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Chenbot...what was the deal tonight?
Is it just me, or was anyone else distracted by her makeup and clothing? Her nose appeared to have dark shading along the sides - very strange.
Kitty VanCat
4 messages
07-29-05 12:57 PM
James mad at Eric
Maybe I missed something but why was James upset at Eric? It seemed to brew from something last week. After Eric was nominated he took off a basebal
4 messages
07-28-05 06:22 PM
buh-bye.. Cappy!
Hey Cappy... don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out! Bwaahaaahaaaaa!!! Kaysar is one of the smartest players I've ever seen
6 messages
07-29-05 02:46 PM
Big Brother #6: The Summer Of Vengeance!
Come on, Julie -- isn't that the real theme this year? An endless procession of hamsters screaming 'My name is Desperate Attention-Seeking Wh
8 messages
07-29-05 09:38 PM
BB6: Be the hamster, Week 2
Hello, houseguests. How was your week? (uncomfortable silence) Michael, I'm insulted. You claw on all the girls all week while
51 messages
07-30-05 06:07 AM
Michael's "grandparents" comment
Hi all, We are trying to figure out why Michael made the joke about asking Eric how his grandparents died. It was such an odd thing to s
6 messages
07-30-05 12:05 PM
Official Big Bother Summary *BONUS DOUBLE HEADER!!!* (723-7/26/05)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-27-05 AT 01:33 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
27 messages
07-30-05 07:07 PM
Maggie Gets HOH
Who will Maggie, fellow of squatty body "Cappy" Eric, nominate for eviction? I say Janelle and Kasar. Maggie talked about how sh
14 messages
08-01-05 01:49 PM
Silly question, but why doesn't BB let the houseguests sing in the house? It makes no sense to me?! geekboy
6 messages
08-01-05 06:11 PM
Pick sides
The way things are going it's almost like two teams are playing. You have Kaysar's team versus what-remains-of-Cappy's team. When Maggie won
6 messages
08-02-05 06:42 AM
BB6 Episode 9 Summary
[font size = 5][b][u]Big Brother 6 Episode #9: Cappy-tal Punishment[/font][/b][/u] To recap where w
Bucky Katt
8 messages
08-02-05 05:34 PM
BB6 Episode 10 Summary
[font size = 5][b][u]Big Brother 6 Episode #10: Boobs and Rubes[/font][/b][/u] To recap where we ar
Bucky Katt
6 messages
08-02-05 08:48 PM
Ivette Mouthing
What I want to know is what makes Ivette think she's so tough? I heard her say at least 10 times last night "I'm gonna go Cuban on him" or
29 messages
08-03-05 02:53 PM
Move Sequester House to Hell's Kitchen!!
All these idiots care about is getting to the sequester house. I think the only people who have NOT fantasized about the sequester house are Howie an
2 messages
08-03-05 04:42 PM
"Friendship" bites
Friendship sucks. Friendship is hypocritical and freakin annoying, and does not belong on this type of show. Maggot should be booted sol
3 messages
08-03-05 06:59 PM
James and Anthony Michael Hall?
Does anybody else think that James sounds like Anthony Michael Hall from "The Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles" when he talks?
captain pikachu
12 messages
08-03-05 08:31 PM
Maggie's non-deal with Rachel/Howie
Prior to the nominations, Maggie proposed to Rachel & Howie that she would keep them safe if they agreed not to put her up next week. They agreed
6 messages
08-04-05 08:48 AM
BB6: Be the Hamster, Week 4
Hello, houseguests. What do you think? Did you like my more conservative outfit? Beau -- I wasn't asking you. Not if you think Ivette is one o
42 messages
08-04-05 06:43 PM
I Have A Sinking Feeling...
I really think they're going to bring back some "ghost tribe" hamsters. Julie keeps hinting at it, and we have the sequestration of the
32 messages
08-04-05 08:22 PM
BB6 Episode 11 Summary
[font size = 5][b][u]Big Brother 6 Episode #11: Five Sisters & Four Brothers[/font][/b][/u] To re
Bucky Katt
5 messages
08-05-05 09:06 AM
Vote Kasar back in the house.
There is no thread dedicated to voting on Kasar, so I'll start one. To vote for Kasar go here
4 messages
08-05-05 09:19 AM
Does Maggie have the hots for Cappy?
Ok, is it just me, or is Maggie just WAAAAAY to emotional over Cappy leaving the house? I mean, she keeps saying how much she loves him and
9 messages
08-05-05 02:37 PM
kaysar is evil
kaysar must go he is awful he give siraquis a bad name sure hes playing the game well but he needs to get on his carpet with ivette an dhowie and go
10 messages
08-05-05 02:55 PM
Goodbye Kaysar! Hello Kaysar!
Let the door hit your a$$ on the way out that way it won't close, which would allow you to get back in easily. Is there any doubt the K man wi
3 messages
08-05-05 02:55 PM
Will James' POV winning streak continue?
and can we please stop saying Sarah [b]won[/b] POV competition? Puh-lease. She managed to hit her screen twice. And one hit negated the
3 messages
08-05-05 08:42 PM
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