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"Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
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Aruba 2099 desperate attention whore postings
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03-05-15, 07:59 PM (EST)
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"Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
After a decent Premier the first half of Ep. 2 started off really lame, but did pick up after the IC. Speaking of the IC; golly gee So, how did the White Tribe excel without you???

1) JOE – Nothing in Ep. 2 would consider me knocking Joe off the top perch. He has Jenn and Hali in his back pockets and he’ll know how to stroke Will to maintain control. If he doesn’t get screwed with the swap he remains a heavy favorite.

2) TYLER – Very slick to keep the HII secret to himself. Aside from perhaps Carolyn the only sane player among the White Collars. If his tribe mates are a sample of the type of individuals running our corporations, it’s no wonder we’re in the midst of an economic recession. He’s turning out to be the type of player I thought we would see in Mike.

3) JENN – It would have been a shame to lose her this early. Certainly lives up to the No Collar free spirit. Her exchange with Jeff at TC was priceless. The more I watch her, the more I’m thinking Jud “Fabio” with breasts. As I recall things didn’t turn out all that badly for Jud.

4) WILL – Yet another castaway who finds him/herself in a swing vote position not by strategic design but purely by circumstance. Well I guess you could reach and say he put himself in that position by sucking miserably in the challenge. LOL. At any rate, I credit him with saving this episode and making the final 20 minutes worth watching. But dude needs to ease up on playing the race card.

5) JOAQUIN – Killed it in the challenge. He keeps putting out performances like that and the infamous “neutral” choice will be a long lost memory. Of course the flipside is he’ll set himself up as post swap/merge toast buttered by the ADS.

6) RODNEY – I can’t believe I’m writing this but he’s emerging as the Blue Collar voice of reason. How sad is that. If he can hold his tongue and avoid an ugly confrontation with Mike he should advance nicely.

7) SIERRA – You would think a female with a 6’1” frame would have basketball experience. It certainly paid off in the challenge. Well done Olive Oil. Kudos to whoever’s idea it was to use a box for a basketball net back at camp serving as excellent practice for the IC (we know it wasn’t Mike.)

8) CAROLYN – Pretty quiet episode for her after a stellar Premier. Her secret with Tyler appears to remain intact and smartly decided not to approach her alliance mates as to why they didn’t approach her to confirm she was on the chopping block.

9) MIKE – The "glue" is coming undone. Dude needs to eat another scorpion. It might be better for his game to be curled up to the side yacking his guts out instead of flying off the handle over work detail. Another one of my preseason favs I’m souring on.

10) MAX – If he’s acting like an a$$ to throw the others off, it ain’t working. We know Tyler is already on to him. And Tyler has confirmed what I’ve said from the beginning about being more tailor made for No Collars. Will this revelation cause Masaya to prevent that occurrence by elimination him before the swap?

11) SHIRIN – Given her redemption in the challenge I was considering moving her to the top half (which would undoubtedly bring a smile to Michel’s face.) But going bottomless keeps her near the bottom. At least when Max dropped his drawers we were not subjected to some nasty cottage cheese looking cellulite. That’s friggin’ gross! I think this is the first time I ever witnessed a partially nude woman approach two men and BOTH guys never looked her way during the entire conversation. That’s just as well; her cellulite would have had the same effect on Tyler & Joaquin as the scorpion had on Mike. Advice for Shirin—stay away from puzzles…and avoid doing dishes.

12) HALI – I give her credit for trying to get close to Nina, but her only real noteworthy moment was a confessional telling us what a social misfit Dan is. Really Hali??? WOW…what would we do without your insight! LMAO. I guess riding waves can serve as an appropriate metaphor for riding coattails.

13) LINDSEY – We focused on her tattoos in Ep. 1. So what’s next for Lindsey? Apparently nothing.

14) KELLY – Who’s Kelly??

