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Spin and Marty
SOOOOoooooooo, I am really starting to root for Marty, and I think the editing is beginning to root for him, too. Whenever contestants on these
19 messages
07-10-16 03:55 PM
Song Selection (Week of 8/1) [View All]
According to Jordis's MSN blog, JD has suggested that they pull songs from a hat. [blockquote][i]July 28th …J.D.
35 messages
02-18-16 02:49 PM
Who will be the next to go? Sunday Rockstar
I actually like that the show is on sunday, because monday nights i'm usually so stressed from work and preparing for tuesday that I have to TiVo
2 messages
02-18-16 02:47 PM
Tickets to live performance
Does anyone knows how to get tickets to go see their live performances at the CBS studios? I'd love to go and rock it out live. %0
10 messages
02-18-16 02:46 PM
Longer Performances
Last night, the songs were 2 minutes long. Weren't they 90 seconds for a while? I hope they get longer soon, as the pool of singers dwindles.
2 messages
01-28-16 06:24 PM
Message Boards on MSN Site
These boards at Reality TV World are the only ones I've participated on, and I must say, I have been spoiled by the intellegent and civil enviro
11 messages
12-11-15 04:28 PM
Vocal Coaching
I would have liked to see more of that last night. I found it very interesting to see the techniques, and the contestants' reactions to them. Also
12 messages
12-08-15 03:19 PM
rockstar third season
Please Rock Star do not find a singer for an established band. Create a new exciting rock band, gathering the most talented undiscovered song
1 messages
03-26-15 05:52 PM
Mig gets better each week, anyone agree?
That guy is getting hotter as each week goes by. He certainly can drill an oil rig in me anytime (yes I know he's got a woman, I can only imagi
1 messages
03-11-15 04:26 PM
2 messages
03-11-15 02:01 PM
Storm Large - 8 Miles
Storm has a new album out, with a video for her new song. A [ I|very funny song]. Yo
0 messages
11-07-11 11:29 PM
INXS to Tour Again
But without JD. They are starting a world tour and will have "guest singers". Don't know what that means but it must mean that JD is
3 messages
10-22-10 10:02 AM
Bret Michael's doing Rock Star?
Is Bret thinking of doing a version of Rock Star? mi...merican-idol%2F %0
1 messages
06-16-10 02:19 PM
JD Going Solo
Well, word is in that JD has a solo album he's working on due out September, tentatively titled "Death of a Motivational Speaker." No worri
8 messages
03-04-10 12:46 PM
Sweet, Sweet, Suzie McNeil
I've gotta give Suzie some love. I think she is great. Her latest song (Hung Up) is getting air play here in Toronto. Sure, she i
5 messages
04-29-08 01:40 PM
A RockStar 3?
Mark Burnett is looking to bring the show back for a third season. The show is not dead yet.
10 messages
04-18-08 12:37 PM
P.S. I Love You soundtrack
Guess who has a song on the PS I Love You soundtrack. Does anybody check here anymore? Track #6 is [
2 messages
12-23-07 06:49 PM
Magni's New Album!!
[center][b]There’s a new album from “Rockstar SuperNova’s” Mangi! Magni's self-titled new album is available right now
0 messages
11-04-07 10:45 PM
Concert this weekend!
I just found out that a local festival is hosting a free Rockstar concert this weekend in Fort Erie (Buffalo). Including the official h
8 messages
07-03-07 10:41 AM
What a friggin joke. Vince Neil appeared on just as many freakin reality shows. One time even on Queer Eye for the Straight guy! ROCK S
Wacko Jacko
2 messages
06-21-07 08:38 AM
It's Official - Rockstar Cancelled
From ROCK STAR TV SHOW AXED: It is official - Rock Star, the TV show that put Inxs back on the road in 2005 and th
Wacko Jacko
4 messages
06-05-07 08:15 PM
Supernova rumor mill
Read, and interpret yourself.
2 messages
05-24-07 07:28 AM
Interviews With Delana and Magni
Here's links to two interviews, one with Delana and one with Magni, posted on a citizen journalism website: [url]http://
0 messages
05-08-07 02:45 PM
Next Rock Star
Any word on the next one? [size=3]Fun Reality TV Games: [url=http://www.Last2Left.c
7 messages
03-28-07 01:44 PM
Review of February 5th show in Detroit
Hi Everyone: A friend of mine went to the show in Detroit this past monday. here is his review. Very positive....and Magni made it afte
Wacko Jacko
1 messages
03-14-07 11:18 AM
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