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[i]if i keep her all the way to the finals, i'll beat her but if i have to live with this maniac that long, i might kill her%0
17 messages
11-30-12 11:30 AM
Be The Survivor S25 Ep10: "As Abi's World Burns"
Hello, it is I, the head mentor for the Raunchy Girl's school, subbing for the imperially self important EPMB who thinks that just because he
7 messages
11-28-12 02:37 PM
S25 Episode 10 Summary -- "Whiners are never winners"
PREVIOUSLY – ON SURVIVOR (you know where to read) We open with an Abi confessional where she continues to kvetch about her life in ca
3 messages
11-27-12 05:09 PM
Survivor Philippines Episode 8 Summary: "Dead Man Walking"
Survivor Philippines Episode 8 Summary: "Dead Man Walking" Welcome back all you Basherites. Plunk your post-Halloween booties (gro
4 messages
11-27-12 05:02 PM
Survivor Philippines - Episode 9 Summary - "Little Miss Paranoid"
[center][b][font size="4"]*** OFFICIAL RTVW SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES EPISODE 9 SUMMARY *** "Little Miss [s]
0 messages
11-27-12 04:54 PM
Be The Survivor S25 Ep09: " The Fulcrum of Destiny"
Hawkeye tries to get both Lisa and Scupin on the couch in order to bend their minds and sway their votes. Lisa struggles with loyalty vs. flip-f
15 messages
11-16-12 07:35 PM
Be The Survivor: S25 Ep08: 'Idol Hands Are The Tribal's Playground'
The hunt for Hawkeye's hindquarters is hindered by Penner's new necklace. A Tribal Council that has Jiffy's eyes spinning and Hidden Immunity Id
7 messages
11-12-12 03:40 PM
Bashers Summary: S25 Ep 7 Survivor Reanimation Domination
BOO! Did that scare the buff off of you? Well, of course not you are Survivor fans, after 24 seasons nothing is going to scare you, you are
6 messages
11-07-12 09:41 PM
Survivor Philippines Episode 6 Summary: "Got My Swag Back"
Hello everyone. I'm really not new here. I have been watching Survivor since season one, & been lurking on this site since somewhere about the m
Gray Squirrel
5 messages
11-04-12 09:12 PM
S25 Ep06 "Be The Survivor": "Skupin Breaks Previous Record: Remains Non-Crispy Critter"
Michael Skupin has survived camp machete incidents, foot punctures, diving mask implosions, near campfire marshmallow roastings, but is still
7 messages
11-02-12 03:51 PM
"S25 Ep06 Be The Survivor: "Dirty Balls"
In the moment that none of us have been waiting for, [i]"Facts of DAW"[/i] star Lisa Whelchel and [i]"Lack of Sex"[/i] t
13 messages
10-31-12 12:02 PM
S25 Philippines Official Summary Calendar
Halloween summary is still up for grabs. Anyone can write a summary. If you've always wanted to, now is the time! S
0 messages
10-29-12 11:02 AM
Survivor Philippines Episode 5 Summary: The Art of Failure
[h2]The Art of Failure[/h2] kircon on the Art of Failure, the newest treatise in the world. 10-17-12 Translated from
2 messages
10-25-12 01:42 PM
"S25 Ep05 Be The Survivor: "Double Secret Celebrities"
With Matsing down to just two members, it was hard to sing three-part harmonies so Jiffy has to spread the Glee around. They call the [i]whaaa-m
13 messages
10-22-12 04:32 PM
Things that Jeff Kent should buy for you
Let me start by saying that I'd like to have my mortgage paid off. I'd also like a cottage on an island. That's all. Oh, and a weekly trip
8 messages
10-19-12 04:18 PM
Episode 4 Summary - Survivor Philippines
***OFFICIAL SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES EPISODE SUMMARY*** Episode 4: Survivor: Planet of the Apes http://communi
7 messages
10-17-12 01:54 PM
Survivor Philippines – Episode 3 Summary
When Matsing returns to camp after Tribal Council Russell confessionalizes that Roxy was spot on about the relationship between Malcolm and Angie, b
5 messages
10-17-12 01:29 PM
"S25 Ep04 Be The Survivor: ‘He Met My Low Expectations.’"
Matsing continues its slide into extinction. Russell screams at the sky. Pete pits RC against her aptly named Number Two and Dawson learns to make “
6 messages
10-15-12 01:29 PM
S25 Ep03 Be The Survivor: "Jeff Kent & The 4 Finger Hand Jive"
Russell lacks the muscle. Abi starts a passive-aggressive tussle. Angie's brain cells don't even cause a rustle. Like Russell, I'm
12 messages
10-11-12 09:37 PM
Episode 2 Summary - Survivor Philippines
[b]***OFFICIAL SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES EPISODE SUMMARY*** Episode 2: The Facts of Life[/b] My dear reader%
7 messages
10-10-12 07:52 PM
S25, Episode 2, BTS, Only the snuffer knows..
The Snuffer knows who doesn't mind calling a spade a spade. But until air time on the west coast, it will keep it's sniffer lips sea
13 messages
10-01-12 03:57 PM
"Be The Survivor"- Philippines: S25 Sign Up Thresd [View All]
Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen... and those of you who are still undecided. We bring you another season of BTS - [s]Beat[/s] Be The Survi
46 messages
10-01-12 11:16 AM
S25 Ep 1 Be The Survivor Let's Start With The ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz's
Welcome BTSers to another season and good riddance to ZZZZane who's mama let him get his first tattoo at 6, much like the family dog so he would b
19 messages
09-24-12 08:49 PM
S25 Ep1 Summary “Ooops, I Did It Again”
Brothers from an alien mother Jiffy and Mark bring us another reason to bash all things Survivor, um, thanks guys, I guess. Regardless, this s
6 messages
09-23-12 12:14 PM
How To Abuse Lisa The RTVW Way.
Remember: we have to punish her even when she does something right, because that's the only way to keep her alert and obeying all our instructi
5 messages
09-22-12 07:37 PM
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