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Marvin and MILF
[font color="maroon"]MArvin calls Karen MILF, even though she's not a mother. And CBS doesn't censor it or tell him to stop? Do th
25 messages
08-30-04 12:40 PM
WTH is wrong with Will?
I liked him in the house until he got nominated. Okay sure he felt betrayed but wasn't it he and Karen that kept badmouthing others behind their ba
14 messages
08-30-04 07:33 PM
How stupid is Natalie?
Natalie: "Nakomis, I need a reason why you put me up." Nakomis: "Uhh, because you broke a direct promise to me where you, v
64 messages
08-31-04 09:23 AM
I suck
One million apologies for not doing my summary in a timely manner... life interrupted my reality tv viewing too much. Since the Thursday and Saturday
4 messages
08-31-04 12:16 PM
Official BB5 Ep 6 Recap "Snag the Veto, Spoil the House"
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-29-04 AT 10:57 PM (EST)[/font] [b]Previously[/b] on Big Bother 5, Marvin won HoH a
5 messages
08-31-04 04:09 PM
Official Big Brother 5 Episode 22 Summary: "Project DNA: Discussing Natalie Again"
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-28-04 AT 09:24 PM (EST)[/font] [u][b]Official Big Brother 5 Episode 22 Summary: "P
12 messages
09-01-04 04:04 PM
Who's going this week? Polls
Has anyone noticed that the top two vote getters are Adria and Scott? Yes, Scott. Even though his name is blacked out and you can't vote for h
Wacko Jacko
2 messages
09-02-04 12:02 PM
Cowboy crying....
Why does this dude cry so much? When he was crying when he was on the phone last night, he looked like such a goofus. What is wrong with him? I
19 messages
09-02-04 07:37 PM
Was Anyone else a bit frightened when...
Nakomis was talking about the small doses of pain and her interesting "pass times"?
19 messages
09-02-04 10:26 PM
Marvin blew his last chance... any type of alliance. I know he doesn't like A, but he has got to know that teaming up with A and CB were his best chance at staying in the
15 messages
09-03-04 08:14 PM
Bless her heart, Diane is just
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-03-04 AT 09:30 AM (EST)[/font] [font color=navy blue]white trash. I can't think of a s
6 messages
09-04-04 01:02 AM
Official BB5 Episode 21 Summary: Screw Your Sibling
Hey everyone, time for another edition of Big Bother 5. For everyone who has either been watching the Olympics or just living a normal life, rest
10 messages
09-04-04 04:39 PM
Official BB5 Episode 23 Summary
[b][font size=5]BB5 Episode 23 – An Ice Block’s Chance in He[]ll of Winning[/b][/font] No Saturday episode so
Bucky Katt
7 messages
09-04-04 10:27 PM
Official BB5 Episode 24 Summary – House Calls with Gretchen and Marcellas
G: Hi, I’m Gretchen Massey and this is my partner in crime, the always wonderful Marcellas Reynolds. This is “House Calls” the daily tal
7 messages
09-05-04 04:12 PM
Natalie & Will
What kind of insulting, condescending remark was that one that Natalie made to Will, "kinda like Charles Manson!" Well, yes Natalie, exa
26 messages
09-05-04 06:08 PM
julie chen sucks
Julie --we look forward to big brother 3 times a week (even though it changes times and sometimes is not even on) but the way you treated Marvin a
lawrence moore
0 messages
09-05-04 10:04 PM
BB the Movie coming soon to a lockeddown theater near u
OMG!!! I really should have been headed off to bed last night, but I couldn't look away from CBs dillusional rants. Lori had to
5 messages
09-06-04 08:58 AM
Marvin and Diane
Now, I defended both of them in the past, but tonight they proved that they are both disgusting. When I saw Adria saying her goodbyes, Diane was
39 messages
09-06-04 09:51 AM
OFFICIAL BB5 Ep 25 Summary "HOH For A Day"
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-05-04 AT 03:19 PM (EST)[/font] [b]Previously,[/b] Marvin kissed Diane, Cowputz s
7 messages
09-08-04 04:27 PM
Cowboy's Best Moves
Can anyone join in and make me laugh? My top two are: When the twins were introduces and he yelled "No Way", and then
1 messages
09-08-04 05:04 PM
Crazy Quotes
This is not intended to be a Twin bash Thread, but each one of them last night said something that made me do a doubletake. When Natalie
21 messages
09-09-04 10:28 AM
Karen - 'The Game Is On'???
WHATEVER! She picked an interesting time to turn her "game on" as she said she was doing last night AFTER she was put on the block. It's a l
12 messages
09-09-04 11:08 AM
Maybe he *does* have some entertainment value in the post-BB5 world after all. Didn't we discover last night that he has great potential as a m
Just Plain Bill
19 messages
09-09-04 04:40 PM
Back Door'd and Drained!
Is it just me or did Karen seem extra whiney when she was emoting to the Chenbot last night? Was she dating Count Vlad over the back gate of the ho
5 messages
09-10-04 03:55 PM
DNA alternatives
While we are waiting for tonight's BB, I thought I'd pose a question. I like questions :D Does anyone have any other meanings
8 messages
09-10-04 04:35 PM
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