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Daily Oklahoma Article about Nathan
(Wasn't entirely sure where to put this, but I figure Bashers will have the most fun. Enjoy!) I found this article in Friday's
Violet Nyte
3 messages
09-27-03 03:43 PM
EW article
Entertainment Weekly posted an article on the finale that I thought I would share. I know it pretty much summed up my thoughts. http:%2
5 messages
09-28-03 04:34 PM
BB4 Finale Recap "B!tch Cassidy & Jun Song & Dance Kid"
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-27-03 AT 07:45 AM (EST)[/font] [b]PB&L - An Introduction[/b] I tell my husban
4 messages
09-29-03 08:09 AM
Thank God it's over!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-25-03 AT 01:31 AM (EST)[/font] IMHO I'm not going to write about the winner. To me it
15 messages
10-02-03 10:33 PM
Donny's letter
Ok, I'm not convinced that Donny is still wanting ot be with Alison. For one, why could ne not be there? There's not much I can think of t
7 messages
10-08-03 04:58 PM
Chiara on Fear Factor?
My wife swears that Chiara was on Fear Factor last night. I watched the show, and the girl (Rachael) does look an awful lot like her. Maybe a cl
4 messages
01-21-04 08:38 AM
Nathan's acting career taking off?
During tonight's Letterman commercial break, there was an advertisement for the movie "Bad Santa." The announcer is yapping about how much vie
7 messages
06-12-04 08:44 PM
Julie Chen explained
This sure helps explain a lot. Seems Julie and Les have a [i]very special relationship[/i] that helps keep her employed. http:
9 messages
06-14-04 12:45 PM
Diane, the cocktail waitress
Her motto is "treat people as they treat you". That's cocktail waitress logic for you. Hey Diane, your motto kind of leaves you with a built-i
0 messages
07-04-04 09:40 PM
Pre-Show Opinions?
Well, I put this in bashers because there seems to be more to hate than to love with this group of fresh-faced daws. Let's start out wi
15 messages
07-07-04 02:10 AM
Alison is on TAR!?! cles/story.php?s=2439 is the article. And here is where we go to bash http:%
7 messages
07-07-04 11:31 AM
Rife with innuendos
Boy, this show really goes overboard on the innuendos, doesn't it? To wit: "I only got two balls." "I grabbed a
4 messages
07-07-04 12:23 PM
Where are the old people?
[font color=navy blue]Did CBS FINALLY realize that no one over the age of 39...ooops, sorry this show and cares? %0
1 messages
07-07-04 06:14 PM
Twisty McTwist
My husband never watches reality tv. Heck, he very rarely watches any tv at all. But last night as I was watching Big Brother, he happened to be i
1 messages
07-07-04 06:54 PM
It's know...Holly
Should be in porn! I am already sick of her...bleh bleh bleh...yuck yuck yuck! The show is only 30 mins old! ht
19 messages
07-08-04 08:58 AM
Please pass the cash: wasting screen time for fun and profit.
What was the point of the whole DNA food grab? Or, to get to the heart of it, why did they use up about ten minutes showing people crawling all
1 messages
07-08-04 02:06 PM
Twin Swap= Big Flop?
"let's get together, yeah yeah yeah..." ...yeah right, what a joke. Will someone please explain to me the point of the whole Twin Swap twist
1 messages
07-08-04 02:43 PM
Michael is the guy from the Hardee's ads
Yup, went down to Hardee's, ordered a Restaurant Burger. Got a sister on the side.
0 messages
07-08-04 08:30 PM
Scott's T-shirts...does he have any that don't
have a saying on them? I still can't get that one outta my mind, "I'm a good kisser"! From what I have seen...he better be good at kissi
11 messages
07-09-04 11:12 AM
sick of Big Brother twists
Was the original "Put them in a box and tape them" formula just not spicy enough? HoH was a good idea, veto was decent, but the "X" fact
Violet Nyte
5 messages
07-09-04 02:30 PM
Scott posed for Playgirl?
On bb5bbq, they are reporting that Scott posed for Playgirl. However, the poster says he was in the April 2004 issue and posted a pic. Well, I h
14 messages
07-09-04 06:48 PM
Michael is a prick
I understand the whole not wanting to be voted out because of the advantage you may or may not have by revealing that you have a sister in the house.
7 messages
07-10-04 11:20 AM
BB5's Jennifer
Her heros are ALL single parents? HELLO!! Your heros should be all those parents who are raising their children in an INTACT home. Yeah, my he
11 messages
07-10-04 09:23 PM
Caption This Pic
This came from a poster on going by the handle of Tomguy: /bb5usa%2
3 messages
07-11-04 12:34 PM
Big Brother 5 Premiere, July 6, 2004
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-08-04 AT 12:24 PM (EST)[/font] Edited to add: OFFICIAL SUMMARY! I am such a doofus...%
15 messages
07-12-04 01:54 AM
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