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Julie Chen and other BB3 stuff
Ummm....just thought about this....if you are from the West Coast and DO NOT want to know anything, please do not open this thread. I almost posted
6 messages
09-13-02 01:40 PM
Marci, Marci me
I am trying to decide which made me want to gag more, the funky food from the dinner party or Marcellas' self rightousness? I can't believe h
12 messages
09-13-02 04:38 PM
We thought Jeff Varner jumping off the pole for want of peanut butter was bad. We thought the Rotu 4's (coco)nut-busting strategy was
23 messages
09-16-02 01:37 PM
I want AMY to win!!
yep...i admit it....i think it would be soooo wonderful to see that girl pull it out after all she has been through. i laughed when her lit
6 messages
09-16-02 05:04 PM
Official Summary, Episode 27. Stupid Is As Stupid Does. The 2-Hour Special.
[i]Previously on Big Brother… Amy got drunk as a skunk, staggered around and fell off the hammock. Jason debuted a scruffy new ha
7 messages
09-16-02 08:30 PM
Official Summary Episode 28: The Final Four
[i]Whoa, this was harder to summarize than I thought! First, big thanks to Swami for helping me figure out which number ep this was - all t
13 messages
09-17-02 01:38 AM
Manipulation Backfire?
Watching the surfing competition for the luxury cruise on TV last night, it occurred to me that BB3 was attempting to manipulate the game again... a
12 messages
09-21-02 01:52 PM
The Final Manipulation
Well folks, CBS just could not resist one final, brutal manipulation of the game. The questions in the HOH finale between Jason and Lisa SO favor
3 messages
09-23-02 02:08 AM
OFFICIAL BB3 E23 Summary: "Six Down ... Half A Dozen To Go"
[font size="4" color="purple"][center][b]BIG BROTHER 3 -- EPISODE 23 OFFICIAL SUMMARY "Six Down ... Half A Dozen To Go%
3 messages
09-23-02 05:23 PM
The final motherly sobfest
So, does anyone care to specualte on what kind of final speech Danielle is going to pull out of her bee-hind? I really expect (and HOPE) that
Canada Girl
1 messages
09-24-02 06:27 AM
Official episode 32 Summary: Y'all come back now , here?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-21-02 AT 09:47 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
8 messages
09-28-02 10:10 AM
Official BB3 E31 Summary: Nice Guys Finish (3rd to) Last
[b]OFFICIAL BB3 E31 SUMMARY: Nice Guys Finish (3rd to) Last[/b] [i]Also Known As – The Summary Nobody Wanted to Write [%2
Bucky Katt
7 messages
09-30-02 02:22 AM
Official BB3 Finale Summary. They're Ba-a-ack!
[i]A little blonde girl sits in front of her flickering television set. Mommy said the evil ones were all gone. They had turned into black & w
3 messages
09-30-02 04:52 PM
Official Big Brother 3 E29 summary Hang Ten, Puke One
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-21-02 AT 02:35 AM (EST)[/font] [b]HANG TEN, PUKE ONE [/b] [i]
7 messages
10-09-02 08:42 PM
About all the Danielle Bashing
The show is over. I'm not sure anyone visits this page anymore, but here goes ..... The evicted houseguests are pissed off at D
9 messages
10-10-02 10:13 AM
Mike Boogie and Chiwhora are a couple! res/20021004-9999_1c4vine.html [b]Aspiring stars have their reality rechecked at Be
5 messages
11-02-02 03:44 PM
BB3 Cartoons!
They're in South Park style and they're really good. You'll also find Survivor: Thailand and TAR 3 cartoons on the site.... http%3
1 messages
11-07-02 07:11 AM
Chiara DUMPED Roddy - New Article
6 messages
11-11-02 09:35 PM
will,boogie,chihora,puck on rob nelson show
i caught this talk show a couple weeks ago. funny....puck looked about 50(did anyone know he was married with a kid?)...i did not. b
1 messages
12-14-02 04:26 PM
Gerri on another Gameshow
as I was flipping through the channels last nightI ran across a promo for a new game show on PAX TV called Dirty Rotten Cheater. One of the clips was
0 messages
02-04-03 04:12 PM
WORST TWIST EVER. Its that they will be having their ex-girlfriend or boyfriends in the house. I found it on tvguide.
10 messages
07-10-03 01:47 AM
Can we ever escape the nightmare
that is Julie Chen? I know they want to get rid of the exes first, but couldn't they take out Julie instead? I thought I was over her blanta
10 messages
07-12-03 01:33 PM
Is it me or is Scott
Mike Booger's brother? ds/User_files/3de9a05a15baa514.gif %0
10 messages
07-11-03 09:34 PM
Jun - Making me laugh in a bad way!
That was hilarious last night, when Jun said, clear as day, "I was like 'Don't be Hating'" No mixing the words together, just Don'
Canada Girl
1 messages
07-14-03 08:08 PM
Freak o' the week
my pick for FOTW is scott. he needs help. lithium, a swift kick in the butt, i don't know. i just know that the boy isn't right.%0
0 messages
07-15-03 08:51 PM
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