15) DAN – With the tens of thousands applying for the show is Dan the best 40+ Blue Collar they could come up with? Considering the CBS casting crew, par for the course. He crawls out of last place because he more than held his own in the challenge…even for a “fat man.”

16) NINA – Play the handicap card all you want, it wasn’t your disability why the 20-year olds didn’t ask you to join them…it was the greatest divide in Reality TV. Heck, even Joe confirmed it by saying, “She’s 54!” THANK YOU JOE!!! Now maybe some posters on these boards will acknowledge this fact and we can put it to rest…but I won’t hold my breath. Even despite her meltdown she had a majority alliance in the bag only to muck it up by telling Will what Vince said about sucking in challenges. What a MORON!!! Now the ONLY thing that can save her is the swap.

BOOTED) VINCE – WOW, it sure is a good thing they voted him out. Otherwise Vince surely dominates the season and wins the game going away. *snort* If Nina was deaf and mute instead of just deaf we might have been able to see how silly his prophecy would have been. I can only imagine what flavored Kool-aid Vince will serve up in his exit interviews for any gullible fans willing to drink it. We lose some entertainment value, but I think there’s enough characters this season who can more than fill this void.

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michel2 624 desperate attention whore postings
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03-07-15, 07:31 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
1- Jenn: I really liked her enthusiasm especially when she talked to Jeff at TC. I certainly wouldn't have waited for an invitation to go skinny dipping with her and Hali! She was the one that put Vince on the chopping block, reminding me of how people saw Matt in the Amazon.

2- Joe: He came very close to disaster and it was all because of the dumb idea to split votes. Here's a tip: If he doubted Will because of his closeness to Nina DON'T ask him to vote her out. If they had to tell him the split vote scheme, then Joe HAD to tell Will to vote against Vince. Better yet, only tell him that Vince is the target. That way Will couldn't really double-cross the plan and Nina would have gone. On the other hand, it may be better that Vince left but they do need to win challenges because Joe will need numbers down the line. I did like the fact that he took a step back in the basketball portion of the challenge. I'm not saying he threw the challenge but he was a State champion player so he could have stepped up instead of letting Vince throw air balls. After last week's puzzle, it was better not to look too strong.

3- Mike: He is making everyone uncomfortable at the Blue camp so maybe I should rate him lower but I like the guy's attitude. If he has Dan and Kelly on his side then Rodney can huff and puff all he wants in his fight for tribe domination, I think Mike's side would prove to be much more solid.

4- Hali: I think the skinny dipping momnent was quite noteworthy. In fact, the nudity was the funniest part of the episode. Sure, she followed Jenn's lead for the vote but she knew Vince couldn't be trusted and told Joe not to believe his peace offer.

5- Will: I didn't think I'd like this guy because I thought he was a little too much concerned with being seen as a funny guy instead of being naturally funny but he is proving to be very likable and a good player.

6- Max: I found it funny that as soon as Max dropped "trou" everyone started using the expression "a little bit", Tyler said Max was using it to bring "a little bit" of levity, Max himself set that it had "a little bit" of strategic value and it gave him "a little bit" of private time. It's was a funny little bit! I'm surprised though that the professor didn't remember that isolating himself, going off alone to the ocean, can lead to a blindside.

7- Sierra: Shaquille could have hired her to teach him how to make free throws! I wonder if it was just a coincidence that they started playing basketball or if Tree Mail told them about it. I also liked it when she rolled on the ground laughing at Dan. I'm pretty sure someone made a .gif of that scene and it would be a great thing to use when a poster makes me laugh.

8- Dan: He said he really liked Rupert so he adopted a similar getup. Like Lindsey said, he is trying too hard to be funny but he is having fun along the way. In the challenge, he showed us that hippos are pretty good in the water.

9- Shirin: I don't have a problem with the human body so I laughed when she adopyed the nudist lifestyle. If anything, it would have solidified her bond with Max.

10- Tyler: His discomfort was hilarious. It even made him stutter. It was surprising to see this ex-pro athlete finishing his leg behind both Dan and Vince which makes me wonder how someone who loves challenges put him in second place.

