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**Big Brother 5, Episode 3 Official Summary**
[font size=4][center]Big Brother 5, Episode 3 Official Summary[/font size] [font size=5]Falling on the Grenade, or How
16 messages
07-26-04 10:19 AM
So, where are the twists????
We were told pre-show how this year they had twists that would make BB4's "X" factor look tame. A long lost brother/sister and the
12 messages
07-26-04 07:00 PM
I hope he isn't trying to make a fashion statement!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-26-04 AT 04:43 PM (EST)[/font] Brought over from BB5bbq:
11 messages
07-27-04 03:51 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-26-04 AT 11:19 PM (EST)[/font] [font color=navy blue]It's a Saturday night (7/24%2
6 messages
07-27-04 04:45 PM
ScotT and Jase: The Love Below
[font color="maroon"]OK, y'all have GOT to see this!!! er/
6 messages
07-28-04 10:49 AM
BB6 a disaster.
Big Brother 5 is a disaster. It is the worst Big Brother yet. Years 1-3 were entertaining and even 4 I could watch until the last few segments. These
4 messages
07-28-04 01:04 PM
"I'm not a dumb jock" yeah right
loved when he proved that statement wrong ... in the food challenge and didn't we all giggle when he fell in the soup...too funny
11 messages
07-28-04 01:47 PM
Official BB5 Episode 7 Summary
[b][font size = 4]Big Brother 5 Episode 7: The Pink Horsemen (and Drew) Gallop On[/b][/font] Its Thursda
Bucky Katt
7 messages
07-28-04 02:12 PM
Julie Chen Sucks I can't stand her. She can't speak, she can't dress, she messes up everything. If you can't stand her ei
3 messages
07-28-04 03:39 PM
Marvin's Bus Strategy
If Marvin could yank his head out of the collective asses of three of the four Horsepuckies for a moment, he might realize that "riding in the bac
5 messages
07-28-04 05:44 PM
Drew is a DOORMAT
Does anyone here agree with me that Drew is a doormat, his actions on Tuesday's show of nominating Adria are evidence of that. He needs
Selene Romanov
20 messages
07-29-04 10:33 AM
Show and Tell
[font color="maroon"]Evidently, last night, Scott and Will gave a little Show and Tell, showing off and comapring their....ahem..."e
7 messages
07-29-04 12:01 PM
Rambo Rejects
is it just me or do Scott and Jase look like extras from an old Rambo movie...good lord....someone tell them those headbands look stupid...I expect to
9 messages
07-29-04 12:24 PM
Jase the almighty
Why is it ok for Jase to have an alliance but no one else? I can't believe the ruckus when Diane acknowledged her alliance. Of course they all k
9 messages
07-29-04 01:30 PM
Per Jase, Adria is a terrible liar???
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-28-04 AT 02:17 PM (EST)[/font] Jase is a complete moron! He said that Adria is a terrible l
4 messages
07-29-04 03:05 PM
Once upon a time, a producer proposed a reality show...
...with the tentative name of [b]The Twist[/b]. The idea was to gather contestants, tell them the winner would be given a cash prize at t
4 messages
07-29-04 04:07 PM
"Is that a crimper???"
OMG! That must be the highlight of this season of BB for me - Jase asking Scott "Is that a crimper" to which Snot replies 'Yeah" and Jase co
3 messages
07-30-04 10:48 AM
How does this show end?
I have watched Big Brother since the second season and now I'm confused about the show. Julie hasn't mentioned the evictees about coming back and
5 messages
07-30-04 03:18 PM
Gifts for the Houseguests!
What should we give tham if we could? Poor Poor Holly. I know many of you would like to give her a clue, but I feel so bad for her, c
Drive My Car
6 messages
07-31-04 02:25 PM
Wilma Flintstone called....
....and she wants Julie Chen to give her fashion style back! I got home a little late yesterday, and the first thing I saw was a c
4 messages
07-31-04 06:57 PM
The irony of the houseguest's evictions
I've been thinking about this on basically every reality tv show I've watched. There's always the houseguests you want gone cuz you can't stan
4 messages
07-31-04 11:39 PM
Jase & Brad Pitt
I about fell in the floor laughing my a** off when jase went on and on about his obsession with Brad. OMG!! Jase, you dont hold a candle to
30 messages
08-01-04 05:04 AM
Random thoughts
I like these HGs. I really do. I know this should be on the fanatic board but I only like them for one reason. They hate Julie Chen more than anyon
12 messages
08-02-04 00:42 AM
S & J's Moms
Do you guys really believe their moms and think these two are perfect little angels who left the halos and harps at home when they left for BB? Or
9 messages
08-02-04 00:47 AM
Official BB5 Episode 9 Summary
[div style="position:relative; left:-44px; top:-66px; z-index:1"]http://community.realit-
J Slice
16 messages
08-02-04 04:05 PM
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