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Big Brother 4 Week 5 OFFICIAL RECAP
I mistitled my thread with the post in it. LOL - Since I can't change I thought I'd post a sign post. http://community.realitytvw
2 messages
08-09-03 12:35 PM
Official BB4 Week 5 Summary - "As The Table Shrinks"
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-09-03 AT 12:51 PM (EST)[/font] WEEK FIVE (5) [b]TUESDAY [/b] Previous
5 messages
08-09-03 06:52 PM
Those knucklehead Stooges must die.
I was very sympathetic to them because they were so clueless when they came into the house. First, Justin (after bragging how tough h
6 messages
08-13-03 10:35 AM
I hate alison with a passion!
Ehy all. Im sorry i really need to vent. I HATE THAT FAKE BIG NOSED BIT**. UGH! I cannot explain to the extents that I hate her. shes so fake,
1 messages
08-14-03 03:14 PM
Was it my imagination...
...or was Julie Chen *much* worse than normal last night?!?! Her lines were empty-air filler that started grating on my nerves.
13 messages
08-16-03 11:12 PM
Corey Hart Comeback?
Can there be any explanation for why Erika CONSTANTLY has those sunglasses on (even in the house and at night)? She must be: 1. Taking C
3 messages
08-19-03 05:18 PM
Three Stooges?How about the Three Marshmallows?
Wnen these Justin won the HOH these dopes were insufferable in their obnoxious behaviour.The strutting,the arrogance.I guess thay don't believ
1 messages
08-17-03 01:00 PM
Jack & Erika: Finally starting to irritate me....
A couple of weeks ago, I thought they were two of the more normal members of the house. But it seems that lately all they ever do is isolate themse
5 messages
08-19-03 08:21 PM
I wish CBS would post the following:
These are the rules in BB. Cheating,lying and backstabbing are the spices of this televised stew. If you can steal in baseball a
2 messages
08-20-03 04:49 AM
Here is your chance (I hate Jun club)
Here it is by poplar demand your chance to bash Jun. Boy is she getting fat or what. Why can't she ware shorts that do not show every thing (ugh%2
10 messages
08-22-03 09:08 PM
Official BB4 Week 6 Summary
[u]Official Big Brother Week 6 Summary: Goodbye to Golly Gee, Goodbye to Stooges Three?[/u] [b]SUMMARY[/b] %
Bucky Katt
7 messages
08-23-03 02:39 AM
Jack... incompetent?or playing at a higher level?
Jack is either trying to fly under the radar so low, so that he doesn't appear too threatening or he is the most incompetent FBI agent the bur
17 messages
08-27-03 01:38 PM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-15-03 AT 10:07 PM (EST)[/font] Gee, Scott, couldn't you have just killed Jun before leav
22 messages
08-28-03 03:11 PM
BB gave you a sarong...for god's sakes put it on...
Okay I have had the last straw with Jun walking around BB in her bikini bottoms. During the luxury competition, all the ladies received sarong bott
indian girl
1 messages
08-28-03 08:04 PM
The word "Sequester"
What is this? A high profile murder trial? I'm not trying to be a wise guy. So I'm hoping there are a few knowledgeable pos
Jimmy Jones
8 messages
08-29-03 04:20 PM
Gee, it only took two months for Jee to figure out.....
...that Robert has no respect for women. For a man that calls himself a slut, to rant and rave about the women remaining in the house that had outs
13 messages
09-02-03 10:34 AM
Official Summary, Big Brother Week 7
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-24-03 AT 10:31 PM (EST)[/font] Last week on Big Brother Nate got the boot and his
6 messages
09-01-03 01:15 AM
Product placement
Does anyone else feel insulted by the over-the-top McDonald's product placement on Wed? Personally, I don't mind when people on shows eat,
Fast Eddie
12 messages
09-02-03 10:38 AM
Alison must go.( I hate Alison club)
What happened to her this week??? Or was I fooled like Nathan was all this time. She seamed nice but now she has turned into the person she thou
52 messages
09-03-03 07:56 PM
Official Big Brother 4 Summary, Week 8
Hey everyone, time for another summary. Bet you couldn't wait could you? Well if anybody is still watching the terrible dreck I like to call "
4 messages
09-04-03 06:25 PM
Robert wants a Rolex and a Porsche? He must have forgotten his daughter!
When asked what they would do with the money, Robert and only Robert said he would spend the money on self surving luxury items. All the others had
5 messages
09-05-03 07:06 PM
Can Robert Win?
I seriously doubt it. This is my first year watching this show and will never watch it again. My biggest gripe here is that Robe
Wacko Jacko
4 messages
09-05-03 10:17 PM
How is the veto going to work this week? They have said that the one using the veto can not be put up and the one took of can not be put back up. So
1 messages
09-05-03 11:38 PM
BB4 Week 9--the Tuesday show--"What A Drag!"
Ok, I realize that this is my official week and I have noticed that people are condensing their weeks into one nice little compact journal. I can%2
1 messages
09-06-03 09:29 PM
BB4 Week 9--The Wednesday show.."Gee, Jee goes Bye-Bye
Bravo television in connection with CBS is proud to bring you an exciting new series, Queer Eye for the Old Broad. This is show that takes 5 ann
5 messages
09-07-03 00:07 AM
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