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Great idea for the FINALE
I was thinking about the big finale and trying to figure out if it could be fair. Of course we all know they have made their choice by now, but jus
3 messages
09-18-05 04:22 PM
Cutting to the Chase
Alright, this is about over, and while its been fun to speculate about what was and is going to happen, lets just cut to the chase. L
10 messages
09-18-05 01:27 PM
Suzie gets the encore - Barf!
The band deserves the encore not her. Any one of them coulda hit the notes of Bohemian Rhapsody and the band would have had them rockin.
19 messages
09-17-05 11:37 AM
What happenned to Dave Navaro?
Do you guys remember the first episode? The rockers were told that Dave was going to play an important part in their stay, and that h
Cathy the Canadian
8 messages
09-17-05 01:31 AM
Chat Transcripts for Mac users Jordis Unga
Digital Dish Diva says: Welcome to MSN Live! This afternoon we are joined by "Rock Star: INXS" contestant Jordis who was eliminated fro
1 messages
09-17-05 01:07 AM
Chat Transcripts for Mac users Jon & Garry
Digital Dish Diva says: Welcome to MSN Live. This afternoon we are pleased to welcome INXS band members Jon Farriss and Garry Beers from "Roc
1 messages
09-17-05 00:38 AM
Chat Transcripts for Mac users Tim & Kirk
Someone with a mac can't follow the links to chats so I'll post the text from a bunch. Feel free to skip them. Digital Dish Diva says%
1 messages
09-16-05 11:55 PM
All-Time Performance Love List
As Brooke said, that was our last performance show. As I missed the early part of the season, I want to know what are your all-time favourite per
6 messages
09-16-05 10:02 PM
Answers to questions about the future
I was going to put this under the "Fitting In vs New Direction Thread" but then I saw answers to other questions we've been batting around so I
19 messages
09-16-05 09:42 PM
Even CBS loves JD
YEAH BABY!!!!! They've finally seen the light. Even CBS those JD haters can't stop him, the unstoppable force. They've come over t
12 messages
09-16-05 09:20 PM
JD as Elvis
Ever since JD said he had been an Elvis impersonator, I can't get past how he sounds like him every time he sings. No one has mentioned this and
8 messages
09-16-05 08:53 PM
A few small hints about tonight's elimination show [View All]
This does not include who was booted. INXS songs sung tonight by the bottom 3: Suicide Blonde By My Side What You Ne
31 messages
09-16-05 04:47 PM
9/14 I can't believe X didn't make it to the final 3! [View All]
okay, yada yada yada for those who aren't on east coast time and are compulsively checking this before the show comes on in their time zone and ye
75 messages
09-16-05 10:21 AM
Who won't make it to the final three?
I think it has to be Suzie. I really thought she would stay because they love her voice and would want a woman in the final 3 but she's been in the
15 messages
09-15-05 10:08 PM
Rock Star Love List: week 10 [View All]
Week ten performances have come and gone. Have your feelings of admiration for some or loathing for others been changed? Time to fess up. Who are yo
22 messages
09-15-05 03:09 PM
Fitting In vs New Direction [View All]
So, if you had a rock band and needed to replace a key member, would you want someone who sounds like you already? Or would you rather someone
21 messages
09-15-05 02:15 PM
I'm pssst @ Marty for smashing his guitar!
Yeah, yeah, I know it's a Rock-n-Roll thing to do. But, c'mon! It was a beautiful guitar! It was given to him on
4 messages
09-15-05 01:33 PM
Live Performance Spoiler Thread [View All]
Where's Loree?
33 messages
09-15-05 12:26 PM
Performance Reviews
Marty: A+++ I thought Marty was absolutely great with Trees. That being said, I think he did exactly what he wanted to do, en
2 messages
09-15-05 09:44 AM
Predictions Anyone?
I realize some have posted predictions on other threads but thought I would start one just for that purpose. Here is mine: If Mig is in
9 messages
09-14-05 04:44 PM
I think that the girl with dah dread locks should make it i mean she's really cool AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE ROCK!!!!
2 messages
09-14-05 12:10 PM
What would Simon have said?
After watching Tuesday's performances, several thoughts ran through my head: (1) The first thought was, wow, I think Garry h
4 messages
09-14-05 12:06 PM
Conspiracy Theorists unite
A while back it was mentioned that in a live internet chat, some of the band members said that there was a performer who they didn't think was rig
7 messages
09-14-05 11:45 AM
Pretty Vegas has won it for JD
The bottom line for this entire show is who will make the most money for INXS. That is the reality of an aging band who want to get on the summer con
5 messages
09-14-05 10:43 AM
I just don't understand the Mig love. He cannot keep a tune and his stage performance is so painful to watch. Nice abs, though.
2 messages
09-14-05 09:52 AM
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