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"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep02: "Kindergarten Cop"
Toe Tag is still [i]sans flambé[/i] and this allegedly means that they can't produce clean water. Seeing that they've already cl
14 messages
03-02-16 03:21 PM
Kaoh Rong: The Good, The Bad, The Boring Ep. 2
I’ve got a little time to kill right now, so I’ll kick start the List this week. Not as many “distractions” this time around. I g
13 messages
03-02-16 06:44 AM
Ranking Players: The Good, the Bad and the Boring
I'll start the thread for Aruba since he is "enjoying" all the work of real life. [b]The Good Players 1- Anna:[/
8 messages
02-24-16 11:34 AM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep01: "Maybe I'm a Metal Hydrant"
[i]A Brawny claims to be a Mental Giant While Wanner sports a resume like MacGyver The tribe names read like a bad takeout menu
20 messages
02-23-16 04:54 PM
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1 messages
02-17-16 10:24 PM
AHOY Castaway groupies...another Survivor season right around the corner! Although I was not around for last season (those who know me
12 messages
02-17-16 08:33 PM
Mike is an Idiot
Remember when Varner kept telling us that Mike was an idiot? We should have listened because this idiot used his "fame" to fool many fans. And
1 messages
02-09-16 02:27 PM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep13plus: "Buy 3 Tribals - Get 1 Free"
As your EPMB, I've proven that I've had some trouble counting episode numbers, but I more than make up for that with a bonanza of Tribal
3 messages
12-21-15 03:19 PM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep13 (really): "If The Villains Are Willin' "
With Joe and a team of stylists brushing his luxurious locks at the Ponderosa, the schemers and dreamers need to find another target. %0
9 messages
12-16-15 05:03 PM
Joe's Balls...
They are moving in the breeze. That is all. ds/User_files/
6 messages
12-11-15 03:04 PM
"Be The Survivor S31 Ep11: "Say it ain’t so, Joe""
[I]Hello, it's me, I was wondering If after all these years you'd like to meet to go over everything They say that time's supp
3 messages
12-09-15 04:45 PM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep09: "A Bum In The Coven"
With Savage cooling his heels at the Ponderosa, it's a Witches' Coven of Ciera, Kelley and Abi boiling up the eye of newt and looking fo
4 messages
11-23-15 11:54 AM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep08: "Throwing The Fish Under The Tuk Tuk"
With everyone in the same tribe, some of the castaways are going a bit buggy and Stephen wants to be the Orkun man who eliminates his biggest
2 messages
11-12-15 02:51 PM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep07: "Dancing The Kaos Tash Tango"
Andrew is the poster child for the emotions that Blindsides leave behind. As he calls other players liars and focuses his frustration on Kass'
2 messages
11-05-15 02:31 PM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep06: "Always Ask The Devil For the Upper Bunk"
It's never good news when Jiffy stops by your shelter late at night. No extra pillows, no refilling the mini-bar. When he shakes your palm f
5 messages
11-03-15 10:56 AM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep05: "A Snake Up Your Asp"
Abi showed a flash of compassion and spared Woo at the last vote which of course gives her the right to threaten him if he steps out of line,
4 messages
10-28-15 09:40 AM
Testing the Twist Idea
And it may be that somebody has posted this before but it occurred to me the other night. How about having the merge at a TC? It could go
1 messages
10-27-15 08:12 PM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep04: "Flippin' Burgers On The Beach"
This week the Challenge Designers bring back a favorite; blindfolded players being guided by a sighted tribe member. Everyone hits the beach%2
6 messages
10-21-15 09:15 AM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep03: "Rat Trap-Split Three Ways"
Instead of a Merge and Purge, we go to a Mitosis and Halitosis as I have Jiffy announce the cleaving of the tribes. So as "Who moved my chee
5 messages
10-09-15 10:31 AM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep02: "MacGuyver and the Apology Backpedal"
It's Week 2 so we're all wearing the name tags and everyone's on their best sleep away camp behavior. Except for Abi, of course. A
6 messages
10-05-15 11:53 PM
Be The Survivor S31 Ep01: "Second Chance To Do The Sole Survivor Dance"
The Casting Department spins the wheel and comes up with a hodge-podge of alleged "audience picks" for twenty players from previous seasons
13 messages
09-29-15 02:38 PM
Be The Survivor S31 - Sign Up Thresd
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Snipers, Hypers and Lurkers. I am Mark "T-Bone" Burnett, your EPMB, your Master Manipulator and Pimp f
18 messages
09-24-15 02:35 PM
Old School BTS
Oh, I know it's early on. Most of us have gone back to our dark dens to lick our wounds and heal from the Dirty 30 but somethings never die.
5 messages
09-16-15 11:30 AM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep14: "It's A Fickle, Fecal Game"
The mad rush is on as we try to resolve Survivor Season 30 and not have the Union guys go into triple overtime. Mike fights for his
12 messages
05-29-15 09:53 AM
Survivor 30 "Worlds Apart: Zing Around The Collar" Reunion
Who wore it best? Who knows how to do their buttons? Who's "Cool, calm and collective."?? Short of an illegal Bolivi
9 messages
05-26-15 10:25 AM
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