j
3 messages
04-10-09 12:13 PM
"The important thing is how his tragic death affects me."
Gary and the bug allergies redux, wasn't it? How many people do you think actually cared about Joe? It looked as if the number w
2 messages
04-10-09 11:46 AM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 5
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left" scrollamount="5"]http://commu-
8 messages
04-08-09 01:29 PM
2 Frogs
One of the most delightful and suprising things about Survivor is always the incredible footage the crew gets of the local animals and insects. It nev
6 messages
04-03-09 06:16 PM
You're So Ben
You rode into Survivor Like you were riding into a walk Your buff strategically dipped below one eye Your shirt was flamboyant You
5 messages
04-03-09 09:46 AM
S18 Gufu Award: recrud
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="7"]http://commu-
8 messages
03-29-09 04:01 PM
S18 Gufu Awards: Week 5
Since dabo's computer is on the fritz, someone needs to start this thread on his behalf. And I nominate myself. [marquee behavior=
Max Headroom
10 messages
03-25-09 07:51 AM
Be The Tocintins Survivor (18.2)
So, the twist was making the EI a twosome. Wow. Plus, tricky double jug stuff. Wow. Then a water battle with plenty of pixelation. Wow.
15 messages
03-16-09 08:03 PM
Survivor Tocintins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 3: I don’t like spiders and snakes, but for you, I’ll make an exeption.
Previously on Survivor: neither Neither American Idol nor the ACC could keep Survivor from its appointed time. This week however, it comes on q
9 messages
03-07-09 11:25 PM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 4
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="7"]http://commu-
12 messages
03-07-09 08:52 PM
My recap of week 3 - just for giggles
*Cues the Go – Go’s retro music “Head over Heels”* The show opens with Erinn backpedalling to her tribe that has just ousted an
1 messages
03-06-09 02:10 PM
What's wrong with Sandy? [View All]
What's your guess? Mine: She's the female Gary Busey. ds/User_files/
34 messages
03-04-09 10:32 AM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 3 [View All]
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="5"]http://commu-
22 messages
03-04-09 09:14 AM
OT Loses It (Week of 2/23/09)
Challenge Week! I have a food challenge for you and an exercise challenge. [b][u]Food Challenge[/b][/u]
3 messages
02-28-09 00:15 AM
Also, they realized he was insane. [View All]
Coach has been fired from his job for leaving out a few small details. Like the whole 'I'll be gone for over a month' thing. http%
22 messages
02-26-09 10:11 PM
Survivor Tocintins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 2: When Survivor Hands You a Sacrificial Lamb, Open Mouth, Insert Foot
Previously on Survivor: The two tribes made an early “vote-off” based on first impressions. Jalapao voted for Sandy, who looked to
9 messages
02-26-09 11:38 AM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 2 [View All]
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="5" 3c8be51c3c6d1406.gif[/marquee] The Gufu Award was e
25 messages
02-24-09 11:05 AM
When will these people wear the right clothes for this game? [View All]
How many women do we have with dresses? The army Sgt with all black and didn't the coach have black? Things that once wet
21 messages
02-21-09 06:45 PM
Coach ... You're fired
[b]By John Bracchitta, 02/19/2009[/b] [i]Survivor: Tocantins castaway Benjamin Wade has been fired from his women's
2 messages
02-20-09 04:18 PM
Survivor Tocintins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 1 - Brazilian Whacks
[center][font size=large][b]Survivor Tokin' Teens Official RTVW Summary - Episode 1 Models vs. Millionaires[/b][/
11 messages
02-20-09 02:28 AM
Be The Survivor - Brazil - Week 1
<We are patiently waiting for our wonderful siggie-gurus to do that magic that they do so well. Perhaps the passing of the Stimulus Package will in
5 messages
02-19-09 05:16 PM
S18 Gufu Award: Week 1
Welcome back, friends! The Gufu Award was established for pointing out the dangdumbest game moves in Survivor. Each week you have a designated nu
14 messages
02-19-09 11:32 AM
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