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Scott and his nipples...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-10-04 AT 08:19 AM (EST)[/font] Ok, I have been going over to Jokersupdates and bb5bbq and lo
34 messages
07-13-04 12:01 PM
Alternative Vetos
The whole veto thing is hooey to begin with, and every time they expand the concept it becomes more of a yawn. Pretty soon they will run out of pre
13 messages
07-13-04 06:11 PM
The Amazing Race - *Mild Spoilers*
I am sure many of you knew that Alison from last year's Big Brother, along with her boyfriend Donny, was a team on The Amazing Race. And the mi
0 messages
07-14-04 01:36 AM
Marvin gives me the creeps
Black is beautiful but this guy is just creepy and slimy. Does he give anyone else the willies?
36 messages
07-14-04 02:03 AM
Jase as HOH
I'm not sure why we skipped a Saturday show, but hasn't Jase been HOH for an overly long time? Do we get a new HOH Thursday?
2 messages
07-14-04 12:58 PM
they are all twins
everyone in the house has a twin and they are playing as one, it has come out that Adria, Drew and a few others have identical twins
1 messages
07-14-04 02:38 PM
Jee 3 Redux
Isn't this just way to similar to last year? We had the Jee 3 who talked about all the power they had when one of them was HOH and then they whin
Bucky Katt
4 messages
07-14-04 06:41 PM
Is it just me, or is Jase a moron?
No, seriously. Besides the flat-ironed, poorly-highlighted hair, the stupid bandanna, and the one pant leg pulled up, doesn't there seem t
35 messages
07-14-04 08:35 PM
This Season Sucketh Badly Thus Far.
I lost the battle of the remote to a more worthy contender last night: America's Top Model RERUNS (highly recommend, BTW). As
3 messages
07-15-04 04:49 PM
It's not like we can take this sober either.
Let me make sure I have this straight. Jase was drunk last night? His reaction time was off, his words somewhat off pace, and then he [i]s
4 messages
07-17-04 12:26 PM
Scott is psychic!!
From Joker's updates: [i]Scott talking about a dream where he got out of the house and found out from his mom that he was being pro
5 messages
07-17-04 10:14 PM
confused about head of household vote
no one has mentioned it? didn't holly and NOT pervy marv win head of household tonight? she wrote down 97 and he wrote 81. and the number was on
6 messages
07-19-04 11:38 AM
Official Big Brother 5, Episode 2 Summary, "Men in Thongs and Limes"
Hey there everyone. Can you believe that Big Bother is now in its fifth season? Apparently some people have nothing to do with their summers other t
5 messages
07-19-04 06:48 PM
Jase and Scott are gay
I think these two are falling in love with each other, and why shouldn't they? They are both cocky and annoying jocks. I was rooting for Mike
29 messages
07-21-04 09:30 AM
nosocomial = marcellus
i am guessing nokomis didn't watch when marcellus didn't protect himself.... she will go down for throwing her chance at the veto...
1 messages
07-21-04 04:21 PM
**Big Brother 5, Episode 4 Official Summary**
[font size=4][center]Big Brother 5, Episode 4 Official Summary[/font size] [font size=5]The Big Mouth That [b]Didní
9 messages
07-21-04 08:27 PM
Big Brother 5 Episode 5 : Pork Groins?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-21-04 AT 11:26 AM (EST)[/font] Previously on Big Brother: America called in and elimina
10 messages
07-21-04 08:38 PM
What's the deal w/the headbands?!
For the love of all things holy, please - someone - make them remove those God-awful headbands. They look ridiculous. Eiy yei yei!
31 messages
07-22-04 02:12 AM
Karen cracks me up
I almost died laughing last night while watching Karen make fun of Marvin, Holly, Jase, and Scott. It was so hilarious. I wasn't really a fan
4 messages
07-22-04 01:55 PM
Julie Chen is the female . . .
William Shatner! ds/User_files/3f3191027bc39190.gif Where. Every. Word. Is.
27 messages
07-23-04 02:50 AM
Caption this pic
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-22-04 AT 09:17 AM (EST)[/font] Brought this over from bbqbb5. http://screenca
16 messages
07-23-04 03:23 PM
Will there be a Will Kirby this year?
IMHO, Will Kirby, winner of BB2 was and will always be the best player to ever play BB. We HATED him at the beginning. Then something happened.
9 messages
07-23-04 04:54 PM
I'm almost convinced that Julie Chen is pregnant
I'm almost convinced that Julie Chen is pregnant. She gets bigger each week. Her enormous head, her thunder thighs, her hefty hindquarters. That
2 messages
07-23-04 05:00 PM
Lifted from Joker's Update: Jase: What's up, beautiful? Karen: Everything, if you rub it hard enough. %
6 messages
07-23-04 05:37 PM
I realize why Holly seems familiar.
She is Tiffany, from "Daria." Down to the last squeak. ds/User_files/3f4e5
11 messages
07-24-04 10:29 PM
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