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“Be The Survivor”: S24- “One World” Sign Up Thresd [View All]
[i]One World! One Heart! Let’s get together and snark all night.[/i] Okay, now that Bob Marley’s dreadlocks are rolling in h
72 messages
03-12-12 03:49 PM
Basher’s Summary S24.3 : Dogs & Kats Living Together!
Welcome Welcome Bashers and Basherettes it’s another heart sto[s]m[/s]pping episode of the best of the best, Survivor. [i]applause%2
17 messages
03-12-12 02:40 PM
Things to do with a discarded Immunity idol.
1. Wait for the current duration to expire, then try trading it back to the men in exchange for all of the original supplies. With this group, i
1 messages
03-09-12 05:19 PM
S24 Ep. 2 Summary - Fat kids need cake; Drama Queens need attention
Maybe it's me, but I thought this episode was weak so I'll do my best to "spice" it up with this Summary. [u]PREVIOUSLY ON SU
10 messages
03-09-12 01:10 AM
Let's turn over a new Leif
In honor of our first short person that wasn't a Hantz (thus actually a sub-humanoid species), let's have a short joke Basher thread. %
20 messages
03-08-12 12:10 PM
Be The Survivor: S24 Ep03: “Can’t We All Get Along? And Get A Couple Of Space Heaters?” [View All]
The Women are freezing and the Men aren’t pleasing. New battles between the sexes rage on and poor communication leaves castaways scramb
44 messages
03-08-12 03:33 AM
S23 Ep 14 Summary: The Island of Misfit Survivors
From the offices of RTVW Survivor Division Press Day for S23 South Pacific Dear kircon, As our top reporter, we would l
4 messages
03-06-12 11:56 AM
Be the Survivor S24 Ep 2: Tarzan Shakes His Groove Thang [View All]
Oh for Pete sake Tarzan, are you [u]kidding[/u]?!? I feel like I got tazered right in the eyeballs, it made me forget
43 messages
02-28-12 10:25 PM
S24 One World - SumSum - To Build a Fire
Here is a quick sum for anyone who hasn't seen the first episode, not to take the place of a fully mature adult summary. 18 damn
5 messages
02-22-12 06:29 PM
"Be the Survivor": S24 Survivor One World Ep 1
Sorry for the delay my friends, I was too busy tweeting when I realized our fearless leader [b]EpMB[/b] aka [b]Mark "No Show" Burn
Scarlett O Hara
7 messages
02-21-12 09:05 PM
S24 BTS: Six Packs, Wrist Cracks and a Chicken in Every Camp [View All]
Welcome to another season of "Well I got nothing better to do on Wednesday Night" and another season full of opportunities to shred a fine cast of
26 messages
02-20-12 09:19 PM
Two 'Caption This!' to start off this season... 24_ep2_2_15/vc_s24_ep2_2_15_0028.jpg
12 messages
02-18-12 12:43 PM
Survivor S23: Survivor Prom/ Reveal/ Live Reunion Show
Welcome to the Reunion Show. Remember, when you're on the Red Carpet, the only person who should answer the question "Who are you wearin
14 messages
02-04-12 03:57 PM
S23 South Pacific Official Summary Writers Needed [View All]
Calling all summary writers for another season of Survivor. Survivor 23: South Pacific Anyone can write a summary. If y
39 messages
01-03-12 09:44 PM
I Blame Hantz
With Sandra winning HvV despite seeing all her plans fail, Fabio winning without having a clue of what was going on most of the time, Rob winning
20 messages
12-23-11 01:47 PM
What could Sophie do to intimidate you?
Given that she's a medical student, there's a chance I could run into her in an emergency room one day, have to wait on her for a diagnosis,
16 messages
12-21-11 12:10 PM
can't go home yet
On Survivor, I hate it when people say “[Enter name] is going home tonight”, when they mean that person will be out of the game. I hear i
3 messages
12-20-11 11:07 AM
Poisoning juries the Benjamin Wade way!
Given Benji's success at making enemies and alienating people, he should switch whatever the hell his job is and turn into a demotivational speake
3 messages
12-19-11 10:22 PM
S23 Gufu Award Thread [View All]
And welcome to Survivor: South Pacific! Honestly, haven't [i]most[/i] of them been South Pacific. I should probably look it up and
146 messages
12-19-11 09:31 PM
BTS 23 Ep15: "Loyalty, Integrity, Profitability"
We're down to the Final Five where treachery meets opportunity, loyalty meets the Exit door and one player hopes to meet their banker with a
2 messages
12-19-11 03:05 PM
"“Be The Survivor”: S23 Ep14: “Hey! Hey! Hey! It's Shady Albert!!”"
Albert is the Mastermind without a mind, the power of prayer has a hair trigger and Sophie is hoping that Albert will be flushed with pride. %0
19 messages
12-18-11 05:15 PM
The pre-vote logic of Talihantz.
1. If I give up the necklace and wind up safe afterwards, I will have protected the person I wanted to keep, shown that my alliance partners are
9 messages
12-16-11 05:13 PM
“Be The Survivor”: S23 Ep13: “Survivor Family Feud: Survey Says… You’re An Idiot!”
Clean up your dorm room and drag out your dinosaur dioramas, family’s coming to visit. Brandon’s Dad arrived, tried to intim
20 messages
12-13-11 06:44 PM
S 23 Summary Ep 13: That’s the thanks I get for doing your laundry? Pass the Kool-ade drinking game.
Hello fellow voyeurs and voyettes. Here’s wishing everyone a happy, safe and healthy Holiday season and a great 2012. Wait is that the end of th
4 messages
12-10-11 11:18 AM
“Be The Survivor”: S23 Ep12: “Cult Lite ” [View All]
Welcome to the Final 7 and a please pick up your Musical Chair from the Prop Department. Coach feels that he's in such a powerful
34 messages
12-07-11 04:48 PM
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