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There's a new whore in town....
Heh, did anyone notice that the WB is joining the list of networks pusing reality shows? I think it's called No Limits or something like that a
3 messages
04-10-01 01:05 AM
Eco-Challenge Borneo
The show won't be around long enough for much discussion to take place as it only runs from Monday through Thursday of this week, but I have to co
5 messages
04-10-01 04:04 AM
Could it be...
That I'm the first to post on this brand new board? Survivorerist **GO AMBER!**
5 messages
04-10-01 01:56 PM
Who Wants To Be A Survivor?
Ever heard of "Weakest Link"? Contestants answer general knowledge questions and at the end of the show, vote off their, you guessed it,
Joe DiNimite
2 messages
04-12-01 03:30 PM
Bands On The Run... Saw it, thought it interesting
OK, I ran across the first episode of this this weekend at like 2AM or something on VH1. ...offhand, I thought it was pretty interestin
3 messages
04-18-01 02:30 PM
Weakest Link On Tomorrow, everybody watch
Just thought I'd remind everyone that The Weakest Link premieres tomorrow at 8/7c. I'll be watching because it sounds interesting (secretly%2
10 messages
04-18-01 05:12 PM
Chains of Love
I found myself watching this show and for some reason I couldn't turn it off. I was expecting something like a cross between Blind Date & Survivo
2 messages
04-19-01 10:47 PM
Just a note that USA Networks will be running an Eco-challenge end-to-end marathon TOMORROW, Sunday April 15 starting at NOON.
2 messages
04-20-01 00:41 AM
The Weakest Link Was sponsored by
Hey, Webbie, is there something you're not telling us? I mean the "subtle" question that mentions AK (the historical figure)? And
6 messages
04-20-01 00:54 AM
Watching TV this weekend I saw a commercial for I believe Monistat (or some other feminine itching product) that had a girl in it that looked [b
7 messages
04-26-01 03:47 PM
"Loft Story" (French Big Brother)
Anyone else see this? French Big Brother has started, and the French are complaining -- shocker here -- that it's not exciting enough.
1 messages
05-03-01 06:00 AM
Cry for Help
Okay, that was it. I watched "Chains of Love" last night (it was Technoir's fault--she ridiculed my woolie until I agreed to watch). %0
5 messages
05-03-01 05:46 PM
New Show "LOST" on NBC
Just saw this on TV... thought someone might be interested... [I]Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely LOST?
0 messages
05-06-01 03:59 AM
Fantasy Survivor
I'm Looking For 16 Contestants For A Fantasy Survivor Game. I'm looking for a group of diverse, interesting information. My e-mail is arg1499%4
0 messages
05-06-01 04:47 PM
Celebrity Weakest Link
Here is a transcript of the real episode of Celebrity Weakest Link 7/1:BPAGE4
Drive My Car
0 messages
05-10-01 07:05 PM
Living Dolls on HBO
Did anyone else see this documentary? It was about children competing in beauty pageants. It really disturbed me how some of the parents really push
Mon Cherie
2 messages
06-12-01 09:01 AM
Popstars 2
Well this forum isn't getting used enough so I figured it was time to post something, ~anything~ here! Anywaaaay the Popstars franchise is
1 messages
07-15-01 11:07 PM
Canada shows the world how to do a real survivor show. Nuff said. s/User_fil
Leif Eriksen
10 messages
07-16-01 10:52 AM
USA's Cannonball Run 20001
Anyone see night 1 of this on Sunday? Apparently it's on all week. The reason I mention it here is because S1's Susan, S2's Jeff
18 messages
08-14-01 10:10 PM
Murder in Small Town X
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-22-01 AT 04:23 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
10 messages
08-27-01 02:44 AM
New name to the boards but not new to this site
Hi all! I have been viewing these boards for over a year now and I finally took my stalkings to the stage! I've been reading the boards on BB1
3 messages
09-25-01 05:37 PM
"Lost" rescheduling
According to clickTV (which becomes part of tommorrow), the next episode of "Lost" will not run until a week from this Wednesday
5 messages
09-27-01 10:42 AM
Originally announced for sometime after Memorial Day, this 15 episode war games show is now coming this fall. Check http://www.combatmissions
1 messages
09-27-01 12:53 PM
'Lost' to be shelved after three episodes...
Well, forget about seeing that second set of three couples during episodes #4-6... from:
3 messages
10-05-01 02:55 PM
did anyone watch lost?
I can't believe that they intentionally made a 3 episode show. Do you think they were trying to get a bunch of reality-type shows taped when the st
4 messages
10-05-01 05:30 PM
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