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Nicole's warning
Nicole has been given an official warning for breaking the rules of the contract. She was threatening and intimidating Will. If anyone was watching
7 messages
09-01-01 08:43 PM
nice HOHR challenge...
i dont remember my original prediction for the bb final four, but its now down to hardy boy angry black chick boo-hoo nicole dr
9 messages
09-01-01 09:51 AM
Will and Rich Hatch
I know, what a comparision. I have to wonder if Will maybe studied up on Rich. They both were hated at the beginning of their respective shows. R
18 messages
09-05-01 05:14 PM
Invitation To BB Posters!!!!!
I don't really like the term "newbie" but we have had a few new people who have posted here on the BB Forums. I have loved the way you have
Drive My Car
6 messages
09-06-01 12:36 PM
Voting thread for Hardy and Nicole
Please put the person you think Will be evicted this week in the subject line with reasoning in the message box.
Mumbo Jumbo
14 messages
09-06-01 04:12 PM
"Hardy is playing in the U.S. Open Tennis Matches!!"
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-07-01 AT 01:32 PM (EST)[/font] I promised I wouldn't tell a soul, but this is just too g
6 messages
09-09-01 11:24 PM
A deal has been made
between Nicole and Will. They have agreed that if either one of them wins HOH, they will kick out Monica and keep the other to the final two. Nico
15 messages
09-17-01 08:35 PM
Final 2 spoiler ... summary from Zap2It
true already posted this information in LadyT's thread, but I thought I'd put it on the main board for those surfers who might miss it. As alwa
5 messages
09-18-01 06:22 PM
Time change
BB will be on at 10 tonight. Or after the Prez speaks. [b] GOD BLESS AMERICA [b]
0 messages
09-20-01 08:00 AM
15 reasons to Love Nicole
I got this from, a virtual love fest about Nic-ho, although I was hardpressed to find posts that actually liked her. Here are some o
5 messages
09-20-01 04:10 PM
Evicted HG's asking questions
Very cool developments on this one. Eight of the evicted Hg's (I think Sheryl wasn't there) got to ask Will and Nicole a question in the DR.
5 messages
09-20-01 04:20 PM
There is proof there is a God. We don't have to hear that again. Although her hair was cute. Am I the only one here who think that the scenes
0 messages
09-20-01 11:17 PM
Voting thread
Don't come here if you don't want to know. I am starting a new thread to keep this all in order. Now that the final two has been revealed, who
16 messages
09-21-01 10:18 AM
Bunky, your shirt really sucks!
and so do you! And Miek, you're not 10 years old, take off the sportswear and put on a real shirt you fuc[b][/b]king trailor trash
shakes the clown
5 messages
09-21-01 11:41 AM
can that dress get any shorter? Take lessons from Krista? What is up with that? [b] GOD BLESS AMERICA [b]
4 messages
09-21-01 11:41 AM
In the coming months, this is how I see the HGs doing. KENT will have published a new book, "Which one of them freaks deserves the
2 messages
09-23-01 05:47 PM
Just lost ALL respect for Will
What a fuc[b][/b]king idiot! The show is 20 minutes old and Will just spent 19 of them shooting himself in the foot! I
shakes the clown
11 messages
09-21-01 06:56 PM
****BB2 Season Finale Summary*****
[b]SUCKED[/b] and that is all the effort it is worth...well, except for a few comments. One, how funny was i
shakes the clown
19 messages
09-24-01 10:18 PM
Big Brother Knife Thug Beat up Galpal, Say Cops ure.cfm?instanceid=19776 BIG BROTHER bully Justin Sebik, who was booted from the TV
1 messages
02-28-02 04:11 AM
Celebrity 'Big Brother'?
Apparently so, based on this article ... although it looks like Howard Stern envisions it more like "Celebrity Deathmatch"! http:
2 messages
03-05-02 10:01 AM
Contestant List, or Hoax???
I just found this at another website... supposedly, Kent (of BB2) has leaked the entire contestant list for BB3. [b]Here are the
5 messages
06-12-02 11:19 AM
What a shock - never saw this coming!
''Big Brother 2'' lovebirds call it quits. Krista tells EW why she broke up with Mike On Nov. 4, Louisiana waitress Krista Stega
27 messages
06-26-02 06:10 PM
Paying through the nose on the Web
Well, CBS was thrilled with the fact that the Webcasts of [u]BB2[/u] turned a profit. Guess what may be next? Yep, the network's c
7 messages
06-26-02 06:14 PM
Kent Can't
now that BB3 is about to air - i thought i'd share a touching little note from Kent a'la BB2. one of my many jack-assian comments must've made h
0 messages
07-03-02 09:28 PM
What took her so long?
[font size="4" color="blue"][b]'Big Brother' contestant sues CBS[/b][/font] [i]By JOHN POWELL -- Jam! S
9 messages
07-05-02 09:44 PM
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