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"Be The Survivor" S35 Ep10: "Buy One, Set Them All Free"
With Joe being considered more of a Heel than a Healer, his neck looks ripe for the chopping. But Ben's style of persuasion, best describe
16 messages
12-04-17 10:34 PM
"Survivor S35 Ep Ranking"
I am going to be in the marshes of South Louisiana for a week or so, and I can't wait for you slugs to post your rankings so that I can poke merci
9 messages
11-29-17 11:38 PM
"Be The Survivor" S35 Ep09: "Fear The Beard... And Other Unknown Body Hair." [View All]
First we spill out our drops of beer (or Survivor sponsored beverage) to commemorate the loss of Desi last week. It's not that she was vot
26 messages
11-28-17 12:25 PM
"Be The Survivor" S35 Ep08: "Playing With Yourself, You Devil You." [View All]
Ben and Lauren form a Heroes/Hustlers super alliance, but they need to spend less time working on their superhero costumes and more time mon
32 messages
11-23-17 07:54 PM
Survivor S35 Ep 8 Ranking
Back to back good episodes. I struggled to come up with a definitive #1 this week, so for this episode I will rank in groups. [u]MY
10 messages
11-22-17 08:29 PM
Be The Survivor" S35 Ep07: "Gettin' to Armageddon"
Jessica wants to merge with Cole. And hey... there's an actual tribe merge on Survivor. But obviously the big news is Devon's desire to merg
17 messages
11-15-17 12:26 PM
Survivor S35 Ep 7 Ranking
Anther merged tribe; another boring unoriginal name. Gee, let’s take two letters from our three tribes and form a merged name: SoLeWa...Ho-Hum
18 messages
11-14-17 09:25 PM
Survivor S35 Ep 6 Ranking
I was able to catch Ep. 5 about an hour before Ep. 6 aired, so I got a double-dose of Survivor on Wednesday. As a result, I will be incorporating
19 messages
11-07-17 11:55 PM
“Be The Survivor” S35 Ep06 “This Is Why You Pay On Survivor”
Outrun. Outpitch. Out at home. The Survivor world goes on, but a large number of American bipeds are going to be watching Game 7 of the World
7 messages
11-06-17 12:03 PM
Be The Survivor" S35 Ep05: "The Past Will Eat You, Then Pass You Out Its Colon"
Ben has nightmares about his past military service and I instruct our staff to lock up our M4's, M110 sniper rifles, and RPG launchers. An
16 messages
11-01-17 06:53 PM
S35 Week 5 Rankings
With Aruba gallivanting around in dereliction of duty ( ;-) ) this thread will probably be very quiet but I like completeness. If anyone wa
10 messages
10-31-17 07:51 PM
Survivor S35 Ep 4 Ranking
Outstanding episode to follow the lackluster one from last week. We’re back to two challenges per episode...the way Survivor oughta be. Let the game
9 messages
10-24-17 11:17 PM
Be The Survivor" S35 Ep04: "Shuffle up and Deal"
Welcome to episode 4 of Survivor S4274. This week the EPMB is marooned on a hilltop in Puerto Rico [I]Aww, pobrecito! [/I]He probably on
15 messages
10-24-17 07:54 PM
Survivor S35 Ep 3 Ranking
Unless you get all warm & fuzzy over sappy showmances, this episode was lame; but avoided complete disaster with an above average TC. %0
14 messages
10-17-17 08:14 PM
Be The Survivor" S35 Ep03: "Kisses For Privates"
Despite all of Simone Nguyen's triumphs last episode, including her fecal carpet bombing of the pristine coral reef, she was voted out of
4 messages
10-17-17 07:54 PM
Ranking the New DAWS
With Aruba looking for conspiracies everywhere except right in front of his eyes, I’ll go ahead with this week’s list. Since the th
15 messages
10-15-17 02:51 AM
Be The Survivor" S35 Ep02: "I'm A Little Teapot"
Previously on Survivor: Sand In My Crack: On the Feelers Tribe, Cole and Jessica start their showmance and Alan is definitely off his [i
6 messages
10-10-17 06:33 PM
S35 (HHH) List - TBD
Only a one-hour Premier? It's tough enough to assess a full season's cast during a two-hour Premier; it ain't happening with a measly hour.%
3 messages
09-29-17 07:27 PM
Be The Survivor" S35 Ep01: "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Constipated"
35 seasons. If that was in human years instead of television seasons, you'd have someone with thinning hair, acid reflux, mom jeans and
7 messages
09-29-17 06:48 PM
Kicking off S35 [View All]
Ahoy Castaway Bashers!!! Another “real” season of Survivor is upon us. Let’s hope CBS doesn’t take a page out of BB and have
24 messages
09-28-17 06:14 PM
Be The Survivor S35 - Sign Up Thresd - "Heroes v Healers v Hustlers"
Be The Survivor S35 - Sign Up Thresd - "Heroes v Healers v Hustlers" (AKA: "Our Sorting Hat is broken right now") Welco
5 messages
09-27-17 09:40 PM
"Be The Survivor" S34 Ep14: "Finale: Game Changers and Blame Shamers"
Rather than line these lunatics up and have them settle it with Medieval weapons, we have to go through the mazes, puzzles and finally flop
1 messages
05-25-17 06:31 PM
"Be The Survivor" S34 Ep13: "Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow-- Crazy 8's"
It's time to clear the beach and get some of this dead weight over to the Ponderosa. With only two shows and eight survivors left, it's ti
1 messages
05-19-17 07:02 PM
Be the survivor ep11 "we have no leader"
THIS IS A PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE ISLAND POLICE!!! A dangerous pervert is on the loose, he goes by the alias EPMB, an
10 messages
05-17-17 08:02 PM
"Be The Survivor" S34 Ep12: "High Low, High Low, It's Off To Tribal We Go"
Tonight's episode is "Meet the parents" ... or brother, or boyfriend, or bookie. Whatever. Loved ones are in town and invited to a loc
1 messages
05-12-17 10:48 AM
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