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People less credible than Jeff Probst.
Posted in preparation for his inevitable preseason and midseason [s]hype[/s] blatant lies. This is another 'reach below the unr
3 messages
09-18-13 09:25 AM
Richard Hatch may be your father.
Screaming in emotional agony is mandatory. Suing him for damages due to the permanent trauma is highly recommended. http:/%2
2 messages
09-17-13 03:10 PM
Survivor #27: Bloody Hell: Cast & Initial Twists Revealed.
So let me see if I've got this right. We have a wanna-be pirate. A dead duck who is still known as 'Target'. A [i]functional[/i] so
3 messages
09-06-13 03:11 PM
How Survivor Producers Think
or what passes for thinking, rather. But First... logs/blog--survivor-prod
2 messages
06-16-13 09:50 PM
True Dork Times Survivor: Caramoan Final Summary
To all Survivor Fans of yesteryear. Jeff Pittman's Survivor Final Summary can be found [ tm|here%5
4 messages
05-25-13 08:53 PM
Survivor Caramoan Finale - A Summary: The Globetrotters vs Rookies
Another season is over so it's time to reflect on what we saw and how it compares with other seasons. So, since I was given the chance of summariz
13 messages
05-19-13 12:18 PM
Wanted: Practice Summary Writers
We only had 6 summaries this season. Not sure, what happened. We could still fill up the season. If anyone would like to practice s
0 messages
05-19-13 12:15 PM
Special Announcement!
If you guys want to do some further bashing of the Caramoan contestants, then come and vote in my game: [i]Survivor: What If? Caramoan%
Belle Book
0 messages
05-16-13 06:09 PM
S26 Gufu Award Thread [View All]
The Gufu Award was established for pointing out the dangdumbest game moves in Survivor each week. The original intent was simply to pay attention to w
70 messages
05-15-13 12:58 PM
"Be The Survivor": S26 Ep14: "A Dog Walks Into A Bar / Kennel" [View All]
After weeks of heart-pounding anticipation, Eddie finally shares his business plan if he were to win Survivor. Fortunately, we're spared t
24 messages
05-15-13 10:36 AM
The Hawkeye 10. [View All]
Ten simple questions about last night's episode, which you can answer in any fashion you wish. 1. If you saw Reynold walk into camp wi
82 messages
05-14-13 11:22 AM
"Be The Survivor": S26: The Survivor Prom and Studio Show
What designer straitjacket was your favorite contestant wearing? Were the authorities waiting for Phillip outside with a butterfly net? %
5 messages
05-14-13 10:09 AM
"Be The Survivor": S26 Ep13: "The SPRINT Friends and Famine Plan"
After weeks of silence, broken only by not talking, Erik finally decides that his hunger has driven him into "Koo Koo for Coconut Puffs"
7 messages
05-10-13 03:39 PM
Survivor After Show Poll
CBS has decided to use Parvati again and she's doing interviews after each episode. It's not total crap but they have a poll and the brilliant que
4 messages
05-09-13 01:53 PM
Epitaphs for Reynold.
I can't decide between * I'm sure he was great at whatever game he was playing, but this show? Wasn't it. * If
13 messages
05-08-13 12:28 PM
S26, Ep. 12 Summary: Eight Little Coneheads
[b]Eight Little Coneheads Jumping on the Bed...and how did these doughnut crumbs get in the bed, anyway?[/b] [font size=1
8 messages
05-06-13 06:57 PM
"Be The Survivor": S26 Ep12: "Blindside Someone When They Don't See It Coming"
We're treated to two Immunity Challenges and two TCs tonight as the season builds to a climax and no one here has figured out how to count nos
14 messages
05-04-13 06:47 PM
Three Amigos Game ds/User_files/4d6580de94bfcdec.gif No, this is not a game to grade how dumb it is on
9 messages
04-30-13 10:43 AM
""Be The Survivor" S26 Ep11: "Your Pig Brains Are In My Peanut Butter.""
The Three Amigos balance their egos. Jiffy plays cafeteria lady at the Survivor Auction and the HII is back in the mix, complete with a little siste
2 messages
04-25-13 10:51 AM
Where Is My Summary?
I want to thank the three people who did write a summary. Suzzee #1, qwertypie #5, & kircon #6 Are people not intere
19 messages
04-24-13 05:08 PM
S26 Ep 10 Summary: Iíll have a Triple Idol and Side Order of Melt Dawn to Go.
kircon! Hope I didn't step on anyone's toes by doing an summary, if I did, sorry but please post it anyway it's therapeutic for all.
10 messages
04-23-13 10:28 AM
"Be The Survivor": S26 Ep10: "Dealing With Dawn's Mood Swings Is Like Pulling Teeth."
Dawn's lack of sleepy has made her weepy until she finally loses a Bridge Too Far. But all ends well and Dawn considers putting Brenda on reta
12 messages
04-23-13 08:28 AM
Codename Pink has been redacted.
Say goodbye to him in a way he'll understand. In fact, say goodbye to him in a way where he'll realize he's been voted out, didn%
10 messages
04-21-13 04:06 PM
s26 ep 5 Persona muy grating!
[b]Last week on Survivor[/b] Blah, blah, blah - Shamarís cornea revolted and got him pulled from the game and Laura gets voted ou
4 messages
04-18-13 01:24 PM
Failing soon on an Idol audition near you.
Remember Lisi? Don't. http://community.realitytvworld.c
8 messages
04-16-13 11:54 AM
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