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OFFICIAL BB3 E2 Summary: "We've Been Slimed"
[center][b][font color="blue"]Big Brother 3: Episode 2 "We've Been Slimed" by AyaK[/font][/b][/cen
5 messages
08-15-02 09:29 AM
Last time on BB, Ok, so it's before the last time, but hey, semantics. Chiwhora had POV, and didn’t use it. S
3 messages
08-15-02 01:31 PM
I am very sorry to report this news. The CPMT will not be used in this episode summary. I tried, I really did. I was even going to make some thin
7 messages
08-15-02 01:43 PM
BB3 on Friday, not Saturday
BB3 will be shown Friday at 8/7 Central, not Saturday, and there will be a special 2-hour Wednesday edition at 9/8 Central...this is the Shery
0 messages
08-16-02 10:58 AM
Is SeeBS steering the game?
WARNING: There may be some spoiler info in here. Read at your own risk. Read at your own risk. Read at your own risk. Read at your own
25 messages
08-16-02 02:04 PM
dumb dumb and dumber move
I am a lurker who tonight could stand it no longer! I can NOT believe roddy is still in... Thats it...i just had to say my peace...
9 messages
08-16-02 03:56 PM
BB3 at 9/8 Central tonight (Friday) ds/User_files/3d110b1b24255ebf.gif [font color="maroon" size = "2"]- T
1 messages
08-16-02 08:17 PM
Another LOL moment
I cracked up when Julie talked to Josh about getting all "Queens" and he acted like he didn't know what she meant. Then she said that she was f
3 messages
08-17-02 00:30 AM
Consolidation: Julie Chen to Josh
Let's just consolidate all the theories... the manipulation theories, the Julie=Worst.Hostess.Ever Theory... Last night, as Julie i
5 messages
08-17-02 02:13 AM
Calling all New England BB2 fans
Who wants to meet a BB2 contestant? Mike Boogie is coming home and will be at Jillian's in Manchester, NH. I think it's this Friday or Satur
3 messages
08-17-02 01:59 PM
Lori & Tonya - Too stupid to be let back in
Wasn't it obvious that once Julie asked "How much would you give up to get in?" that the criteria for re-entry was set? As soon as she said
12 messages
08-17-02 05:39 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-18-02 AT 04:02 PM (EST)[/font] Damn enter key...Can someone remove this since I haven't even
10 messages
08-19-02 00:31 AM
What in the hell is wrong with Jason ?!
I just read on another live feed site that Jason told Chiara that since she was hot and loved to clean she would be the perfect wife. What ?? How
LaineyBug 24
7 messages
08-19-02 07:00 AM
Is This the End for Kinky and the Brain?
Self-styled brainiac Rod has finally figured out that the houseguests are not impressed with his erudition. He talks about comparative energy levels
4 messages
08-19-02 02:24 PM
Request to summary writers
Just a small request... with some many episodes and so many folks working to help "back fill" some of the missing episodes, I'l like to
2 messages
08-19-02 11:36 PM
Anyone want to write an OLD summary?
Ouch. Well, we have a bunch of gaps in the summaries -- the first time that we've had summary writers fail to deliver. I'm going to write a qu
15 messages
08-20-02 01:28 PM
Is Roddy in the closet?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-20-02 AT 12:53 PM (EST)[/font] At the risk of starting a firestorm, I want to ask y'all th
10 messages
08-20-02 06:12 PM
[b] Nic-ho:[/b] Hey what are we doing here? Jeff, I loooove you. [b] Kent:[/b] Shut up. We are helping out this sum
6 messages
08-21-02 11:19 AM
I am so very confused...
WHY does CBS always screw up the schedule? and WHY does my directtv not say big brother is on tonight? Could someone please confirm the fact that
5 messages
08-21-02 08:02 PM
Friday 8/16/02 show:
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-17-02 AT 00:33 AM (EST)[/font] There can only be one description of the Friday 8/16/02 BB3
5 messages
08-21-02 09:31 PM
More ChiWhora: admits to cocaine use
On the feeds: ChiWhora blew her nose into a tissue and came up with some blood. Upon hearing her utter an expletive, Roddy asked what was wrong.
31 messages
08-22-02 08:22 AM
Taint, Taint, Taint
Tainted Love ohhhhhhhhhhhh. I was rolling, thinking about the BarFlies and several "taint" discussions when the HouseHo's were talk
0 messages
08-22-02 09:14 AM
Roddy = Will...sorta
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-22-02 AT 09:48 AM (EST)[/font] Edited to move to Fanatics.... http://communit
1 messages
08-22-02 07:11 PM
Sheryl Crow?
Ah, the wizards at See-BS have done it again. Let's set up the scenario. The Wednesday night show is always getting beat by the American Idol re
14 messages
08-22-02 07:15 PM
Deema BB3 song about Chiwhora
I found this link for a real stream at jokersupdate. It's f##king funny. The song is sung to american pie and bashes Chiwhora relentlessly.
Alien Probe
2 messages
08-23-02 12:30 PM
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