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Even ESSPN hates these morons
[font color="maroon"]From's page 2 - Trades we'd like to see: I'd trade Shirtless Jase and Shirtless Scott from
3 messages
08-02-04 04:53 PM
The mole 3
15 players working together in task but one of them, a cheater a traitor, the mole. While working together the player will need to be observant of
2 messages
08-03-04 10:18 AM
Scud's pig was the creepiest thing I've seen on BB since...
...Chicken George's fake-blood-on-ripped-Kowalski-shirt Just Kill Me Now solliloquy (as you may recall, he was losing it having been nominated a
4 messages
08-04-04 01:34 PM
Thank you, New York Yankees.
Because my CBS affliate carries twenty Steinbrenner's Stormtroopers games a year and aired one of them last night, BB5 was pushed back to a 1:30
1 messages
08-04-04 02:13 PM
Jase's Thoughts on Cowboy
[font color="maroon"]At one point Saturday night, Jase said that when he first met Cowboy his first impression was one of two things: 1
39 messages
08-05-04 01:36 AM
Hmmm - interesting
Just when l thought it was obvious that BB was completely lacking in any cerebral content it turns into the most intruiging social/psychology experi
4 messages
08-05-04 10:11 AM
You Tell Them Why
Every week I watch. I watch the diary room confessions. I watch the promises. But when nomination time comes or nomination replacement (due to th
6 messages
08-05-04 11:18 AM
What were Dink #1 & Dink #2 supposed to be?
I hope this is okay, I've never started a thread before. But what the heck were the Dualing dinks supposed to be during the Veto meeting? Feel f
23 messages
08-05-04 01:10 PM
What's up with Dianne anyway
Did anyone else hear Dianne talking about how she wanted her wedding bands to be like? Is she in a committed relationship, or is it her dilusiona
14 messages
08-05-04 06:48 PM
Diane is dumb and dumber!
Scott and Jase acting like the characters from dumb and dumber was very appropriate for what happened at the POV competition. Diane was so dumb she di
25 messages
08-05-04 07:23 PM
I just have to say that he is the cockiest MF Ihave ever seen. He announce that it is "HIS" house. HE looks like Ryan Seacrest from American Ido
8 messages
08-05-04 07:25 PM
"I don't lie"
A/N keeps saying that they don't lie. But isn't withholding the truth (like i'm a twin too) lying by ommission. Well that's what Dr. P
8 messages
08-06-04 11:16 AM
What were they thinking during the twin announcement?
Sorry if this was repeated - did anyone notice the stupid comments by both Cowboy and Jase when Julie announced that there was a twin entering the gam
1 messages
08-06-04 06:06 PM
If Scott is not evicted tonight...
The women + Will should be removed from the house immediately and put to death because they are too dumb to live! I can't believe the
14 messages
08-06-04 11:50 AM
Scotts hair
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-06-04 AT 08:12 AM (EST)[/font] Hopefully I wasn't the only one in the world that noticed how
16 messages
08-06-04 06:07 PM
Things that would surprise Jase more than the A/N twist.
10. A woman not being attracted to him. 9. Someone telling him that he'd been on camera this whole time. 8. Scott walking back in to
4 messages
08-06-04 08:24 PM
Jase's Goodbye message... Scott was so ridiculous. At that point you assume the HG is evicted so you USUALLY take that opportunity to tell them what they meant to you in
15 messages
08-06-04 09:55 PM
Top Ten Dreams Jase Has At Night...
[div style="position:relative; left:-44px; top:-66px; z-index:1"] ds/User_f
5 messages
08-07-04 11:12 AM
Does "Cowboy" bother anyone but me?
Last night, I just kept laughing cuz when Julie revealed there was a new twist, Cowboy was like "Oh gosh!!!" Then he kept saying "Holl
14 messages
08-07-04 06:37 PM
Official SB Big Bother the Fifth Episode 10 (Confused Yet?) Summary: Have a Jolly Holly Exit
I was alarmed when I turned on the TV. There appeared to be two new houseguests, in businesswear, participating in a challenge involving 100,00
11 messages
08-07-04 10:27 PM
Wait a minute. Scott's last name is LONG?
Now, I'm a guy and I haven't seen pictures of him (nor do I want to) but word on the forum says he's a pencil. So isn't it ironic that h
10 messages
08-07-04 10:42 PM
Big Brother 5, Episode 12: **Official Summary**...Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-04-04 AT 07:29 PM (EST)[/font] Before I get started, just let me say that even though my epi
10 messages
08-07-04 10:42 PM
Official Big Brother Episode 11 Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-02-04 AT 06:24 PM (EST)[/font] [font="4" font="red"]The Big Brother Drinking G
12 messages
08-08-04 00:16 AM
One of Jase's early acting jobs:
[font color=navy blue] in.jpg
5 messages
08-08-04 06:19 PM
Best Nomination Ceremony Ever
How sweet was that? The look on Jase's face when Nakomis pulled out his key was priceless. He was like 'holy sh*t, I'm safe?!' Ev
5 messages
08-09-04 04:03 PM
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