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"Be The Survivor" S32 Season Finale / Reunion Show / Prom
Who wore it best? Who gained 20 pounds while still at Ponderosa? Who still has their beard (Male and Female divisions)? Or
5 messages
05-20-16 09:14 AM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep14: "Not Going Down On Any Of These People... Not Even At Prom"
This season leads the league in Medevacs, blindsides, kidney blockages, Super Idols and loveable Vietnamese gardeners. So
0 messages
05-18-16 08:27 PM
I’ll be out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until Sunday, so I figured I’d get the season’s final list out now. I’m whipping through th
13 messages
05-18-16 07:47 PM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep13: "With Wee Wee or Not Me"
71-year-old Joe has been toughing it out at the world's most back-stabby retirement community. And tonight was no exception as he threw his sa
9 messages
05-13-16 02:59 PM
Kaoh Rong: The Good, The Bad, The Boring, etc. Ep.12
Just as I anticipated; that exchange between Tai/Aubry at the last TC (overblown by some) amounted to very little. Even in the “Previously o
16 messages
05-11-16 06:36 AM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep12: "Scheme Weaver "
Gentle Gardener Tai once enjoyed playing with "the boys", but he Idol Blocked Scot and then avoided giving up his HII and special advantag
2 messages
05-10-16 04:50 PM
Kaoh Rong: The Good, The Bad, The Boring, etc. Ep.11
Final Six. Two Beauties; two Brains; two Brawns. Three girls; three guys. Three under 30; three over 30 (two of them over 50.) Rarely at t
17 messages
05-04-16 06:59 PM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep11: "It's A Me Game, Not A Wii Game"
Drop your controllers boy and girls. The Tai has turned and Scot never got the chance to reach the Boss Level. Now Tai is in the crosshairs as J
7 messages
05-03-16 10:50 AM
Kaoh Rong: The Good, The Bad, The Boring, etc. Ep.10
The buildup for the entire episode was for the two-second period when Jeff revealed the eighth and final vote. The first seven votes were as predictab
12 messages
04-28-16 09:14 AM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep10: "The Episode About Friends"
Following the [i]"Super Idol? You mean this Super Idol?"[/i] tribal council arrogance, Tai and Jason reallocate their HISI %
6 messages
04-25-16 01:49 PM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep09: "It's Psycho Warfare"
Jason and Scot engage in some Psycho Ops as they take the Target "Tetanus Collection" machete and hatchet kitchen set away from the rest of
15 messages
04-20-16 08:53 AM
Kaoh Rong: The Good, The Bad, The Boring, etc., etc. Ep.9
As a tribute to the three “WANKERS” who outlasted Debbie I dedicated a section just for them. [u]WANKER #1[/u] – [b]T
17 messages
04-19-16 10:32 AM
Saturday Night Live skit
Last night, SNL did a spoof of Survivor and the Loved Ones visit: 100+days+
3 messages
04-18-16 03:15 PM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep08: "I'll Get You My Pretties, And Your Little Tai Too!"
Now that we've dispensed with the power plays, blindsides and medical flameouts, it's time to get serious. There's a possible Women'
9 messages
04-13-16 11:59 AM
Kaoh Rong: The Good, The Bad, The Boring, etc., etc. Ep.8
Sadly the remainder of this season has become obviously predictable...unless we are treated to another impressive Mike-like run winning the last sever
16 messages
04-13-16 11:37 AM
Kaoh Rong: The Good, The Bad, The Boring, etc., etc. Ep.7
With TWO male castaways now medivaced, for all intents and purposes we can look back on this season as nine women vs. seven men. That fact and with
17 messages
04-06-16 07:42 PM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep07: "Merge, Purge, Scourge"
Unlike that delightful musical film where you're allowed one night to kill without any consequences, Survivor kills with a thousand bad cuts
8 messages
04-04-16 10:40 AM
Kaoh Rong: The Good, The Bad, The Boring, etc., etc. Ep.6
Jeff ends the episode with “the uncertainty of the game will [i]certainly[/i] return.” This is followed by the preview of a Merge. LMAO%
18 messages
03-30-16 07:36 PM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep06: "Play Or You're Home Alone"
We're down to a dirty dozen and two tribes, but the old alliances simmer under the surface as Julia returns to the reconfigured Gandalf trib
9 messages
03-30-16 10:10 AM
Be The Survivor S32 - Sign Up Thresd - It's So Rong
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen and those of you who haven't yet decided. I am [i]Mark "T-Bone" Burnett[/i], your EPMB, your Ma
14 messages
03-25-16 10:24 AM
S32 | Debbie Wanner deserves adoration
Please tell me that on chosen outfit ALONE, Debbie is worthy of devotion. ds/User_files
13 messages
03-25-16 08:36 AM
Kaoh Rong: The Very Good, Good, Very Bad, Bad & Boring Ep.5
Rather nice rebound from a subpar episode last week. There’s always winners and losers from a tribal swap. This episode was no exception. %0
18 messages
03-23-16 08:29 PM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep05: "The Devil That Blows "
Shuffle up and deal! The Toe Tag tribe was dangerously close to setting the indoor/outdoor record for attrition so it was time to move the p
6 messages
03-22-16 03:53 PM
"Be The Survivor" S32 Ep04: "Signed, Sealed and Deductibles"
Take out your insurance card and hang a fresh Margarita IV, because this is the one you've been hearing about. I told you that Skeeball was
17 messages
03-17-16 10:49 AM
Kaoh Rong: The Good, The Bad & The Boring Ep.4
Sorry I've been late with the lists this season. Seems like the weekend (early mornings at that) is the only time when I'm able to attempt a %
12 messages
03-17-16 09:10 AM
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