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This is why Ivette doesn't like Janelle...
I'm thinking the reason Ivette is so angry at Janelle is, because Janelle is the kind of girl that shoots Ivette down. This happens in guy/gir
20 messages
08-05-05 10:06 PM
Starring Ivette as Bellatrix Lestrange
'I alone believed he'd come back -- I alone was loyal -- I spent two torturous weeks in Azkaban, with only my devotion to keep me sane and the d
5 messages
08-06-05 07:53 AM
Janelle's Mugshot Picture 1052bigbro1.html
2 messages
08-06-05 10:25 AM
Get over it, Ivette
I think that Ivette needs to get over the fact that 'Crappie' is gone. How many times does she need to babble on about him? Honestly now! She
10 messages
08-07-05 10:51 AM
Sarah is pathetic
[font color="maroon"] I honestly think that if she's on the block with James, and wins veto , that'd he'd be able to convinc
13 messages
08-07-05 09:12 PM
BB6 Episode 12 Summary: The worm is getting dizzy from all this turning
Previously on Big Brother 6… The Earth was a formless void, a molten ball coming together after the birth of the sun. Slowly our oceans
17 messages
08-08-05 02:40 AM
Let the Kayser Wake Begin...
I don't know about the rest of you, but this season has nowhere to go but DOWN for me after tonight, unless Kayser comes back from the "dead%2
37 messages
08-08-05 12:51 PM
What they need is a Reality Check and use REAL People instead of all young and good looking ones
I have an idea for you for a NEW SHOW. First just think, what is the largest segment of the television viewing public? The answer is Baby Boome
0 messages
08-08-05 08:23 PM
James.. sorry to see go????
I am sure that many people will disagree with me.. I want to make it clear that I think James needs to go.. and Sarah needs to go just becuase she is
9 messages
08-10-05 01:50 PM
BB6 Episode 13: The smart get smarter, the dumb get dumber
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-08-05 AT 08:54 PM (EST)[/font] And so it begins.....the recrap of last Thursday’s episode:
6 messages
08-10-05 03:33 PM
Good and evil
I, for one, am sick of hearing everyone in this house rattle on about how wonderful they are and how evil "the other side" is. "T
12 messages
08-11-05 10:22 AM
Howie just gave up the game
Very stupid decision to nominate James and Sarah. The Darkside will just now pick them off. This Summer looks bleak. Even if Kasar comes back. I
19 messages
08-11-05 11:27 AM
Revenge of the Houseguests
[font color="maroon"]Have y'all been reading this blog thing on, with Will and Scott and Jun and others? It's pretty funn
4 messages
08-11-05 02:21 PM
BB6 Ep 14 Official Summary – Mexican Heartburn
Previously on Canadian Idol, Amber was voted off the show. Jon Dore still isn’t funny, and Ben Mulroney still hasn’t proven why he’s on the
10 messages
08-11-05 03:36 PM
Low Grade Morons!
OMG!!! Can they PLEASE make it a requirement that all BB participants must have an IQ above 10 to participate in the next season!
11 messages
08-12-05 02:36 AM
Kaysar Rules ... Cappy Drools
The distinguished King Kaysar re-enters the Big Brother House while Neanderthal Cappy slinks away with hairy knuckles scraping the ground. Welcome bac
0 messages
08-12-05 07:05 AM
Most clueless BB cast of all time?
Have any of the houseguests ever seen Big Brother before b/c they sure don't play like it. There's been one or two clueless people in every sea
10 messages
08-12-05 07:24 AM
Bash the vote!
A few thoughts. #1. 'Everyone, please welcome tonight's special guest host, Julie Seacrest'. Because of [i]course[/i%
10 messages
08-12-05 03:07 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-05-05 AT 12:16 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
16 messages
08-15-05 11:59 AM
Official RTVW Summary: Big Brother, Episode 15
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-13-05 AT 05:23 PM (EST)[/font] [center][h2][u]The Return of the King[/u][%
10 messages
08-15-05 04:06 PM
Spoiler-free zone
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-11-05 AT 08:35 PM (EST)[/font] Please do not discuss tonight's episode on Bashers or Fanatic
1 messages
08-16-05 08:01 PM
Jen won HOH and Janelle and Racheal are nominated
Kasar gave up HOH to Jen. It looks like he's paying for that move. ah well, sweet summer over. First Howie,now Kasar. You could ar
8 messages
08-17-05 01:32 AM
BB6: Be the hamster, Week 5
Hello, houseguests. Wasn't I dramatic last night in the way I announced the twist? Hey. If Tom Bergeron can win a best game show host Emmy, wh
59 messages
08-17-05 02:01 AM
Official RTVW Summary: Big Brother 6, Episode 16
[center][h2][u]The Greenhouse Effect[/u][/h2][/center] Previously on Big Brother: Howie was HOH, th
11 messages
08-17-05 07:50 AM
Do we watch BB6 now? or go to the live feed forum?
Once Howie nominated James and Sarah, I started going to the live feeds forum now. When he did that, I kinda knew what would happen. The worst
2 messages
08-17-05 08:33 AM
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