11- Joaquin: He must have said something about So's elimination but it didn't make it on air. That tells me that Joaquin's role in the game won't matter. At least, he is doing what he needs to do: Win challenges and not make waves.

12- Rodney: If he is truly a hard worker then he shouldn't mind seeing Mike working hard but Rodney is turning into another Vince and he won't be able to let Mike get the credit. It will lead to a confrontation where Mike could very well prevail.

13- Carolyn: Quite a drop off after her big first episode. Not a peep from her so I have to drop her here.

14- Lindsey: What do you mean she had nothing except the tattoos? She was smart enough to see that Dan is playing for the cameras and she is quickly putting a target on her own back.

15- Kelly: "Blue Kelly" has had nothing to say but I think that she would feel much more comfortable siding with Mike and Dan than trying to fit in Rodney's harem.

16- Nina: I'm pretty sure that being deaf didn't play a role in Jenn and Hali's decision to go off on their own. Nina is probably older than their mothers. Why did she feel she needed to be invited in the first place? If she wanted to go swim then she should have gone. The ocean is right there and it is free. She got exaggeratedly emotional and that more than anything will get her voted out.

Booted - Vince: For someone that seemed to be the perfect example of a free spirit he proved to be the extremely creepy. Like Joe said, the guy has issues and I'd worry about his mental health...if I cared. In this game, he did give us a great example of what not to do: If you have doubts about one of your allies, you need to address them yourself. Telling Nina to talk to Will about his health was idiotic. If the two guys had talked about it then maybe the matter would have been settled. Thankfully, he didn't.

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Aruba 2099 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

03-08-15, 12:39 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
Good assessments. Nice call on Joe backing off a bit after owning the first challenge. It’s interesting you bring that up because that has been my take on Tyler right from the get go. As you stated with Joe, you don’t perform SO miserably that you cause your team to lose or throw the challenge altogether. But take it back a notch to not set yourself up as a potential ADS victim.

I factor challenge performances in my rankings if a castaway was the MVP or the goat. Tyler has been neither thus far for the presumed reason given above.

In Tyler’s case it is much easier to not show his hand as a former professional athlete when you have Joaquin in your tribe. It will be much different with Joe, Now that Vince is gone, he’ll have no choice but to kick it up a few gears to prevent a No Collar loss. Having to rely on Nina, Jenn, Hali and Will to bring home a victory for your tribe would be the Survivor version of the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey team.

Another nice call about the ocean being “right there and free;” no invitation needed. Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t the ocean at Masaya be just as “free?” I don’t recall Max telling his tribe mates he wanted to be alone, they just decided not to partake in the “free ocean” that was “right there,” thus I do not consider Max going out of his way to isolate himself. Sure when no one followed his lead (sort of) and joined him in the ocean he said after the fact he was enjoying a “little bit” of private time. But for the others not to join him and then later spin that to suggest he is isolating himself would be a “little bit” weak.

After 30 seasons of Survivor and countless episodes of other similar shows, there’s nothing “noteworthy” about skinny dipping or nudity on Reality TV anymore. I have no problem with the human body and nudity either. I also have no problem with cottage cheese on fruit or in desserts…but on female thighs…BIG PROBLEM!

If Shirin stripped down to “solidify a bond” with Max then she should have joined him in the free ocean. Most of your body is underwater so it would have only been a “little bit” risqué. (OK, I promise no more “little bit” puns.) Well whatever bond she may have been trying to solidify with Max, she lost tenfold with Tyler and Joaquin by doing dishes with exposed genitalia.

I think it might be a reach to suggest the makeshift basketball net was a result of knowing about the upcoming challenge beforehand. I’m not saying it’s out of the question, but I don’t think Mike goes bonkers if they slacked off on working because they’re practicing for an upcoming challenge as opposed to just “playing around.”

