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Your Last Minute Recap: Tony Spies, Jefra Cries, I despise - 04-23-14
Previously on...Survivor! After Tony (and faithful side-kick Woo) backstabbed a member of his "tight" six-person alliance, ther
1 messages
05-07-14 10:57 PM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep10- "Me Like KAOS"
Survivors hit the Food Auction But it's not exactly takeout Tony's paranoia is boiling over And prompts an all-girl fakeout%0
9 messages
05-07-14 04:17 PM
Ten Very Important Questions About Tony.
Because according to the editing, Tony is the only thing we ever need to talk about. Also the episode preview text. And the pr
3 messages
05-01-14 02:02 PM
Tony found the idol on his own with no help from Production whatsoever.
Also, humans never landed on the moon, Barack Obama has been President for the last thirty years and everything that happened over that period is
4 messages
04-28-14 05:57 PM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep09- "Static From The Spy Shack "
Jefra's at the bottom and gets paddled during the reward challenge but finds new friends at the BBQ. Woo tumbles for you, but it's Jefra w
6 messages
04-27-14 00:57 AM
Cagayan BTS siggies for use and abuse. ds/User_files/5312e7287899a0b7.gif [Alexis] http://community.realitytvworld.
4 messages
04-26-14 07:39 PM
Your Last Minute Recap 04/16: Chaos Tony
Previously on...Survivor! Beady night-vision eyes spied on the players as they trudged back to camp. Gollum? A wild Hantz? %
3 messages
04-24-14 09:17 AM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep08- Tony gots some 'splainin to do.
This is the episode where Tony goes crazy, T'erpsha gets stood up, and El-Jay gets end-played. This is also the week that the E
7 messages
04-22-14 11:27 AM
Previously on...Survivor! Although Spencer attempted a brave face about it ("Cool Tribal Council"), he was seriously angry with
5 messages
04-21-14 09:47 AM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep07- "Treasure Island"
Kass deals with the flap over her flip. Morgan is too front loaded to balance and everyone scrambles to secure an Idol. [/
14 messages
04-15-14 11:06 AM
Recap 4-2-14: Kaos Kass Kills Queen
Previously on...Survivor! Whoa. Now that's entertainment. Just when you think that two females not getting along can't ge
3 messages
04-10-14 02:09 PM
Kass: Sugar with a law degree
"It's all about me, isn't it? Me, me, me. The camera is paying attention to me now and it has to stay that way." "Someo
6 messages
04-10-14 02:02 PM
3-26-14 Recap: Diabolical Cop Goes On Pantry Raid
Previously on...Survivor! Following Cliff's fall, Lindsey was not a happy person: "You guys just screwed up royally." She's t
6 messages
04-08-14 04:59 PM
Be The Survivor- S28Ep06 :"Can You See The Head Of My Snake?"
A Tribe merge and a Sarah sandwich Makes her think she rules the posse Arrogance and an strong agenda Has the cop acting bossy %0
5 messages
04-07-14 11:07 AM
Lindsey's quit.
Pick your favorite. 1. "I've spent my entire life as part of the bully crowd! I've always flaunted my power over people who could
6 messages
03-28-14 04:26 PM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep05: "Braaaiins Need Zombies"
No broken bones or appendix burst Emotional Quit Boat for Lindsey; a Survivor first Tony lied before but now he tells the truth%0
13 messages
03-28-14 11:02 AM
Caption This!
We haven't had one for quite some time, so here we go... look at Morgan and Spencer on the right side of the vidcap. http://www.s
5 messages
03-28-14 08:48 AM
Hawkeye 10: Bloopers, Blunders, Beyotches.
Ten simple questions about each episode which you can answer in any way you like, using one thread for the entire season. Because every episode gen
18 messages
03-27-14 07:45 AM
Recap: Which came first, the chicken or the rooster?
Previously on...Survivor! Following Brice's boot, Morgan was ticked at Jeremiah, calling him a chicken. A chicken, as you s
6 messages
03-25-14 07:15 PM
Recap: Tribes tweaked, twerked.
Previously on...Survivor! "It's a sign, guys - our fire is still going," said Kass. You just keep hoping, Kass. Th
0 messages
03-25-14 06:46 PM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep04: "Beauty And The (Boston) Beans"
A Tribe shuffle, a pole dance scuffle and Trish is hard to ruffle. The three remaining Brain cells are absorbed into the Rooty Tooty Brawns an
13 messages
03-25-14 00:13 AM
Be The Survivor: S28 Cagayan SignUp Board [View All]
I apologize. I am too excited to wait. There is still interest in playing the Survivor dialogue game, right? We can't find a way... or
32 messages
03-21-14 09:50 AM
Be The Survivor: S28 Ep03: "It's Our Time To Whine"
With Brice Butterfly gone, the remaining Beauties have to get by on Dinosaur Eggs Benedict. J'Tia nukes any Brains chance of winning a Challenge t
5 messages
03-19-14 09:23 AM
Random tribe reshuffling
We've seen some pretty unbelievable "random" tribe remixes. Now it's your turn. How will next week's tribe reshuffling happen, and who wil
6 messages
03-16-14 02:23 PM
Cops-R-Us Recap: "Sorry, there's a bug in my hair."
Previously on...Survivor! J'Tia summed up the first 6 days pretty effectively: "This tribe is pretty much a complete disaster
2 messages
03-13-14 10:31 AM
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