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Old School BTS
Oh, I know it's early on. Most of us have gone back to our dark dens to lick our wounds and heal from the Dirty 30 but somethings never die.
5 messages
09-16-15 11:30 AM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep14: "It's A Fickle, Fecal Game"
The mad rush is on as we try to resolve Survivor Season 30 and not have the Union guys go into triple overtime. Mike fights for his
12 messages
05-29-15 09:53 AM
Survivor 30 "Worlds Apart: Zing Around The Collar" Reunion
Who wore it best? Who knows how to do their buttons? Who's "Cool, calm and collective."?? Short of an illegal Bolivi
9 messages
05-26-15 10:25 AM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart - LAST LIST
Either Mike or Carolyn probably needs to win out to make the Finals. If either does, it will be a very satisfying and deserving victory, but also
3 messages
05-19-15 09:26 PM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep13: "Rodney Can't Make Bond"
We're one week away from burying this plane-wreck nose first into the CBS studios and crowning the winner of Survivor 30. In fact, everyone%
8 messages
05-16-15 12:29 PM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep. 12
Jeff ended TC with a very appropriate warning that I’ve been preaching on these Boards for years – everyone wants to take the weakest to the end.
10 messages
05-12-15 05:14 PM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep12: "Holding The Line"
The camp is a little quieter in the wake of Shirin "Monkey Love" Oskooi's departure, but Rodney fills the void by pouting like an infant
12 messages
05-12-15 09:45 AM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep. 11 [View All]
This is the [u]second[/u] schoolyard pick we didn’t get to see. I always enjoyed watching that aspect of the game. They probably don’t w
27 messages
05-06-15 07:04 AM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep11: "Russian Dressing Roulette"
Extreme heat. Exhausting working conditions. Native girls that will make a PET scan of your brain look like the deli cheese case in Zurich. And
10 messages
05-04-15 09:51 AM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep10: "A Sweaty Sotheby Auction"
Letters from home are supposed to help bond us with our favorite contestants, but in this case it's enough to know that Rodney can read.%
12 messages
04-30-15 10:34 AM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep. 10
I guess it can get boring around camp, but I’ll never get why these castaways are so eager to share personal/private info with strangers some of
17 messages
04-29-15 07:56 PM
I miss San Juan Del Sur
And I can't believe I'm even saying that. Because as boring and dull that season was sometimes, at least it wasn't filled with awfu
3 messages
04-27-15 11:36 AM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep. 9
Great episode...until the final vote was read. If Mike doesn’t make it to Finale Night, the season will go south at the speed of light. I wasn’t
18 messages
04-22-15 07:51 PM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep09: "Jenn's House of Chicken & Waffle"
Jenn talks about going home but won't float the Quit Boat. She realizes that she left her lava lamp on back in Long Beach and asks Joe and Sh
7 messages
04-21-15 03:22 PM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep. 8
How appropriate the title of this episode was “Keep It Real.” The “real” messages here are good things happen to those who put out optimum eff
11 messages
04-15-15 06:57 PM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep08: "Keepin' It Real Out In Left Field"
Since Jenn played the Hidden Immunity Idol at the last TC to blindside perfection, Survivors have been attending refresher courses and breakou
7 messages
04-14-15 01:56 PM
Probst Sez ds/User_files/55292b2c62f4aa03.jpg 18
0 messages
04-11-15 10:12 AM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep. 7
Can’t remember this much scrambling days after the merge. It made for an entertaining episode. You think before the IC Jeff bothered not to ask abou
5 messages
04-08-15 07:35 PM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep07: "Draw A Squiggly Line"
The Survivor contestants are defrocked as it were, as collars come off and the 'Mergency puts everyone into one big happy but lumpy family.
8 messages
04-07-15 08:30 AM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep. 6
Welcome to the fifth installment of this season’s Love/Loathe List where we rank castaways and assess Ep. 6—the episode where The Joker and The
11 messages
03-30-15 08:44 PM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep06: "Odd (Little, Bottomless and Whistling) Woman Out"
After a little Survivor corporate downsizing, we have the former White Collars, the Blue Collars and the "What's A Collar?" culture
5 messages
03-27-15 06:39 PM
"Bet The Survivor": S30 Eps 04/05: "Winner Winner, Tetanus Shots For Dinner!"
Tonight's installment will test your bladder control as well as your DVR capacity as we jam Episode 4 and 5 together like a toddler making a p
19 messages
03-25-15 03:26 PM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep 4 & 5
My list that follows the tribal switch episode is usually when I award my annual "Survivor Dumb A$$ Luck Award." I’m not necessarily calling
16 messages
03-24-15 06:38 AM
Be The Survivor: S30 Ep03: "Crazy Like A ... No, Just Crazy." [View All]
One Blue Collar contestant makes everyone else hot around the collar as he proves to be the worst babysitter... in like...ever. Meanwhile, the
26 messages
03-18-15 09:22 PM
Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3
Can’t recall a recent episode where SO many different castaways acted like complete A-Holes. All you had to do was be “normal” or do nothing thi
13 messages
03-18-15 06:04 PM
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