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Conferences Rock Star (Protected)
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The one real drawback of being at the taping--I couldn't turn down the volume when she talked. At home, I hold the remote, always ready to hit m
3 messages
09-21-05 08:44 AM
Through Debating, . . . Simply Waiting
I have run the gamit with respect to churning this thing over and over in my head, and frankly, am relieved today is here, so I can move on with
20 messages
09-21-05 00:01 AM
the Spoilers are starting to trickle in [View All]
This does NOT tell who won. This is repeated from another board. Someone just got it off the phone from someone who had come out of the ta
26 messages
09-20-05 10:11 PM
0 messages
09-20-05 08:20 PM
I'm really surprised they didn't...
do a live feed to announce the winner. Loree reported that the audience signed confidentiality agreements, with the threat of being sued
0 messages
09-20-05 08:20 PM
Finale Taping on Tuesday [View All]
Hey, the finale is taping on Tuesday instead of Sunday. I'm on the list to get in, but I'm on the fence about actually going. I'v
22 messages
09-20-05 08:10 PM
Spoiler - Amendment (Read at your own Risk)
This is posted on the board where Loree got her spoiler info from and is from the person who posted the original spoiler info. Doesn't sound good t
4 messages
09-20-05 06:26 PM
Which rocker are you?
Some fluff stuff while we wait for 10 to roll around. JPL's post in another thread got me thinking, "My wife is into Marty as well
7 messages
09-20-05 06:04 PM
All-time Performance Disaster List
To piggyback on trigirl's thread: What were the WORST performances of Rock Star INXS? You can view a list and listen to snipits of past perfor
15 messages
09-20-05 04:52 PM
Interesting article [View All]
This article talks a little about the haunted mansion. MALENE ARPE TORONTO STAR LOS ANGELES—Tonight is the night fo
23 messages
09-20-05 04:23 PM
Has it begun?
Has the taping for the final started? Anyone know anything. Surely they will have a live feed for the anouncement of the winner, don't you thi
0 messages
09-20-05 01:59 PM
History of Rock
The music. The music. The music. The music. I tuned into this show because the music caught my eye while flipping channels one day. BTW
5 messages
09-20-05 09:39 AM
TREES - Weeping Willow or Budding Pine??
I'm curious....does anyone else think Trees is god awful??? I like Marty...but I can't get into this Tree thing. Everything about it is ju
16 messages
09-20-05 09:29 AM
Rock Star Mansion
I've been at that house before. I scouted it as a possible location for a film...I've been looking for those photos, (not too hard, since I
7 messages
09-20-05 09:24 AM
Marty CREEPS me out!
AND I LOVE IT. I have listened to his rendition of Creep probably 20 times and I just love it. No it wasn't perfect but I can't get it out of my
6 messages
09-18-05 07:50 PM
I hope INXS....
...chooses JD ...immediately goes on a whirlwind tour of radio stations around the US doing acoustic sets of Pretty Vegas (push that hit song%2
2 messages
09-18-05 07:15 PM
Chat Transcripts for Mac users Dave Navarro
Digital Dish Diva says: Welcome to MSN Live! This afternoon we are excited to chat with "Rock Star: INXS" host Dave Navarro. %0
2 messages
09-18-05 07:13 PM
Chat Transcripts for Mac users Ty Taylor
Digital Dish Diva says: Welcome to MSN Live! This morning we are pleased to welcome Ty Taylor to MSN Live! Ty was eliminated last night fro
2 messages
09-18-05 07:09 PM
I LOVE MIG! [View All]
So MIG wasn't great one night. He is overall the most consistent performer. I will never listen or watch or buy anything for INXS again if JD wins
29 messages
09-18-05 07:00 PM
Great idea for the FINALE
I was thinking about the big finale and trying to figure out if it could be fair. Of course we all know they have made their choice by now, but jus
3 messages
09-18-05 04:22 PM
Cutting to the Chase
Alright, this is about over, and while its been fun to speculate about what was and is going to happen, lets just cut to the chase. L
10 messages
09-18-05 01:27 PM
Suzie gets the encore - Barf!
The band deserves the encore not her. Any one of them coulda hit the notes of Bohemian Rhapsody and the band would have had them rockin.
19 messages
09-17-05 11:37 AM
What happenned to Dave Navaro?
Do you guys remember the first episode? The rockers were told that Dave was going to play an important part in their stay, and that h
Cathy the Canadian
8 messages
09-17-05 01:31 AM
Chat Transcripts for Mac users Jordis Unga
Digital Dish Diva says: Welcome to MSN Live! This afternoon we are joined by "Rock Star: INXS" contestant Jordis who was eliminated fro
1 messages
09-17-05 01:07 AM
Chat Transcripts for Mac users Jon & Garry
Digital Dish Diva says: Welcome to MSN Live. This afternoon we are pleased to welcome INXS band members Jon Farriss and Garry Beers from "Roc
1 messages
09-17-05 00:38 AM
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