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“Be The Survivor”: S23- Sign Up Thresd [View All]
This season of Survivor has snuck up on me, but it’s time to whip up a batch of chocolate covered snark and dive right in. Kingfish and suzz
72 messages
09-23-11 04:44 PM
“Be The Survivor”: S23 Ep01: "El Pollo, Pescado & Dragon Loco" [View All]
[b]Pick Any Helicopter You Like Under The Awning Marked ‘Economy’ [/b] Eleven years, twenty three seasons, millions of dollars
81 messages
09-21-11 02:15 PM
Guess who's thinking of running for Governor?
Holy crap. I feel for you, Max and Dabo... [|He's running for Governor]
7 messages
09-17-11 09:11 AM
What we learned from tonight's episode...
Week 1 Season 23 "Return of the Idiots" 1. Survivor just may be losing fans because for a while, it didn't look like the production
6 messages
09-15-11 01:13 PM
Benji's back.
He crossed the Himalayas to get here. On foot. One foot. He hopped the whole way. Which was ten thousand miles. Through the s
4 messages
08-28-11 10:19 PM
“Be The Survivor: S22 Ep14: ‘Played with a style that would make a mob boss proud.’"
Like bringing a huge battleship into home port, it’s not easy to wrap up a season of Survivor. We stretch the recap a little, rush the cha
15 messages
07-08-11 05:30 PM
It all makes sense now
She was incredibly fortunate just to be invited back for Fan versus Favorites. Then she had one break after another until her final victory. Next, p
1 messages
06-29-11 08:30 AM
Idiot Of The (Next) Year. Fourth post down. ds/User_files/48dfe4d
3 messages
06-24-11 06:23 AM
Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper to appear on Celebrity Rehab.
Bets on whether she's actually addicted to something or is simply acting out an illness just to generate extra drama and attention can now be placed
8 messages
06-12-11 12:18 PM
If Mark Burnett ran the world.
'So you're telling me the wonder drug we released last year kills twenty percent of the people who take it and leaves the other eighty in mindless
9 messages
05-23-11 04:05 PM
Complete this sentence: Redemption Island is like...
...having your friends send you to a twelve-step alcoholism treatment program and upon your graduation, watching them celebrate by pouring a quart o
3 messages
05-21-11 04:54 PM
S22 Gufu Award Thread [View All]
[center]ttp://community.realitytvworld.- om/boards/User_files/3dde0df810b420f0.gif
121 messages
05-18-11 05:15 PM
“Be The Survivor: S22 Ep13: ‘Days Like Today, I Wish I’d Stayed Home’"
Andrea and Matt duke it out in the High School cafeteria. Ralph won’t leave the light on for you and Phillip previews his Special Agent doctor
17 messages
05-15-11 07:12 AM
Is Matt the worst strategist ever? [View All]
I mean, I like the guy and all, but he's gotta be one of the worst ever. He has been to a total of three Tribal Councils. He has
29 messages
05-13-11 01:42 PM
Things Ralph could have done with his body hair...
Ralph came into this game with several unique opportunities that he just didn't take advantage of. Here are some of the things he could have done to
9 messages
05-11-11 02:35 PM
“Be The Survivor: S22 Ep12: ‘The Saint’s On The Other Foot’" [View All]
Mike reads the Barbie Bible from the Reject Island nightstand and turns his lower cheeks toward his own tribe, drawing the tired ire of Sasqua
24 messages
05-10-11 01:55 PM
"Be The Survivor: S22 Ep11: ‘You Can’t Stand The Truth ’ [View All]
For those of you playing the Survivor Home Game, Phillip doesn’t pitch a hissy fit and we don’t get to Wang Chung tonight. The only thing
29 messages
05-03-11 10:13 PM
The Rice Card
I’m not sure I got that whole deal about the Rice War so maybe someone could help. From what I heard it started when Andrea said: “Je
20 messages
05-02-11 10:26 PM
What other show would you like to see Boston Rob on?
I am thrilled that Boston Rob is heading to becoming the DAW of all DAWS headlining his own TV show. He has managed based on his personality, charm
9 messages
05-02-11 02:41 PM
Official RTVW S22 Ep 10 Summary: If nobody slurs you, just say they did
[b]Sorry this is so late. this week was busier than I thought it would be[/b] Previously on Survivor: Matt was voted out, c
5 messages
04-28-11 10:49 AM
"Be The Survivor: S22 Ep10: ‘Wing Chun with a side of Dry Rice ’ [View All]
[b]I call this meeting of the Monkey Business to order:[/b] I’m going to follow a recent tradition and start with some
31 messages
04-27-11 12:08 PM
What are the other cards in Phillip's deck?
We've seen him overtly play [i]one[/i], but that can't be the only thing he came in with. Why, there must be all sorts of unique at
12 messages
04-22-11 10:28 AM
Be The Survivor: S22 Ep09: ‘The Isle of Three’" [View All]
First business, our [i]Sob![/i]abandonment. By now it’s become quite clear that DollyRBice has abandoned us in our time of need
35 messages
04-20-11 07:37 PM
I Hate Redemption Island
This season has been quite boring. With two alliances of 6 forming on Day 1, there hasn't been much surprises. Rob's buddy system is the only th
20 messages
04-20-11 01:21 PM
Murlonio : Spanish for .....
This is was too funny..
3 messages
04-14-11 12:13 PM
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