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Be The Survivor: S 21 Ep 08: “Merge with Caution”
[b]Company’s Coming -[/b] The members of Crawling on La Flor are hanging around camp. Some are making imaginary arts and crafts wall
4 messages
11-10-10 05:00 PM
Make Na'Onka worse. [View All]
Come up with things she could do within the game -- then sit back and see how many she actually thinks of for herself. The only limit is that you can
60 messages
11-04-10 07:57 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep07: You Get to Milk Your Own Milk
[i]Campfire Caucus:[/i] As Empanada gathers around the campfire, Dan once again thanks his tribemates for not sending him packing. He ra
9 messages
11-02-10 01:55 PM
S21 Nicaragua Ep 7: Sacrificing the Queen otos/Survivor_Nicaragua_Episode_6/12_9.jpg Indiana Jill and the Oar of Doom %0
6 messages
10-31-10 12:35 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep06: The Evil Cheerleader & A Flash of Sash
[i]"Stormy Weather"[/i]- Dan sees another storm on the horizon and tells Holly that he can’t take much more of the rain. Holly
14 messages
10-29-10 01:19 PM
Survivor Nicaragua Ep 6: Eye rollin, Leg-fearing hijinx abound
Welcome back to Surivivor, Nicaragua. Have you ever rolled Nicaragua off your tongue? Stop right now and try it. There. See how much fun that
8 messages
10-28-10 10:58 AM
Note to MB and Jiffy: No more disabled survivors... [View All]
Be they one-legged models, one-armed bandits, one-eyed pirates, or wheel-chair bound seniors. DO NOT DO THIS TO US AGAIN! What's
28 messages
10-25-10 04:35 PM
Be The Survivor:S21 Ep05: NaOnka the Pooh & the Blustery Day
[b]“King Me”[/b]- Marty, the Exalted Dragon Level 4 Chessmaster has been pushing his pawns and bumping his bishops. He even confession
20 messages
10-20-10 12:02 PM
S21 Nicaragua: Episode 5- Sum of Sum - The Flower is Mightier than the Sword
At the double step... Here... We .... GO... Last time on Survivor, Marty's, Chris and Russel-like, deconstruction of his own
5 messages
10-19-10 03:59 PM
Official RTVW S21E04 Summary: The Espada Late Night Tonight Show
Hi and welcome to this week's summary! I've decided to try something a little different this week and I hope that you enjoy it. If you need a
9 messages
10-16-10 08:53 AM
Official RTVW S21.03 Summary: Barrels and Monkeys [View All]
Hello, is this thing still on? (*tap tap tap*) Once upon a time, you couldn’t swing a dead cat in this forum without hitti
21 messages
10-14-10 10:23 PM
BTS: Sign up (and get organized?) thresd [View All]
I was missing the BTS snark-a-thon and Tribe was kind enough to whip up a batch of siggies. I know that a lot of us are crazy busy, but i
25 messages
10-14-10 05:05 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep04: The Squeaky Wheel Gets Greased
At [b]Espada Senior Living[/b], Jimmy T goes on an "Annoy-a-thon", the Espadrilles lose yet another Challenge and tensions build bet
12 messages
10-12-10 01:55 PM
Consider a World...
in which NoNoKaKa is the ideal personality trait -- considered to be the most loyal, trustworthy & appreciated being on Earth. Now post
9 messages
10-09-10 07:04 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep03: Stars in Their Eyes and Sand in Their Thighs [View All]
Blitz the Coach: The Espathetics follow howler monkeys to track down some food. Coach Jimmy engages in some play calling with the monkeys, which a
25 messages
10-06-10 09:50 AM
What might a day in Naonka's PE class be like?
I'm thinking it involves knocking the fattest kid in the class over and having the other kids kick him while Naonka screams "Porker!" at him o
18 messages
10-04-10 06:43 PM
Things We Never Thought We'd See [View All]
Who would have thought Survivor would enter its second decade? If they keep going on, we might see things we never expected: 1- Gerva
27 messages
10-01-10 10:24 AM
Official RTVW Summary S21 E#02 Summary: DAWs Gone Wild!!!
Hello again, basher buddies, aliciabbrown here, back to summarize the latest installment of Survivor: Looney Tunes. Let’s get this out of
7 messages
09-28-10 09:14 PM
Be The Survivor: S21 Ep02: Getting To Know You
[b]Yes, this is the correct thresd for BTS Episode 2 comments.[/b] Jonsing for it: Over at Espada, Jimmy Johnson is scratch
7 messages
09-27-10 05:40 PM
Be The Survivor: S21_Ep01: MTV vs. AARP [View All]
[i]"This isn't like a zoo at all. The animals are out of their cages and I can't get a decent hot dog at the concession stand".[/i]
23 messages
09-27-10 10:17 AM
S21 Ep 1 Summary: Overinflated vs. Over the Hill
[center][b][font size=5]Welcome Back My Friends to a Show that Never Ends[/b][/font][/center]
11 messages
09-24-10 04:44 PM
Survivor Nicaragua: Tribal Council Tips
Because oldsters and youngsters alike clearly need them. Here's mine: Please know when to STOP TALKING. Two in a row, d
6 messages
09-24-10 10:00 AM
Wendy's confessional
I could barely watch that speech. It was painful. I understand what it feels like to be on the outside of a popular clique. But still...watching he
16 messages
09-21-10 11:20 PM
Be The Survivor: Apathy or Self-Preservation? [View All]
I've been popping my head in here every so often and haven't seen any mention of "Be The Survivor" signups, posturing or hand-wringing about
61 messages
09-21-10 07:58 AM
RTVW and other Contestant Interviews
Lets discuss them here.
2 messages
09-17-10 09:37 AM
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