Lindsey (as well as millions of viewers) seeing a social misfit like Dan trying to showboat his way into the inner circle is blatantly observant—I’ll give her that. But “smart?” Then again, I suppose there are still those who think turning on your car headlights when driving at night is “smart” too.

As you know by now I recall most everything from memory, so if I’m wrong I’m sure you’ll set me straight, but didn’t Nina tell Vince that SHE was going to talk to Will about his health and concerns about performing in challenges? I don’t remember Vince initiating Nina to do it. If I am correct about Nina bringing it up, it was a no win situation for Vince. If he hadn’t said to just go ahead the other option would be to tell Nina not to say anything to Will and that HE would do it. Oh brother, could you imagine THAT??? Another meltdown and crying session because “Vince doesn’t think I should say anything and he wants to do it himself.” BOO-HOO. “He has no faith in me; everyone thinks I’m worthless.” BOO-HOO BOO-HOO

Listen, Vince did enough to dig his own grave, but the whole deal with Nina approaching Will was Nina’s idiocy, not Vince’s.

One interesting note I pick up on with your ranking is a potential Mike-Dan-Kelly? and Rodney-Lindsey-Sierra division in the Blue Tribe. I didn’t see anything in the first two episodes to suggest that. Assuming this possible split it would be the three oldest vs. the three youngest. HMMMM might someone be acknowledging the greatest divide in Reality TV is NOT just a figment of one’s imagination? *wink* *wink*

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michel2 624 desperate attention whore postings
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03-08-15, 04:35 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
LAST EDITED ON 03-08-15 AT 04:41 PM (EST)

>Good assessments.

Thank you, I really like reading yours also.

>Nice call on Joe
>backing off a bit after
>owning the first challenge. It’s
>interesting you bring that up
>because that has been my
>take on Tyler right from
>the get go. As you
>stated with Joe, you don’t
>perform SO miserably that you
>cause your team to lose
>or throw the challenge altogether.
>But take it back a
>notch to not set yourself
>up as a potential ADS
>I factor challenge performances in my
>rankings if a castaway was
>the MVP or the goat.
>Tyler has been neither thus
>far for the presumed reason
>given above.

Tyler didn't step up in the first challenge and now he was slower than Dan. Maybe he is sandbagging but I think that, by going Hollywood, he lost his edge. We'll see.

>Another nice call about the ocean
>being “right there and free;”
>no invitation needed. Correct
>me if I’m wrong but
>wouldn’t the ocean at Masaya
>be just as “free?” I
>don’t recall Max telling his
>tribe mates he wanted to
>be alone, they just decided
>not to partake in the
>“free ocean” that was “right
>there,” thus I do not
>consider Max going out of
>his way to isolate himself.
>Sure when no one followed
>his lead (sort of) and
>joined him in the ocean
>he said after the fact
>he was enjoying a “little
>bit” of private time. But
>for the others not to
>join him and then later
>spin that to suggest he
>is isolating himself would be
>a “little bit” weak.

That could be accurate the first time Max went in the ocean but what about all the other times? The comments by Carolyn, Shirin, Tyler and Joaquin made it very obvious that Max has been going naked very frequently. So, after Max saw that no one was joining him, continuing to go out there alone is indeed isolating himself.

>If Shirin stripped down to “solidify
>a bond” with Max then
>she should have joined him
>in the free ocean.

How do you know she didn't? We only saw Masaya in camp during 3 minutes but they have been out there for 6 days now. Anyway, Max must have heard that she was also nude on the beach so he must have liked her attitude. That's enough to solidify a bond.

>I think it might be a
>reach to suggest the makeshift
>basketball net was a result
>of knowing about the upcoming
>challenge beforehand. I’m not saying
>it’s out of the question,
>but I don’t think Mike
>goes bonkers if they slacked
>off on working because they’re
>practicing for an upcoming challenge
>as opposed to just “playing

It could be a coincidence but my point is that we didn't hear tree mail which we often do. Why? Like you say, Mike would have looked dumber if we knew they were actually practicing. It could have been a coincidence but we simply don't know enough to rule out some editing hijinx. Maybe we didn't hear tree mail because we are supposed to root for Mike and aren't supposed to say he is dumb. Maybe what made him go bonkers is that he thought they were overdoing it, spending way too much time on their practice but that would have taken too long to present.

