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The start of the INXS tour
This is the beginning of the tour. Seems they are starting out small and working towards a bigger tour in the summer. INXS TOUR ITINERARY
15 messages
10-16-05 03:59 PM
Rock Star 2006
Not seen this posted yet, and did a search but did not find anything.. This topic of discussion is around what you think could happen n
16 messages
10-12-05 10:17 PM
PLAYING TONIGHT!!!!! Only $5 cover in Hermosa Beach, CA
Brandon, Marty, Mig, Jordis, Ty, Susie and most of the other cast members will be preforming tonight at a Hurricane Katrina Benefit in Hermo
2 messages
10-11-05 11:07 AM
What the Aussie press says... [View All]
New INXS frontman named Wednesday Sep 21 16:30 AEST After a global search, INXS has chosen Canadian singer JD Fortune to front t
56 messages
10-08-05 01:39 PM
One thing that struck my funny bone is................
When the original INXS group took the stage with both Marty and J.D. fronting it really emphasized the age of the original group didn't it? The o
13 messages
10-02-05 03:00 PM
Rockstar 2....
Are there any other musicians here that are thinking of throwing their hat in the ring for next year?
5 messages
09-30-05 10:03 PM
About Marty [View All]
This is a post from another board about Marty.... FYI-MARTY LIED!!!!!! Discussion 35685 By BLBLCK For t
26 messages
09-30-05 09:59 PM
Camp Freddy appearance
Here are some photos of Dave Navarro and others (including Ty) at a hurricane relief benefit the other night. At one point Ty had his face in Ter
1 messages
09-30-05 07:51 PM
MSN chat
MSN just did a chat with JD and Garry. They said they are doing the video for "Pretty Vegas" this Friday and it should be out in about 3 weeks.
8 messages
09-26-05 04:13 PM
Rock Star 2006 auditions?
So, has anyone sent in a tape for the 2006 auditions of Rock Star? Brooke said send in a "Tape", considering that cassettes are outdates I a
0 messages
09-26-05 02:37 PM
Photo on INXS
Showing them a little crazy ob.jpg
1 messages
09-26-05 11:19 AM
Lyrics: D.C. vs. W.Y.N.
Last night, as I heard Marty sing "Don't change for you/Don't change a thing for me" and JD sing "I'll give you what you need, " I
3 messages
09-24-05 11:01 PM
Does JD owe some royalties on Pretty Vegas?
O.K., this has been bugging me since the first time I heard JD launch into his "original" song. I thought he was singing some old classic that w
10 messages
09-24-05 09:39 PM
Video interview with JD and Kirk
Here is a link to a video interview with JD and Kirk. It is sweet that JD is still calling INXS "them" and Kirk reminds him you are one of us now
17 messages
09-24-05 03:24 PM
9/18 Songwriting Clinc [View All]
Show still on, but I have an edgy feeling about JD. He doesn't want to listen to the songs ahead of time, to be fresh, to not overt
30 messages
09-23-05 03:27 PM
Favorite INXS album?
When I was doing my post about the lyrics to the two finale songs, I said that SHABOOH SHOOBAH was my favorite INXS album. It made me wonder, what
4 messages
09-23-05 01:01 PM
Still so excited!
I can't believe that I waited all this time to finally post something but I was way too biased and didn't want to get into the nastiness,
14 messages
09-23-05 08:24 AM
New INXS Fan Club Costs?
So, I've never been in a fan club before, but I signed up on INXS' web site a while back so I could get the heads up on concert tickets going
6 messages
09-22-05 05:44 PM
Rockstar INXS Wackyness!!! [View All]
Hey guys! Just thought I'd post some Rockstar stupidity! Feel free to join in!! ;)
44 messages
09-22-05 12:40 PM
Where IS everybody? Are you all off doing your happy dances?
18 messages
09-22-05 10:05 AM
For anyone at the finale...
How long do the deliberations really take? I hate hate hate the way Mark Burnett edited the show. I really feel like we missed so much and it made
3 messages
09-22-05 01:35 AM
Finale [View All]
I will never buy another INXS CD again. Give me a break - JD over Marty. Marty's performance tonight was by far the best. JD should have never wo
38 messages
09-22-05 01:30 AM
It's Started! It's Started!!! [View All]
Am I the only one sitting here by the pc with my TV at full blast?
23 messages
09-21-05 03:54 PM
Marty after JD won [View All]
After the announcement & his goodbye speech, he came over to The Rawkers, where they all engulfed him in hugs. Someone approached him for an aut
21 messages
09-21-05 02:12 PM
INXS appearance
On Oct. 17, INXS will perform at Los Angeles' new Virgin Megastore (Hollywood and Highland).
1 messages
09-21-05 01:23 PM
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