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God, this show really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! ************ Meow to you too!
0 messages
07-21-01 01:24 PM
everyone thanks vanilla-ice for nominating cherril
i missed the beginning again, so i didnt see the actual footage of the knife incident. i saw the discussion with julie & marky-marc lat
5 messages
07-21-01 02:28 PM
chilltown alliance? is julie reading the message boards?
you would think with 24-7 cameras, there would be better footage of what's going on. there obviously isn't since i'm forced to watch them sit
0 messages
07-21-01 03:19 PM
the toothbrush incident
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-21-01 AT 06:08 PM (EST)[/font] If you are waiting until tonight to know the nominees, don'
7 messages
07-24-01 09:06 AM
SBerica's Choice Poll Question...
If you had to choose to do one of the following, which would you choose? a) Be locked up in a house with Mike, Shannon and Will
23 messages
07-24-01 09:12 AM
What could be more PERFECT!!!
The glass house shatters! The prince & princess of idiot-town are elected for ejection! I LOVE HARDY NOW!!!! I LOVE HARD
1 messages
07-25-01 05:29 PM
It's the "List of Hatred" Part Deux
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-21-01 AT 06:54 PM (EST)[/font] EDIT: Because I read the article Betty put up and frankly,
7 messages
07-25-01 05:48 PM
Hardy cries like a baby -- boo hoo
first of all hardy-boy won the coveted HOHR position by outcalculating shannon in some little sum of the ages of all house members. by shannon's gue
0 messages
07-25-01 05:59 PM
Bad Will Hunting
Will spots Krista across the yard Friday after Shannon is removed from the BB Nuthouse ...
Rat Chef
1 messages
07-26-01 08:45 PM
QUICK QUICK-place yer bets
Which one -- Mr. Or Mrs. SKank will get the boot???Mr. or Miss Idiots, Dr. and Mrs. Sex-drive etc..... VOte in the subject line an
17 messages
07-26-01 08:56 AM
SBerica's Choice Poll Question #2
You are in dire need of some medical treatment. Unfortunately, all the world's doctors are occupied. That is, all except for two. Which docto
10 messages
07-25-01 08:28 PM
Tonight's events *spoiler*
OK, I see that we've been posting it this way on the BB boards, so that you don't have to see the spoiler info until you want to do so. Well%
5 messages
07-27-01 05:46 PM
Who does Kent nominate?
Monica and Krista. Sounds weird? Think about it. The people with mental problems have been evicted, so people can sleep at night. Kent is the
Fast Eddie
8 messages
07-28-01 10:02 AM
Is Nicole putting herself in a position to win this thing? She definitely would have Chilltown's votes (not as sure about Mike) against any ot
Mumbo Jumbo
0 messages
07-28-01 10:43 AM
Did you see those suck-up votes for Shannon? Yeah, we really love ya, we're just voting you out because you asked us to. Don't these peopl
Fast Eddie
4 messages
07-29-01 11:47 PM
Did the producers understand what a powerful motivator this is? It seems that everyone who gets nominated immediately forgets the game and is obses
Fast Eddie
0 messages
07-30-01 09:26 AM
Insider Info????
Alright I know this is gonna sound dumb. But I will risk it. My very good friend ( he was kinda my boyfriend in Jr. High) writes m
Drive My Car
4 messages
07-30-01 09:52 AM
Next CBS poll
If Will comes on to Krista, what will Shannon do? a) Toothbrush Will's place? b) Burn down Krista's trailer? c) Put o
Fast Eddie
1 messages
07-30-01 02:41 PM
Do Tortoises use cell phones?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-30-01 AT 02:16 AM (EST)[/font] The "American Public" is supposed to vote on who we wa
5 messages
07-30-01 06:00 PM
thursday's show...a little late
someone in the house pretty much got it right when they's boring in here. that must be why the film footage excitement. th
1 messages
07-30-01 05:01 PM
the bb house gets a new housemate?!!
cookie monster kent calls himself the 'general' but goes around kissing everyone's ass Bunky - he's pretty paranoid that he wouldn%
1 messages
07-31-01 12:56 PM
Mike's been a bad bad boy has come up with Mike's arrest record. He alledgedly snuck into Warner Brothers in an attempt to take pix of Batman and Robin co
10 messages
07-31-01 05:29 PM
Noms again *Spoiler*
I thought I would use the spoiler space for something nonsensical and a song is playing in the living room right now. "If you like to talk to tomato
1 messages
08-04-01 06:28 AM
List Of Hatred Continues
Since Kokoro didn't start one this week I need to as I have to vent on these gerbils. [B]8)[/B] Hardy – Okay Hard
5 messages
08-03-01 02:52 AM
Kent and Bunky, the new Dicque and Rudy?
Each twosome consists of a gay man and a homophobe. I keep expecting to hear out of Kents mouth, "I like Bunky, but not in a homosexual way tha
1 messages
08-01-01 08:59 AM
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