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Diversification, or lack there of.
Quite the WASP'ish collection of young contestants. Granted, you have two Asian-Americans... And of course Psycho Scotty's ex looks to be a co
Jimmy Jones
13 messages
07-17-03 04:01 PM
Official BB4 Summary- The League of X-ordinary Houseguests
So here we are again. Another summer, another season of Big Brother. Thirteen people, picked to live in a house and have their lives taped
10 messages
07-19-03 01:01 PM
80,000 days old?!?!
Wow... well any doubt that Justin was a college football player is gone. (then again, could the Final 2 have gotten any more sterotyp
15 messages
07-19-03 08:09 PM
I HATE the live shows
They are absolutely horrible. Julie Chen is so awkward and so annoying - and having the rats sit around and answer stupid questions is so boring. Th
Bucky Katt
8 messages
07-22-03 01:05 AM
Michelle and her 360 turn
Doesn't that put her right back where she started?
9 messages
07-22-03 05:33 AM
Amanda makes a boob-oo
Why is it that the women who should wear bras are the ones that don't? Amanda's eviction is announced and as she gets up, she's bending ove
Fast Eddie
6 messages
07-22-03 06:25 PM
I know what is wrong with Robert...
why he doesn't look quite right, why he looks like a wax sculpture. He has NO eyebrows. Look for yourself, the man
Drive My Car
12 messages
07-22-03 11:21 PM
I can't stand her!!! She reminds me of a former co-worker that drove me NUTS!!! And while my co-worker could be OK some of the time,
12 messages
07-28-03 03:48 PM
Erika is one freakin racist beyatch..
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-23-03 AT 12:10 PM (EST)[/font] I am still fuming after watching BB yesterday and they recapped
indian girl
35 messages
07-28-03 06:00 PM
Official Big Brother Week 2 Summary - X2: Exes Uninvited
[b][center]Official Big Brother Week 2 Summary: X2 Xs Uninvited[/b][/center] * Bebo walks into the BigBroth
12 messages
07-29-03 10:41 PM
The Official Big Brother 4 Week 3 Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-28-03 AT 07:24 PM (EST)[/font] [b] Duck Ball vs. Boxing [/b] [b%5
5 messages
07-29-03 10:45 PM
what i wish for a more suspenseful vote
i am kinda bored by the whole....we hate you we are going to put you up against the nice person nomination speeches...sooo.. and also i get
14 messages
07-31-03 01:50 PM
Question about food competition?
What is the penalty for eating something other than PB&J if you lost the food competition?
1 messages
07-31-03 07:48 PM
Except for Erika, who I only tolerate. I think that Dave hit it right on the head when he described all the women as b*$&@es in h
2 messages
08-01-03 02:30 PM
Psycho Dana's nominations
Psycho Dana changed alliances and voted from her loins. Stupid lack of judgment as she came here to win %500k not chase after some guy who would no
2 messages
08-01-03 07:59 PM
Dana - Sex Appeal of a Buzzard's Crotch
BEST.QUOTE.EVER ds/User_files/3e12d139376f709e.jpg [font color=navy size=1][i
Bucky Katt
7 messages
08-02-03 03:27 PM
Alison. Like fingernails on a chalkboard.
Jee-zus she's annoying. I can't bear to watch her anymore. If she's not whoring herself out to any man who'll chase her tail (and even tho
11 messages
08-02-03 05:06 PM
To all bbf hello there. I for one love bb and I have not missed one show. I love it when Ail got the hoh and she put pu the so-so goody two shoes up.
3 messages
08-02-03 09:34 PM
Big Brother 4 casting
I guess this year the producer's were asleep at the wheel... Because there has never been such a sedated group. Sure, editin
Jimmy Jones
1 messages
08-05-03 01:36 AM
Who Is Next To Leave?
Let's see who is next to leave the bb house hold? Anyone want to take a guess? Who would you vote out of the house and why? I go for Dana, s
4 messages
08-06-03 11:23 AM
A proposal
For the duration of her time in the house, and in honor of the quote from my new favorite BB hamster, I will henceforth refer to Dana as Buzzard C
7 messages
08-05-03 06:51 PM
Put down the feedbag Jun!
And for Pete's sake, stop wearing that bikini. We don't need to see that belly. I'm surprised the other HGs have't begun hiding food from
12 messages
08-05-03 12:03 PM
Official Big Brother 4 Week 4 Summary -The Week of Balls and EX-treme Luck
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-06-03 AT 09:02 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
6 messages
08-07-03 11:31 AM
Dana's Cousin
Did anyone else get a chuckle from the comments made by Dana's cousin. I for one would be embarressed if she were my relative. She certainly didn%
6 messages
08-07-03 10:28 PM
Justin HOH
I was very happy to see Justin get HOH, but what the hell did he ever see in Dana or Alison for that matter? I like the 3 stooges. At least they
0 messages
08-09-03 03:36 AM
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