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Julie Chen: Worst Ever
[b]Julie Chen: WORST. HOSTESS. EVER.[/b] As they sit around the living room, Julie asks Gerry if he'd do anything differ
18 messages
07-29-02 11:41 AM
Josh Cheats the Law
Wow what a surprise, another BB contestant in court. But guess what? He's actually on the "good guys'" side! Well not really - read t
3 messages
07-29-02 07:31 PM
Roddy sucks
I [b] HATE[/b] him! I can't even say anything more, I hate him. I hope someone wins HOH and put up Him and his lookalike.
15 messages
07-30-02 06:01 PM
"Tonight, we drink Citrona" -- NOT!
A hilarious moment on the feeds: Citrona, a malt beverage by Stolichnaya, is a sponsor of BB3. Malt beverages, once called "wine
4 messages
07-31-02 11:16 AM
Amy in trouble too....
BB3 has kept the the Smoking Gun busy this year. Yep, Amy too has had trouble with the law. Jeez, CBS, do you think it would be possible to cast
18 messages
08-01-02 04:16 PM
Episode 2 Summary
I can't find the summary of the 2nd episode. I don't get this show here in India. This is the only place which provides an accurate and humorous a
9 messages
08-01-02 05:04 PM
**OFFICIAL EPISODE SUMMARY ** BB3 ep 9 Everybody Talk Talks
Drive My Car
18 messages
08-04-02 10:52 PM
Episode 2 summary?
Anyone who taped episode 2 and wants to contribute a summary of it ... or even anyone who watched episode 2 and just remembers it well enough to summa
1 messages
08-01-02 06:38 PM
SeeBS Editing Of BB3
I only have one thing to say about SeeBS's editing of BB3: [b]WORST.EDITING.EVER[/b] Reasons: 1) Trying d
7 messages
08-05-02 01:37 PM
I bet she has Hef on speed-dial.
So Tonya's favorite magazine is Playboy. Wow what a surprise! Except not... :-)
2 messages
08-05-02 01:40 PM
Food Competition
Chiwhora could have done great in the twinkie eating portion. Twinkies are about 5 in long and 2 in wide...but on the flipside they are soft.
4 messages
08-05-02 05:26 PM
Uh, Kokoro?
How is the summary/summaries of Episodes 6, 7, and 8 coming along?
11 messages
08-06-02 12:05 PM
ChiWhora the Stripper
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-06-02 AT 07:04 AM (EST)[/font] As Eric and Lisa were discussing where to live after the show %
6 messages
08-07-02 12:57 PM
Chia-ho, whatta HO!
There's another thread on Chia-ho's DUI, but I wanted to post this separately from that issue by saying that Chia-Ho is the [b]BI
66 messages
08-06-02 05:35 PM
Exactly who's going to watch this show...
when all the girls are gone? Watching Jerry and Josh pretend to be friends, watching Roddy throwing little duckies into a bucket with h
19 messages
08-07-02 03:27 PM
ChiWhora Redux - Can SeeBS Save Her?
Tonight's (Wednesday's) television broadcast was full of good humour. Well, at least to those of us that stay aware of the feeds, since w
22 messages
08-07-02 05:58 PM
Just can't get that darn math
How in the heck did Eric get the height question so far off???????????? Moron. I did it in my frickin head and got 192 as an
4 messages
08-08-02 04:01 PM
Stupid ChiWhora sayings
Someone thought of the wonderful idea of starting this thread on another board, being that there are those that want to stay in denial of Chi's at
4 messages
08-09-02 11:21 AM
Danielle the Grinder! ARGGGGGH!!!!!!!!
Up until now, I have really liked Danielle (I actually still do)...BUT..........SHEEEEESH! I would NEVER be able to sleep within 20 feet of t
8 messages
08-09-02 02:28 PM
"You Got a Bug on You"
Was that not the worst thing that a "journalist" can do on live TV? My jaw dropped. Julie Chen is by far the worst person on TV. How many tim
7 messages
08-09-02 02:41 PM
Why bother to even fill out an application?
When I was listening to the live feeds on Thursday afternoon, I was listening to Gerry and Roddy starting to talk about how *NEITHER* of them go
14 messages
08-12-02 03:58 PM
*** Official Summary BB3 episode 10 I Hanker for a Hunka Cheese
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-06-02 AT 06:55 PM (EST)[/font] Episode 10 *************%2
Drive My Car
13 messages
08-12-02 04:20 PM
Julie Chen
Picture this strange woman living in the house trying to escape evictions. Nobody would ever watch that show. She would be evicted faster then she can
5 messages
08-14-02 01:52 PM
BB3 Summaries
Hello again, everyone! BB1 was running at the time SBlows/BBBites was started, and so we didn't write any summaries for it. For
45 messages
08-14-02 07:22 PM
Last time on BB, the Hamsters were shocked when Gerry strung together a couple brain cells and voted out the strongest competition. Erod is on his w
12 messages
08-15-02 02:07 AM
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