>Lindsey (as well as millions of
>viewers) seeing a social misfit
>like Dan trying to showboat
>his way into the inner
>circle is blatantly observant—I’ll give
>her that. But “smart?”

OK, "smart" is a stretch but being observant and understanding what makes your competitors tick is something. Lindsey wasn't only about her tattoos like you said.

>As you know by now I
>recall most everything from memory,
>so if I’m wrong I’m
>sure you’ll set me straight,
>but didn’t Nina tell Vince
>that SHE was going to
>talk to Will about his
>health and concerns about performing
>in challenges? I don’t
>remember Vince initiating Nina to
>do it. If I am
>correct about Nina bringing it
>up, it was a no
>win situation for Vince. If
>he hadn’t said to just
>go ahead the other option
>would be to tell Nina
>not to say anything to
>Will and that HE would
>do it. Oh brother, could
>you imagine THAT??? Another meltdown
>and crying session because “Vince
>doesn’t think I should say
>anything and he wants to
>do it himself.” BOO-HOO.
> “He has no faith
>in me; everyone thinks I’m
>worthless.” BOO-HOO BOO-HOO

You are right, Nina brought it up. Vince then told her to "please do." Your fanfiction aside, Vince should have talked to Will himself and not let someone else tell his ally about his doubts. He didn't need to shut down Nina, he could have gone with her.

>One interesting note I pick up
>on with your ranking is
>a potential Mike-Dan-Kelly? and Rodney-Lindsey-Sierra
>division in the Blue Tribe.
>I didn’t see anything in
>the first two episodes to
>suggest that. Assuming this possible
>split it would be the
>three oldest vs. the three
>youngest. HMMMM might someone be
>acknowledging the greatest divide in
>Reality TV is NOT just
>a figment of one’s imagination?
>*wink* *wink*

Where did you get the idea that I think that age isn't a big divider? Of course it's a divider but so is everything else. Humans are extremely cliquish so any and every difference is a reason for division, from simply shunning someone to the atrocities of extremism. I'm just less dogmatic about it than you and I remember that, while some older players didn't stand a chance, others made great alliances with much younger players. It's the social game that determines everything.

In the Blue tribe, I simply don't see Kelly being too happy playing the role of one of Rodney's harem girls. That would be enough for her to side with Mike and Dan.

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Aruba 2099 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

03-10-15, 06:58 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
We can go back and forth on Tyler and whether he is truly putting out 100% until doomsday and still not know. I will repeat (yet again)—I factor team challenge performance in my ranking if a player’s performance won it for their tribe or clearly lost it as the goat, i.e., Shirin and Will. In Tyler’s case it’s neither. Interesting how some assume a player may be holding back when he/she is someone they like; yet some do not make the same assessment when it’s a castaway they are impartial to.

This is the main reason why I prefer starting the season with two teams instead of three. With two tribes you either win a challenge or go to TC. With that all or nothing proposition it forces players to try much harder. With three it’s not as important to win the IC as much as to NOT LOSE it, thus lending itself to a player not giving optimum effort.

“Fanfiction”—I like it! I’ll have to ask your permission to use it in my future posts. LOL.
Seriously, I cannot think of a more pristine example of “fanfiction” or “dogmatic” behavior than playing the “edit card” as frequently as you do. They may not have shown that…, How do you know they don’t do this…, they purposely omitted that to feed this conspiracy…, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Blah, Blah, Blah.

How do we know Shirin didn’t join Max in the Ocean? COME ON! If a bottomless woman jumps in the ocean with a totally nude man she only met four days ago, you can bet Max’s bare butt they’d show it!

