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S22 Episode #6 Official RTVW Summary: He'll Outlast His Last Fan
Before we get to the summary, I have a score to settle with Probst. After 22 seasons, Jeff said his old dog had learned a new trick. From where I
12 messages
03-30-11 07:32 PM
"Be The Survivor: S22 Ep06: ‘Stealth R Us Red Hair Club for Men’ [View All]
A red-headed stepchild, a member of a gang with secret nicknames [b]and[/b] the Keeper of the Flame? This Survivor thing is like s
53 messages
03-29-11 08:05 PM
S22 Call for Be The Survivor players [View All]
[i]Be The Survivors[/i] roars into action with [i]Survivor 22: Recycle Island[/i]. Do you have the wicked wit, kee
83 messages
03-28-11 10:51 PM
The most bitter, angry, delusional, self-blinding thread of all time. [View All]
Hey! Just because this thread has spent its entire existence denigrating every other thread, trying to outright humiliate them with a mandatory d
29 messages
03-25-11 08:32 PM
"Be The Survivor: S22 Ep05: ‘Rob Picks Up The Clue Phone (again)’" [View All]
[b]Pink Panties in Paradise -[/b] There’s something very wrong when you can’t get any decent footage on Recycle Island with “One
39 messages
03-23-11 09:14 AM
"Be The Survivor: S22 Ep04: "The Duel is 'Man Oh Man' plus Russell loses his cherry" [View All]
[i]EPMB Editorial note:[/i] I made a solemn pledge to you, the BTS players to get each BTS thresd posted as soon after the show ai
55 messages
03-19-11 02:10 PM
Caption this! 22_ep5_3_9/vc_s22_ep5_3_9_0009.jpg 22
14 messages
03-11-11 09:02 PM
Be The Survivor: S22 Ep03: ‘I’ve Got Tiger Blood And A Rash’ [View All]
[b]Goober says ‘Hey.’ –[/b] It’s Night 5 at the Redemption Island Ramada and Matt has just trudged up from the front desk to F
50 messages
03-09-11 02:25 PM
S22 Ep. 3- Sum of a Sum - Trolling
Better late than never, hopefully. I watched the show twice, but this is completely from memory. Any lapses I blame on the drinking;
5 messages
03-08-11 12:34 PM
S22 Redemption Island Summary Writers
Calling all summary writers for another season of Survivor. [center][h3]Survivor 22: Redemption Island[/h3] Or
15 messages
03-07-11 12:47 PM
Ashley, Stephanie and Francesca need dates for BTS
Survivor 22: Recycle Island is upon us and this season our [i]Be The Survivor[/i] players came out with their knives sharpened and t
12 messages
03-05-11 01:46 PM
Summary S22 Ep2 “The Déjà vu Episode” Quick & Dirty
I've been here before or is it just one of those pesky flashbacks.... Something weird happened. I [u]knew[/u] Survivor was a ne
8 messages
03-04-11 01:44 PM
Summary S22 Ep 1: What if Captain Underpants Was Your Alliance?
[center]Survivor v22.1[/center] Tooooot tooty tooooot >cymbal crash< >rimshot< Is everyone ready for a
13 messages
03-04-11 12:46 PM
Reality? I have Doubts. [View All]
How much of Survivor is reality, how much is fixed? I tend to look at things with a cynical eye so I always had reservations regarding SEG’s int
28 messages
03-03-11 10:10 PM
Be The Survivor: S22 Ep02: ‘The Crustacean Hunter’ [View All]
[b]Isle of Lunacy -[/b] Francesca finds that even at Redemption Island we have rules. The MB manifesto says that you’re given basic
75 messages
03-02-11 03:06 PM
What should Phil's tagline be? [View All]
I mean "Federal Agent?" was pretty good, but I am wondering if we can come up with something better. Here are some suggestions fro
32 messages
02-24-11 03:42 AM
Be The Survivor: S22 Ep01: 'Rob, Russell and Special Agent Ritalin' [View All]
[b]I Love The Smell Of Ratings In The Morning -[/b] Jealousy wears Camo Green this week as our intrepid host Jeff Probst does his best
65 messages
02-24-11 03:39 AM
Fabio/Jud's film career
Well, THIS is hilarious. I wasn't sure whether to post this in Bashers or not but since the movie looks awesomely awful, I thought I'd go wit
8 messages
02-17-11 02:26 AM
I didn't see that coming, no, not at all!
It seems that our friend Fabio has been partying since the reunion: -arrested-survi
4 messages
01-25-11 03:24 PM
Bye-Bye Jane!
What happened to devolve you into a mean, dirty, little self righteous monkey? Eat your secret fish, cry over a chicken and put out the tribe
4 messages
12-31-10 04:29 AM
S21 Gufu Award [View All]
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="7"]http://commu-
165 messages
12-29-10 08:42 AM
Redemption Island.
Or as I like to think of it, Outcast stupidity on the installment plan. Can we talk about time management? This is at [i]least%5
17 messages
12-23-10 08:09 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep 15 “And A Child Shall Lead Them”
[b]Zen and the Art of Winning Jewelry –[/b] It’s Day 37 and with Jane gone, Fabio is sensing that the tight-knit group of Momma, Mum
5 messages
12-21-10 10:14 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep14 "Have fun y'all (rats & snakes)"
Jiffy was right about the "execution". Dan needs some booze, Chase is confused and they discuss the execution with the condemned.%
5 messages
12-19-10 02:06 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep13 "Chase's Wheels Fall Off At Pitstop"
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get away from the name "KelNay". Chase wins the [i]rehash of previous challenges[/i]
7 messages
12-15-10 06:23 PM
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