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Other Challenges
Why not throw in some classic TV challenges: Set up a conveyor belt - turn off the tap water. Send out shot glasses (or dixie cups)
0 messages
08-28-00 03:34 PM
How can George make fun of gunshot wounds?
Especially since he inflicted some on his best friend oh so many years ago? After watching him make the stupid "Save Our Hero" sign and the ket
4 messages
08-28-00 05:57 PM
Mr/Ms Big Boredom
I had to laugh out loud at the question/answer portion of this idiocy. Cassandra talked (intellegently) about hunger. E
0 messages
08-28-00 08:25 PM
I find it interesting that on the BB Bulletin Board
the most recent episode summary is dated August 17th! Looks like I'm not the only one who can't stand this show! NO ONE, even the summary
0 messages
08-29-00 01:00 PM
.......... The Horror ..............
Courtesy of 'Conrad's Episode Summaries' --30--
0 messages
08-29-00 01:04 PM
Big Red Button Challenge
Put a box with a large red push button attached on the kitchen table Have a sign on the box. 'Do NOT press the button'
0 messages
08-29-00 04:30 PM
Big Brother Rules (no not rules as in great)
ok i don't know if this is the place to post it or not, but oh well. i'm on the hunt for the big brother house rules. it used to be posted on th
0 messages
08-29-00 10:39 PM
Are Brattney and Soozin related??
They both have that annooyyiinngg Fargo accent. Is it possible??
0 messages
08-30-00 02:19 PM
George at it again
Now George dresses as an Arab Sheik, and in the worst "Apu" voice I have ever heard, pleas for his fellow convenience store workers (an Indi
7 messages
08-31-00 02:20 PM
OK, so I finally watched a few minutes of this show ... I saw the pug with the colored hair and listened to her talk for a minute, but I thought y
Rat Chef
2 messages
09-01-00 05:57 PM
Channel-surfing hazard
I made a HUGE mistake and accidently watched this show once...shows how badly I miss "Survivor" (sob..sob...) Let's just open the doors and
2 messages
09-03-00 12:32 PM
Brit's a DOLL (teehee)
Raggedy Ann, that is. Anybody notice the resemblance? Must have been an early role model. Anatomically correct too!
0 messages
09-03-00 11:11 PM
*** POLL *** Who Do you Want To Go
My Vote is Brit. Stop the Whining now....
9 messages
09-03-00 11:32 PM
Lets Get George !!!
I would love to see a campaign started to get George after what he did to Britney. I think George is a backstabber and a fake, anyone else agree %3
5 messages
09-05-00 03:16 PM
no point in even bashing this show anymore..
it does it for us.
0 messages
09-06-00 09:31 PM
jamie is a self-absorbed bitch
i was truly a fan of this girl before she showed her true colors. she's fake, transparent, and shallow. to choose a casting agent over her own
13 messages
09-06-00 09:45 PM
Josh's Secret
Hmmmmm. . . I don't like our choices. Personally I would like to see Jamie and George out of the house after which any of the remaining t
1 messages
09-06-00 11:15 PM
JayME unmasked
I took extreme pleasure seeing JayME exposed by the psychologist for the plastic, phony, dishonest person she is. Then, Brit came along and rein
0 messages
09-07-00 03:29 PM
I heard dat some of yuz out der were standin up for the Chickenmaniac.. .bock,bock,BOCK! now dat der is really nice of yuz. .. and so
0 messages
09-08-00 04:12 AM
Will They Really Walk????
How many people think they will all go through with Georges plan? I would like to see them walk and get nothing so the show would be over or CBS wou
0 messages
09-10-00 00:38 AM
Flat Mates & Mutton
Well it's bloody nice to know that even the imported version is equally boring. Check it out for yourself. . .*yawn. . . . better t
2 messages
09-11-00 03:35 PM
The challenge of picking a challenge.
The Hamsters received the challenge of picking their own challenge. The reward for said challenge was that the winner would be allowed to cast 3 vote
0 messages
09-15-00 08:30 PM
Big Survivor
Vote out BB houseguests and Survivor contestants from the Big Survivor house. For more info, go to http://w
0 messages
09-24-00 05:43 PM
Notes from the 7/6 Midnight to 1AM Live feed...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-06-01 AT 00:53 AM (EST)[/font] Notes from the 7/6 Midnight to 1AM Live feed... -
1 messages
07-06-01 01:11 AM
~Go Rudy! Go Rudy!~
oops, wrong show....
1 messages
07-06-01 02:32 AM
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