Let’s say I humor you and agree she did…then Max is not being “isolated.” If you’re going to play the edit card you can’t have it both ways. Whatever bond you want to assume Shirin made with Max, what’s pretty darn clear based on the Ep. 2 scene her tactic did anything BUT bond with Tyler & Joaquin. Unless of course you want to play another edit card and say the reason T & J didn’t even look her way was because Shirin was never there to begin with…the editors used trick photography to superimpose a blurred Shirin on the beach with T & J. *snort*

Since I’m on a roll with this “fanfiction”…

So it’s possible Mike cracked the labor whip even though he knew tossing basketballs would be in the upcoming challenge but they purposely don’t show it. Why of course the editors would not want Mike to look “dumb.” After all eating a scorpion has to be one of the “smartest” decisions any castaway ever made. *double snort*

“smart” “understanding” whatever verbiage you want to use, socially inept Dan trying to showboat his way to acceptance is as blatant as the tattoos on Lindsey’s body. With that said even a spin doctor like yourself would be hard pressed to convince me to take a feather from Vince’s hair and put it in Lindsey’s cap.

Nina’s thin-skinned fragility is not “fanfiction;” it’s Survivor Worlds Apart reality. What I really criticize Vince for is putting himself in a position to be victimized by Nina’s idiocy to begin with. Had he been able to get by this silly Joe jealousy nonsense, I honestly believe Joe-Jenn-Hali would have welcomed him openly to form a four-person alliance and he’s able to coast to the swap.

If I were playing this game, my week one primary objective is to get myself to the swap. With that being said why should Kelly be concerned with whose “harem” she may be in? If it gets her to the swap—mission accomplished. And what’s the chances this entire “harem” remains intact AFTER the swap? We all know the game changes at that point. Now let’s say, for example, both Kelly AND Sierra at the same time decide they’ve had it with Rodney; I can see them flipping to Mike/Dan as a pair. But at this early stage it makes little sense to walk away from a 4-player majority to force a 3-3 tribal split.

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michel2 624 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

03-10-15, 09:43 PM (EST)
Click to EMail michel2 Click to send private message to michel2 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
7. "RE: Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
LAST EDITED ON 03-10-15 AT 09:45 PM (EST)

"Interesting how some assume a player may be holding back when he/she is someone they like; yet some do not make the same assessment when it’s a castaway they are impartial to."

That's not the reason. Tyler is an ex-NFL player so he should be better than what we've seen. Joe was on a basketball State Champion team in school but he was called out by Vince for always taking over. The fact that he let Vince handle most of the throws (that we saw at least) may indicate more directly that he took a step back than anything we've seen from Tyler.

I like the three tribes because it makes it harder for one tribe to dominate after a swap or a merge. Even if they win all the challenges, the Blue Collars may still need to make new alliances to survive. With that being said, my favorite seasons all started with 2 tribes so there's good and bad in both options.

As for Max, even if Shrin joined him (glad that you admit it may have happened) he's still isolating himself from the other three and, from what I know, 2 < 3.

Editing isn't trick photography necessarily (even if we have proof that they've often doctored the colors of buffs to make us think that a post merge confessional was actually delivered pre-merge and vice versa) but tell me how often have we seen tribes playing basketball on their own without prompting from tree mail? Tree mail was skipped, why? Time constraints? Possibly, maybe even likely, but it's not the only possible reason. I simply ask questions because production is full of crap. I don't like gobbling up everything they serve.

We'll see what Kelly does if they go to TC. I'M starting to think that the Blue Collars are going to coast to the swap just like the Brawn tribe and Tandang.

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Aruba 2099 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

03-11-15, 07:13 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
I consider Tyler a former athlete, but it may be a reach to refer to a placekicker as an "ex-NFL" athlete. Anyway, if he doesn't get shafted with the swap and hangs around a while we should get a better read on his challenge abilities since he hasn't been a challenge MVP or goat thus far.

