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Proof there is no God
Over 6000 Americans needlessly died and Mike Booger still walks and breathes. What a shame. That is the alltime media wh
shakes the clown
11 messages
07-05-02 06:45 PM
an invitation
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-02-02 AT 00:36 AM (EST)[/font] Hello all, I just wanted to take a moment to invit
1 messages
07-09-02 04:30 PM
When will we meet the new HGs?
House Guests REVEALED The Big Brother House Guests are set to enter the House on July 6th. %
19 messages
07-09-02 08:35 PM
What is Lisa's strategy?
She knows Josh betrayed her, and he's likely allied with Gerry and Eric--yet she chose to not ruffle any feathers and nominated Lori and Marcellus
5 messages
07-13-02 05:27 AM
Help me please...
Hey guys... I missed the first two shows...can someone give me a brief idea of what happened...things I should know... Good houseguests/ba
3 messages
07-14-02 00:36 AM
Josh is a Tool
45 minutes into the show and I hate him. His voice irritates the bejesus out of me. And he reminds me sooooooo much of Mike Booger. I seriously thin
26 messages
07-14-02 10:51 AM
My dream may be coming true! Yep, Mike and Krista are no the only ones who have broken up. Will and Shannon may have broken up, although it is
9 messages
07-14-02 10:55 AM
Amy and the glass attached to her hand
She never once put it down, I don't think. Nyquil, anyone? ds/User_files/3
7 messages
07-16-02 07:33 PM
No Banner Planes this year
Here is an article I found. NY Post By DON KAPLAN DON'T DARE LOOK UP! July 1, 2002 -- HEY pilots, "Big Br
7 messages
07-17-02 02:20 PM
My hatred list
Everything about Josh Booger bugs me. His voice, his facial hair, his demeaning slapping of the ass and can you put some normal clothes on? St
2 messages
07-19-02 01:50 PM
Where oh where do they come from...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-18-02 AT 12:06 PM (EST)[/font] Who [i]are[/i] these people? Is there, like, a
17 messages
07-20-02 03:50 PM
The Veto Rule is Useless
Unless the person with veto power is immune from being nominated, they'd be a moron to cross the HOH by saving someone. It just paints a huge tar
18 messages
07-20-02 06:11 PM
Gerry ..........says some dumb things
I couldn't believe it when Gerry was explaining to Danielle about his shirt, written in Spanish, with a boy's name on it. He said something t
2 messages
07-20-02 10:33 PM
Pet Peeves
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-17-02 AT 11:12 AM (EST)[/font] One thing I hate to see is a guy with an amazing body smoke,
17 messages
07-23-02 10:26 PM
*****Official Big Brother 3 Premiere Episode Summary:....."THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN HOLLYWOOD"...********
[b] THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN HOLLYWOOD[/b] Well, I know several of you are probably saying that its only the c
shakes the clown
9 messages
07-22-02 01:21 AM
Question about Tonya
I have seen conflicting things from the feeds and just comments around, but does she have custody of her kids? I have no idea how much a boob job
1 messages
07-23-02 11:00 PM
***Official Big Brother 3 Episode 3 (7/13) Summary...WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?...***
I realize Shakes has not yet posted a summary for the second episode but hey, it's been really hot here in Chicago and some of us have better thin
8 messages
07-24-02 04:41 PM
Ok, I think I hate them more than Amy. Amy's stock went up because in the DR she calls Chiapet Choira, so that it rhymes with ho. Cause yes,
10 messages
07-25-02 03:32 PM
The Alliance Song (100 Days)
Okay, I haven't done a song parody in a while, so please humour me. :) I hope you enjoy this and I hope that it will be a little treat righ
6 messages
07-25-02 04:15 PM
Choira is a bad bad girl
I love the Smoking Gun oc_o_day.shtml [i] In another black eye for reality TV,
10 messages
07-26-02 10:20 AM
Breaking News Flash!!!!!
[i]I really don't like Chiara and I find her the most skanky girl I've seen on Reality T.V. yet, so this is my way of venting a bit :) %
6 messages
07-26-02 11:17 AM
***Official Big Brother 3 Episode 4 (7/17) Summary...THE RACIST WHO DIDN'T WASH HIS HANDS***
Previously on Big Bother III: Lisa nominated Psycho Lori and Mincing Marci and conspired with the other members of Cheap Beer (CHOira%2
5 messages
07-26-02 11:33 AM
***Official Big Brother 3 Episode 5 (7/18) Summary...I'M BLIND, I'M DEAF, AND I'M STUPID: THE RETURN OF JULIE CHEN***
Previously on Big Bother III: * 12 Hamsters moved into the House * Lisa nominated Marci and Psycho Lori for eviction %2
8 messages
07-26-02 11:47 AM
Bashers Where Are You?
What's up? Are we feeling all warm and fuzzy from seeing Sheryl and Bunky looking fabulous? We saw Josh's cute girlfriend (maybe he's no
6 messages
07-26-02 04:13 PM
ARGH!! These hamsters are such IDIOTS!! This is the second week in a row that the HOH has nominated someone as as "pawn", just becuase
4 messages
07-26-02 06:05 PM
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