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Be The Survivor: S22 Ep01: 'Rob, Russell and Special Agent Ritalin' [View All]
[b]I Love The Smell Of Ratings In The Morning -[/b] Jealousy wears Camo Green this week as our intrepid host Jeff Probst does his best
65 messages
02-24-11 03:39 AM
Fabio/Jud's film career
Well, THIS is hilarious. I wasn't sure whether to post this in Bashers or not but since the movie looks awesomely awful, I thought I'd go wit
8 messages
02-17-11 02:26 AM
I didn't see that coming, no, not at all!
It seems that our friend Fabio has been partying since the reunion: -arrested-survi
4 messages
01-25-11 03:24 PM
Bye-Bye Jane!
What happened to devolve you into a mean, dirty, little self righteous monkey? Eat your secret fish, cry over a chicken and put out the tribe
4 messages
12-31-10 04:29 AM
S21 Gufu Award [View All]
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="7"]http://commu-
165 messages
12-29-10 08:42 AM
Redemption Island.
Or as I like to think of it, Outcast stupidity on the installment plan. Can we talk about time management? This is at [i]least%5
17 messages
12-23-10 08:09 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep 15 “And A Child Shall Lead Them”
[b]Zen and the Art of Winning Jewelry –[/b] It’s Day 37 and with Jane gone, Fabio is sensing that the tight-knit group of Momma, Mum
5 messages
12-21-10 10:14 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep14 "Have fun y'all (rats & snakes)"
Jiffy was right about the "execution". Dan needs some booze, Chase is confused and they discuss the execution with the condemned.%
5 messages
12-19-10 02:06 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep13 "Chase's Wheels Fall Off At Pitstop"
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from the name "KelNay". Chase wins the [i]rehash of previous challenges[/i]
7 messages
12-15-10 06:23 PM
Official RTVW Episode #13 Summary: "As Long As It’s Not Me!”
Previously on Survivor: We recap Sash’s sad sojourn from rich and powerful to poor and scrambling for a place, any place, with the two remaini
5 messages
12-14-10 07:41 PM
Official RTVW Episode #12 Summary: "Winners never quit; Quitters never win."
[u]PREVIOUSLY ON SURVIVOR[/u] The adverse conditions and lack of food, water, and shelter have Jeff narrating that this is NO
12 messages
12-10-10 07:01 PM
S21: Nicaragua: Summary Writer's Calendar & Signup [View All]
Calling all summary writers for another season of Survivor. [center][h3][b]Survivor 21: Nicaragua[/b][/h3] %0
34 messages
12-09-10 11:58 AM
Dear Naonka [View All]
Dear Naonka, This morning I am disappointed, let down, and angry with you over quitting Survivor. I have spent the last few weeks def
29 messages
12-09-10 10:02 AM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep12: 'Quit Boat's a Comin'
When the going gets tough, some people just call the front desk and check out. NaOnka's out, but goes on "movie night" first,
15 messages
12-08-10 06:10 PM
NaOinka [View All]
I was going to post this into my SOTS for this week but I couldn't condone inserting my own opinions into it. So, I decided to open this thread to
46 messages
12-07-10 12:30 PM
To Jury, or not To Jury [View All]
I may be the only one, but in thinking about it I'm glad the stuck NayNay and Purp with jury duty. Oh I agree they should be punished f
43 messages
12-04-10 06:53 PM
My oh freaking why don't they bring a parka?
Ok, i'm sure that this has been discussed before. But why do they show up in bikini's. They get cold, its wet, but they prance around in tho
16 messages
12-03-10 10:02 PM
Appropriate punishments for the casting department.
Go ahead and list your favorite banned-by-Amnesty-International option. Because at this point, just firing them isn't enough. Locking
8 messages
12-03-10 09:57 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep 11: "Thanksgiving Recap"
Given the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a short stanza and a place to comment on the Recap. (You’ll thank me later) We saw so
4 messages
12-01-10 02:28 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep 10: “Burning Down The House”
[b]I Can See Clearly Now -[/b] The Libertadarians return to camp after yet another dramatic TC and Marty got the old heave ho. Brenda admits
11 messages
11-23-10 07:44 PM
S21 - Episode 11 Summary - "Only You Can Prevent WIldfires"
Previously, on [i][b]Survivor[/b][/i]: NoNoKaKa did stupid stuff, got high pisstivity ranks from everyone, but still
10 messages
11-22-10 07:17 PM
Official RTVW Episode #8 Summary: The Case of the Nicaraguan Snuffer.
The Case of the Nicaraguan Snuffer. I know you were expecting to read a summary of Survivor Nicaragua's eight episode but something much
9 messages
11-21-10 09:52 PM
Official RTVW S21 Ep 9 Summary: Undercover Boss: Survivor Edition
Undercover Boss: Survivor Edition America’s struggling to shake off the recession. Public distrust of wealthy CEO’s is off the
4 messages
11-20-10 07:26 PM
Random Draw? [View All]
If my numbers are right, the odds were 1/252 to obtain that result so it sure looks like Burnett was at it again. After helping Rudy%2
22 messages
11-18-10 07:49 PM
Be The Survivor: S 21 Ep 09: “I’m a Humanitarian Human.” Musical Edition
[b]Grand Funk Hygiene -[/b] Night 22 on the Libertad Tour and the band is beginning to smell a little funky. Back at camp
6 messages
11-17-10 03:55 PM
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