Whereas I agree Joe's decision to "step back" was prudent, it was also an easy one to make considering No Collars insurmountable hole due to Will's pathetic performance.

Your points are valid with the two vs. three tribe scenarios. Yes, with two teams one tribe may enjoy a distinct advantage when merging. An advantage they would realize because of their solid effort winning along the way. HMMMM...rewarding a team/player for its success...WHAT A CONCEPT!

The case you make for Max can also be made for Shirin. In your ranking you tooted Shirin's horn for "solidifying a bond with Max." Yet as we saw in Ep. 2 it was quite the contrary with the others. So do we change the 2 < 3 mathematical equation if it pertains to a player you like more??

"Production is full of crap"
Well there's one statement we're both in agreement. But the bucket of crap overflows initially with casting--long before the season kicks off with its Premier.

I'm also leaning toward Blue Collar not having a date with TC before the swap. Then again, Production may dig deeper in its "Bucket of Crap" and come up with a ridiculously lame challenge even the likes of Will or Shirin may excel in.

Well off to watch Ep. 3. "See" you in my next post/thread.

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michel2 624 desperate attention whore postings
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03-11-15, 07:46 PM (EST)
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9. "RE: Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
LAST EDITED ON 03-11-15 AT 07:47 PM (EST)

If what we saw was accurate than White had made 2 baskets and blue only one when Joe started throwing. That was far from insurmountable.

I think both Max and Shirin made their tribe mates uncomfortable but Shirin was funnier. That's the only reason for her higher placement... and maybe a little bit because it would bug you more!

As for the two tribes, don' tfoget that some tribes gained their merge advantage by throwing challenges and voting members of the other tribe that came over. As for Koror who steamrolled over Ulong, it was fun to see...once. In the end, it made for a terribly predictable season. I prefer balance where outwitting is needed over an easy pagonging.

The difference between us is that I think casting is the best part of Burnett's operation. Now, that doesn't mean they are great but they certainly are better than Big Brother and most other shows.

Enjoy the show and talk to you later.

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personofinterest 185 desperate attention whore postings
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03-10-15, 09:45 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
Well, I like characters and try to put some stock into what appears to be good game play. That being said, I just like who I like!

1. Tyler: Mostly for the priceless looks on his face as he tried to figure out how not to peek at the nudity.

2. Joe: He has handled the weirdness with his team pretty well. I bet it was difficult too.

3. Will: He probably made a mistake the last vote, but at least he made a move. And I get a kick out of him.

4. Jenn: Maybe she could have been a little nicer to her problematic team mates, but she is there to enjoy the experience and play the game.

5. Hali: Seems like she could make it far into the game. Maybe a little coat-tailing right now, but hopefully she has some game.

6. Sierra: Great job in the challenge. I like her snark.

7. Shirin: Down closer to the middle because, seriously, walking pants-less (or even panti-less) over those rocks made me uncomfortable. And I don't want to watch the show with my legs crossed in fear!

8. Joaquin: He did great in the challenge, but he is here because I am shallow.

9. Max: Hope he shows some of what qualified him to teach Survivor.

10. Rodney: I thought that he would be the rage dude. Good for him for seeming to have his tribe mates on his side.

11. Dan: He is up this high because he really did well with the challenge. I don't mind him either. He is another character who may calm down enough to make it closer to the merge.

12. Mike: Calm down dude!

13. Carolyn: Had to look at the vid caps to figure out who she is.

14. Kelly: Looked at the vid caps and still don't think I ever saw her on the show.

15. Nina: I really wanted to be on your side. This episode shot that down.

16. Lindsey: Not sure why, but I don't like her snark. She gets last place for me.

Bye Vince. You were a character, but really were getting creepier by the minute.

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03-10-15, 06:12 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: Love /Loathe List S29 Worlds Apart Ep. 2"
Thanks for contributing. Personally I think you nailed it!

Nice job!!

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