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Latest articles [View All]
A new thread (the other was getting long) to post INXS articles! My addition, from [
23 messages
01-01-06 05:25 PM
Pretty Vegas Video Premiere Tonight!!! [View All]
From [i]Pretty Vegas video premiere tonight! The world premiere of the 'Pretty Vegas' video hits US TV screens this eve
31 messages
12-08-05 09:26 AM
INXS wins at Vh-1 Big in 05 awards!
INXS won the "Old School Comeback" award and performed New Sensation & Pretty Vegas. You can see New Sensation on (a V-spot exclusive
4 messages
12-07-05 04:56 PM
I'm back
Hi there. I know, I know it's been awhile. I'm home sick today and catching up on all sorts of stuff. I admit I've had my priorit
6 messages
12-01-05 08:51 AM
RockStar DVD
MB is putting out an official RockStar DVD. Here is some new information about the Rock Star: INXS DVD that comes out on Nov. 29th:
8 messages
11-29-05 11:27 AM
INXS in Vegas Promo
There's a promotion out this week by Infinity radio stations and the website where winners get to fly to Vegas to see the band
1 messages
11-29-05 09:42 AM
JD/INXS appearances [View All]
Besides Craig Ferguson. INXS will also be on ELLEN on Friday the 23rd.
69 messages
11-28-05 00:26 AM
On the new album Switch one of the songs is "Hungry". INXS had written this song before this year. One of their temporary lead singers (Jon St
5 messages
11-16-05 02:43 PM
JD news [View All] 0,4136,95750,00.html
28 messages
11-16-05 10:36 AM
MiG/Marty interview .php?index=1&story_id=52082
15 messages
11-15-05 04:43 PM
JD on the radio on Monday night
JD Fortune and musical brother Dave Gunning will be Ben McCully's co-hosts on the Night Ride this (November 14th) Monday night...this means JD a
0 messages
11-12-05 10:12 AM
I stumbled upon.. Sweet Suzie
DW were in Niagara Falls last night and hanging out at Casino Niagara around 8 p.m., when we saw a poster for a free concert at 10 p.m. featuring Su
5 messages
11-02-05 09:00 PM
Never been a fan of Ticket Master -- Who got their Tickets??? I logged on as soon as presale tix were activated & at 10:01 a.m.%2
10 messages
11-02-05 12:50 PM
The Rockstar tour
Suzie, Marty, Deanna and Ty are all confirmed for the Rockstar Tour coming in November / December. Additional rockers may also join. No word on
6 messages
11-02-05 11:09 AM
M.H.: Suicide Or Accident?
I'm going here because in all the articles surrounding the show, most of the press says Michael "hanged himself" or "took his own life" or
16 messages
10-22-05 02:20 PM
Your favorite INXS Member OTHER than JD
I of course am fawning over JD, but how about other INXS members? I lvoe Kirk for his humor (read his bio on the INXS website for a laugh),
1 messages
10-18-05 01:14 PM
INXS Stuff on Ebay
There's some cool, cool stuff. Autographed guitar pics and sheet music. Interesting just to look at. Some items being sold to benefit the Eliza
2 messages
10-18-05 12:07 PM
AOL radio station
As found on the page, AOL now has an all INXS radio station. I'm listening right now! http://community.realitytvworld
3 messages
10-17-05 01:28 PM
Pretty Vegas
Pretty Vegas appeared on this weeks episode of Las Vegas. It was funny because Rockstar appeared on CBS and Las Vegas is on another network. Good to
Wacko Jacko
3 messages
10-17-05 12:05 PM
The start of the INXS tour
This is the beginning of the tour. Seems they are starting out small and working towards a bigger tour in the summer. INXS TOUR ITINERARY
15 messages
10-16-05 03:59 PM
Rock Star 2006
Not seen this posted yet, and did a search but did not find anything.. This topic of discussion is around what you think could happen n
16 messages
10-12-05 10:17 PM
PLAYING TONIGHT!!!!! Only $5 cover in Hermosa Beach, CA
Brandon, Marty, Mig, Jordis, Ty, Susie and most of the other cast members will be preforming tonight at a Hurricane Katrina Benefit in Hermo
2 messages
10-11-05 11:07 AM
What the Aussie press says... [View All]
New INXS frontman named Wednesday Sep 21 16:30 AEST After a global search, INXS has chosen Canadian singer JD Fortune to front t
56 messages
10-08-05 01:39 PM
One thing that struck my funny bone is................
When the original INXS group took the stage with both Marty and J.D. fronting it really emphasized the age of the original group didn't it? The o
13 messages
10-02-05 03:00 PM
Rockstar 2....
Are there any other musicians here that are thinking of throwing their hat in the ring for next year?
5 messages
09-30-05 10:03 PM
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