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Drinking game anyone?
This one is going to be so painful to watch that methinks some ethanol enhancement is in order to survive. The trick is to fine tune the game so you
7 messages
07-18-05 06:13 PM
When's BB coming on?
There's a thread on Fanatics, where hopefully peeps will post updated information on the planned airing of tonight's Big Brother, once CBS dec
0 messages
07-19-05 01:47 PM
Summer Of World's Lamest Secrets
First of all, "Summer of Secrets" sounds like an after-school special about a kid whose parents are alcoholics. Second, how incre
31 messages
07-19-05 07:43 PM
Have we all forgotten how to bash?
They have been in the house for what now-a week?-and we aren't bashing them? Come on. Join in. I'll start. The clue in the books
29 messages
07-20-05 07:05 AM
"Eric the Great" makes me ill!!
Eric is paranoid, egotistical, and rude. "we are a team" no Eric you are competators. He was power tripping big time as hoh, the show might
3 messages
07-19-05 08:35 PM
Do ya think Micheal is going to be the next to go?
Well Eric is still large and in charge any chance Janelle might be going instead of mike?
8 messages
07-20-05 03:32 PM
Eric IS a Midget! UGH!!!!!
Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? Why are they allowing their "leader" to be a 5 foot bald man with (according to Michael
0 messages
07-20-05 03:51 PM
i think that with all the twists that big brother comes up with, they should throw a new one in and get rid of eric, ivette and michael all at onc
7 messages
07-20-05 04:34 PM
Eric's Name is CRAPPY --
Not Cappy! God, I hate this guy! x(
1 messages
07-20-05 04:35 PM
No House Tour!!!????
What the hell is up with SeeBS not putting up the house tour for the new house. I figured maybe because secret rooms were there and they wouldn't gi
0 messages
07-20-05 10:56 PM
Eric a STUD ! wow I didn't know.....
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-21-05 AT 00:09 AM (EST)[/font] Eric just announced to the others in the house that he has been
1 messages
07-21-05 07:15 AM
This BOARD Sucks!
You got people running around telling you what you can and cannot post and then locking your thread! I am out of here!
2 messages
07-21-05 08:18 AM
BB6 Be The Hampster Week 2
I will be stepping in for Libra this week as he is on vacation and let's all hope he has a good time. However, there is bashing to do so let's g
51 messages
07-21-05 11:30 AM
I have a question I need answered ??
I need to know right from the start "What did Michael do, to ruin Eric's trust ?? To break the mens alliance ? And
7 messages
07-21-05 01:42 PM
Sexual Harassment?
So, Michael gets a talkin to from the all omnipotent and all responsible King ERIC about sexually harassing all the females in the house. %0
14 messages
07-21-05 04:13 PM
Julie Chen: Crash and Burn
I've never been one to rip on Julie Chen too much but she was really off her game last night. She was flubbing words (She stumbled saying CBS of a
23 messages
07-21-05 08:31 PM
I really miss the old theme song
Ding, dah-dah-ding, dah-dah-ding, dah-dah-ding. I am having withdrawals. It really blows that they're trying to make this "The Real Wo
10 messages
07-22-05 00:19 AM
BB6 - Week 2 Summary
[b][center][font size=5]BB6 – The Summer of No Secrets[/center] [font size=4]Thursday - The Live Broadcast…..
4 messages
07-23-05 07:54 AM
Official Big Bother Summary 7/21/05 Episode: A Snowball In Hell, or, Gee, Guess Who Gets Evicted?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-22-05 AT 03:50 PM (EST)[/font] Author’s Note: Because I plan on banging this summary out
13 messages
07-23-05 06:08 PM
The return of Cowboy
I thought that was funny when they showed some of the people from last year's BB. Hard to believe that brother-sister Cowboy and Nakomis hadn't
4 messages
07-23-05 09:06 PM
James is really shallow and stupid.
I hate this guy he's an idiot, he's not even good looking. When Sarah and James gets married, I would bet even money a divorce before five y
35 messages
07-24-05 11:11 AM
Friendly reminder
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-25-05 AT 10:09 PM (EST)[/font] Do not post any information in Bashers or Fanatics that h
1 messages
07-25-05 06:02 PM
Beau Finally Does Something Noteworthy. ds/User_files/42e5274642cfe298.jpg
7 messages
07-26-05 11:56 AM
Thanks for those astute observations, Eric!
Well, our good firefighter certainly turned out to be the defender of American values like freedom and self-expression that we hoped that he would b
17 messages
07-27-05 03:55 PM
Good job Kasar Getting HOH
Wow, I'm surprised, I thought for sure Kasar and Genelle were gone next. However Kasar won, I was surprised. Rarely in Big Brother my top
20 messages
07-27-05 11:15 PM
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