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Official BB5 Episode 16 Summary - The Urinator!
Kermit starts the show with a recarp of how things have gone over the past week. BTW, Kermit is Julie as she is dressed in this bright green blouse%
9 messages
08-16-04 09:01 PM
Bashing Question
Of the 3 Big Reality T. V. shows (Survivor - Big Brother - The Amazing Race), which of the 3 have, over the years been able to assemble the mo
3 messages
08-17-04 12:25 PM
The Truth Hurts
I found it utterly hysterical this evening when, after Diane told her about Nicodemus wondering who "they" would put up, A got all indignant a
13 messages
08-17-04 12:37 PM
Jase & Holly Reunion
Remember back to high school when you were at a party and the lights were low. You starting making out with some chick who looked decent and you've
Bucky Katt
16 messages
08-17-04 01:50 PM
Just when you thought it was safe to hate Cowboy...
Egocentric, dullwitted, dellusional Cowboy, the one we love to hate -- well, h*ll he has another side, and I'm not just talkin' 'bou
1 messages
08-17-04 12:40 PM
Am I the only one who noticed?
There are a lot of threads and posts about all the stupid things that happened last night, or are about to happen, but I would like to sum it all
6 messages
08-17-04 01:53 PM
Official BB5 Episode 17 Summary -- Take One For The Team
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-17-04 AT 12:11 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
6 messages
08-17-04 08:10 PM
twins are UGLY
-they're the ugliest BB5 contestants on BB5. -if not for them being twins, and their stupid twist, they wouldnt even be in BB5. -ppl w
10 messages
08-18-04 02:57 AM
Eric from BB3
Did anyone else see Eric from BB3 on Elimidate? I was flipping channels and I thought I saw him.
1 messages
08-18-04 11:30 AM
Should a "Fitness Professional" really have that big of a Butt?
I ponder?
13 messages
08-18-04 05:04 PM
Spin the Bottle, Maybe?
Can anyone tell me why Drew and Diane were making out in the HOH room with EVERYONE just sitting there watching?
3 messages
08-18-04 06:15 PM
WTFFF???? the whole season without any commercials, and suddenly u put on commercial to make a few cents? STUPID CBS
2 messages
08-19-04 00:59 AM
Ridiculous Product Placements
M&M's were at the forefront. But it was the sure to be turkey "Without A Paddle" that takes the cake. I didn't think anything could make me
10 messages
08-19-04 10:12 AM
Its wrong theTwins are being treated the way they are..
but I understand it...nobody wants to be voted out but I think they are forgetting that it is indeed a game. It shouldnt be personal. Mayb
6 messages
08-19-04 06:21 PM
What the He!! was with Adria?
Ya know, I really liked A in the beginning, and was pleased when Nat came in the house. But something happened once she became HOH. Specifically%2
33 messages
08-19-04 07:00 PM
My Psychic told me...
I was cracking up when Diane was telling A/N (not sure which one) that before she came on the show, her psychic told her that she would meet t
11 messages
08-19-04 10:27 PM
Opinion of Marvin
Each week, my opinion of Marvin changes. I first didn't like them. Then I thought he was stupid cuz he thought he was in an alliance w/ Scott,
20 messages
08-20-04 00:02 AM
The twins and Jesus
Jeez-louise...I am just stating the obvious. Those trailer-trashy, closed-minded, racist, homophobic back-stabbing twins deserve to go. %0
2 messages
08-20-04 07:36 AM
How much longer must I be tortured before Diane gets the boot?
I just can't stand to watch Diane any longer. I honestly feel she is the most annoying Big Brother competitor by far, and it takes a lot for me t
8 messages
08-20-04 10:48 AM
BB - in UK
I was over in London this summer, and got a chance to see BB over there. WHAT A BORE!! The editing sucks, the house guests are stupid, and
Twin Lover
9 messages
08-20-04 12:58 PM
[font color=navy blue]I was all prepared to be loving Will. He was on the ball, playing low key, tossing out little zingers here and there%2
40 messages
08-21-04 00:17 AM
The Twins need to go!!!!!
I am so happy that Nakomas won HOH and that she will hopefully be smart enough to put up the twins. Those 2 are such a powerhouse, that it would be
9 messages
08-21-04 09:36 AM
Cowboy would never scare me w/ threats
Now honestly, I hate Thursday episodes cuz they are soooo boring (but that's another subject). Although, while I was fast-forwarding through
4 messages
08-21-04 07:06 PM
is Diane dumb or smart?
i say she's the only smart one, playing both sides of the game, switching back and forth from twins to nakomis' side...she's final 4 materia
lulu lemon
0 messages
08-21-04 03:35 PM
How many ways can _you_ use the isolation booth set?
I [i]knew[/i] the producers blew their entire HOH budget for the year on that DNA spiral... Every other week, pack 'em into the booths
7 messages
08-21-04 01:05 PM
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