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Love/Loathe List S29 Ep. 4
At San Juan del Sur in the game of Survivor three things are certain on Day 10. 1) the sun will rise in the east, 2) the sun will set in the wes
10 messages
10-22-14 07:33 PM
"Be The Survivor: S29 Ep04: "We're A Hot Mess In A Bad Dress"
John Rocker's gone and everyone's relieved. But sometimes you can be less than a loud-mouthed, bigoted, competitive jerk and
4 messages
10-20-14 10:55 AM
Love/Loathe List S29 Ep. 3
We've had horrible tribes and we've had pathetic players, But I can't recall ever seeing three castaways self-destruct on the SAME tribe [i%
15 messages
10-18-14 01:21 PM
"Be The Survivor: S29 Ep03: "He's Not A Pitcher, He's a Belly Itcher"
Even holding a Hidden Immunity Idol in a circle change grip, former MLB pitcher John Rocker's big mouth isn't winning him any friends. He
9 messages
10-15-14 12:38 PM
New York 2, John Rocker 0.
In 1999, he made all those comments - you know, [i]those[/i] ones. He talked a lot of trash about New York. Well, the Braves lost the
Colonel Zoiderg
0 messages
10-09-14 11:50 AM
Survivor in 2 Minutes Returns!
We were going to take this season off, but the cast is too hilarious to not mock mercilessly. Enjoy the first two episodes of Survivor in 2 Minutes%
2 messages
10-09-14 03:33 AM
Love/Loathe List S29 Ep. 2
Usually the list gets a little easier for me after the second episode, but I struggled a bit more with the ranking this week than after the season p
15 messages
10-08-14 06:05 PM
"Be The Survivor: S29 Ep02: "Add Meth To The Madness"
First we have to dig our way out from Ep 01. - Nadiya referring to Josh as "one of the girls", Keith and Wes with a bad case of "flintu
9 messages
10-06-14 04:44 PM
"Be The Survivor: S29 Ep01: "Suck It Up, Buttercup"
Once again we have assembled a collection of the white bread, inbred, mentally cross-wired and nearly famous for your dining and snarking pl
7 messages
10-01-14 10:13 AM
Bash John Rocker.
We've had Rocker bashing opportunities before, recently in another forum and back when he was sports page news. But we can never have e
14 messages
09-27-14 02:43 AM
Love/Loathe List S29 Ep. 1
Yeah, I know. It's a quick turnaround from my preseason list posted a couple days ago. But thought I would get this up while it's all fresh in m
2 messages
09-26-14 08:55 PM
Love/Loathe List S29 (Preseason)
Sometimes you can't go by first impressions, and sometimes you're dead on. I'm going mostly by their profiles so here's my preseason assessm
4 messages
09-25-14 12:16 PM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep13- "Woo, There It Isn't"
After the Survivor Cuisinart where we were treated to the Brains, Beauty, Brawn recap, this final episode revealed family, a huge Challe
2 messages
05-25-14 07:50 AM
Be The Survivor: S28 : "The Making of Prom/ Reading Of The Votes / Reunion Show"
Who wore it best? Who's pregnant? Which NJ cop walked away with the big bucks? We see the Green Room. Jiffy talks to random people. %
4 messages
05-23-14 08:29 AM
Could you beat Kass at F2?
It may be a harder question to say who [i]couldn't[/i]. In series history. Every series. For that matter, pretty much every part of w
3 messages
05-22-14 03:21 PM
The real problems with the TPI
1) Unless you're a super fan, following the spoilers behind the scenes, you don't have a clue why it's called the Tyler Perry Idol. At thi
1 messages
05-22-14 02:07 PM
S28 Gufu Award Thread [View All] ds/User_files/47dd4e6601a5890e.gif The Gufu Award was established for pointing out the
55 messages
05-22-14 10:39 AM
Woo came to play
The name of the game was How To Lose A Million Dollars The Colby Way. And he won! Technically.
1 messages
05-22-14 08:19 AM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep12- "A Mudbath, A Bloodbath And Pizza"
Immunity, Special, Tyler Perry? The Bag O' Tricks has Idols galore But a promise or blood oath, Tony can't remember on whose life he
7 messages
05-21-14 09:20 AM
People less capable of reading a jury than Kass.
... ...yeah. This could take a while. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif
10 messages
05-16-14 02:53 PM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep11- "Memorizing Your IC Lotto Numbers"
Tasha missed the chance to 4peat But Cass put the fire to Tony's feet Woo almost showed the kids how to implode As he agr
5 messages
05-08-14 06:31 PM
Your Last Minute Recap: Tony Spies, Jefra Cries, I despise - 04-23-14
Previously on...Survivor! After Tony (and faithful side-kick Woo) backstabbed a member of his "tight" six-person alliance, ther
1 messages
05-07-14 10:57 PM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep10- "Me Like KAOS"
Survivors hit the Food Auction But it's not exactly takeout Tony's paranoia is boiling over And prompts an all-girl fakeout%0
9 messages
05-07-14 04:17 PM
Ten Very Important Questions About Tony.
Because according to the editing, Tony is the only thing we ever need to talk about. Also the episode preview text. And the pr
3 messages
05-01-14 02:02 PM
Tony found the idol on his own with no help from Production whatsoever.
Also, humans never landed on the moon, Barack Obama has been President for the last thirty years and everything that happened over that period is
4 messages
04-28-14 05:57 PM
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