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Excuse Me!
~~Folks have already explained to you why that phrase is part of our lexicon. Since this thread isn't really about the show, I'm going to lo
2 messages
08-09-06 10:04 PM
The Word for Today is Encore...Not Anchor
LMAO! I'm sorry but I just couldn't help it! :) Encore is doing another performance. Anchor is what you throw off the side o
5 messages
08-09-06 09:14 PM
Just a thought on mic useage.
Has anyone noticed how many of the contestants start the same way WEEK AFTER WEEK AFTER WEEK? They start with the mic on the stand, sing the firs
5 messages
08-09-06 09:05 PM
Paul M.'s Blog
For those who may not have noticed, a couple of the House band members (OB:House as Paul refer's to it) have blogs up on the official site n
5 messages
08-09-06 05:32 PM
The Designated Hatchet Man
Anyone else think this is weird already?? Can't they switch from week to week??
12 messages
08-09-06 11:31 AM
Song Selection for this week [View All]
Dilana - Won't Get Fooled Again (The Who) Jill - Mother Mother (Tracy Bonham) Ryan - Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones)
38 messages
08-08-06 08:24 PM
Rockstar's Tattoos [View All]
Is it just me, or does anyone else think the tattoos on the rockstars look kind of bad? Sort of like melted rainbow sherbet. http://www
32 messages
08-08-06 01:11 PM
Supernova Love List: week 5 [View All]
So what did you think of the week five performances by these eleven rockers? Have new favorites emerged, did old favorites make your heart beat fa
60 messages
08-06-06 07:31 AM
Hot tall are they?
Does anyone know the heights of the contestants, I know people look taller on Tv, but I was shoked to find out Jill was 4'11.
4 messages
08-05-06 11:46 PM
Gilby and his wife Daniella
This is from September 4, 2001. I bet she could kick Jill's butt ds/User_files/44d5
0 messages
08-05-06 09:35 PM
SWITCH - The Tour [View All]
Hi, all. The countdown begins until I see INXS next weekend (Feb 11) and I was wondering if anyone else here has been to a show yet or has tick
48 messages
08-05-06 05:58 PM
Who is thinking what? [View All]
I can not believe that Dana was the one to go tonight. I didn't see her as a front for the band but she has more talent that several that are still
21 messages
08-05-06 02:54 PM
Which 3? [View All]
[font color="maroon"]Tuesday night after Patrice performed with Tommy, Dave said that 8 of the 11 would disappear in front of Tommy. So w
29 messages
08-05-06 02:43 PM
Still can't stand the host of the show!!
Hey!! I can wear bad mismatched clothes, stand still and read off cards like her!! Her affect irritates me and puts me to sleep%
18 messages
08-05-06 00:08 AM
East Coast Discussion Thread 8/1 [View All]
Let's discuss tonight's performances here.
103 messages
08-03-06 10:12 AM
Result night - week 5 [View All]
And the "anchor" goes to.... Ryan! Singers in the bottom 3 at some time during the voting: Toby Patrice%
25 messages
08-03-06 10:03 AM
Unaired Phil Boot Footage
We have all heard about Phil getting axed for a newspaper interview. Seen the transcript. Here now is the cut footage with SuperNova. htt
Wacko Jacko
3 messages
08-03-06 09:14 AM
Should Be/Will Be
Who is your bottom 3? Who do you think the world will kick to the curb? Do you agree with the early results? Toby Zay
10 messages
08-03-06 01:38 AM
I liked Dana's performance of The Who last night. Teenage Wasteland was a song in a movie that I have seen recently. That song is in my head now.
the who
4 messages
08-03-06 00:40 AM
TLEE......what is up with you??
Is it just me or is TLee an idiot sometimes....if not all the time. He has nothing to say and when he does try and speak he sounds like he is higher t
12 messages
08-02-06 01:44 PM
Anyone Else Think Gilby Is A Jerk? [View All]
Gilby really got on my nerves the last show. It bothered me that he went on and on at Jill for gyrating behind him when she was singing and he was pla
31 messages
08-02-06 01:39 PM
Song Selections Week #5 [View All]
Patrice – Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder) – with T Lee on drums Josh – Santeria (Sublime) Dilana – Can’t Get Enough (Bad C
31 messages
08-02-06 12:29 PM
Are Dilana & Magni a Couple?.....-Need Input Please!
I don't know where I got this from, but something is itching at me that there is something going on between those two.....If there was, I would
3 messages
08-02-06 11:35 AM
Rock Star unfair
I was amazed Jill was criticized for 'grinding' during her performance. What a crock...double standards. Look what Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro we
1 messages
08-01-06 09:11 PM
INXS has used a female lead singer before!
Hey, I saw it on this very website--on the Rock Star INXS page. It's in the article by Wade Paulsen (6/25/04) about claims of idea theft %
1 messages
07-31-06 10:31 PM
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